Minnesota Timberwolves vs Golden State Warriors 11-12-23

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Golden State Warriors 11/12/23 NBA Odds, Picks, and Predictions

Minnesota Timberwolves (6-2) vs. Golden State Warriors (6-3)


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Golden State Warriors 11/12/23 – Minnesota Timberwolves (6-2) will compete against Golden State Warriors (6-3) on November 12 at Chase Center, in an anticipated game set to draw great anticipation and spectator interest alike. As this contest promises valuable insight for weekly NBA picks while providing two outstanding teams a fierce battle, this matchup should prove exciting to watch!


Minnesota Timberwolves have enjoyed tremendous success over their last five games, winning four out of them easily and demonstrating strong team dynamics and strategic acumen. Offensively, Minnesota averaged 112.4 points per game, posting an outstanding 48.6% field goal percentage and 37.3% 3-point success rate on offense; on defense, Minnesota posted 47.6 rebounds per game – mostly through defensive rebounding; however one area of weakness may lie with their average 14.8 turnovers per game that may present Golden State Warriors with additional opportunities.


Golden State Warriors enter this matchup with an inconsistent record of 3-2 over their last five games, yet remain an elite contender in the league. Their scoring output outpaces that of Minnesota Timberwolves by only five points; boasting 114.9 as opposed to their 114.9 points scored per game; their 3-point shooting accuracy (35.8%) may play an integral role in this contest as will their 27.4 assists per game; yet even with these strengths at their disposal their slightly reduced defensive rebounding levels may open the door for new opportunities presented by Timberwolves against them in coming contests.


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Golden State Warriors 11/12/23 Game Info


When: Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 8:30 PM ET
Where: Chase Center
Stream: NBA League Pass


Anthony Edwards SG vs. Stephen Curry PG


Anthony Edwards has emerged as a pivotal figure for the Minnesota Timberwolves this season, boasting an impressive average of 27.9 points over 35.6 minutes per game. Additionally, his contributions extend to providing 5.3 assists per game, although his average of 3.6 turnovers presents an area that Stephen Curry’s astute defensive skills could potentially exploit.


Stephen Curry continues to be a cornerstone of the Golden State Warriors’ offense, maintaining an average of 30 points and 4.2 assists per game. His exceptional ability to control the pace of the game, coupled with his renowned proficiency in three-point shooting, poses significant strategic challenges for Edwards and the Timberwolves’ defense. Interestingly, Curry’s rebounding statistics, though modest, might offer the Timberwolves a narrow advantage in this aspect of the game compared to Edwards’ contributions.


The impending on-court duel between Edwards, known for his athletic prowess and scoring capability, and Curry, revered for his vast experience and sharpshooting skills, is poised to be a captivating aspect of this high-stakes encounter. Their individual performances are likely to play a crucial role in determining the outcome of this eagerly anticipated matchup.


NBA Odds/Point Spread: Golden State Warriors -116, Total Odds: 224


The betting odds slightly favor the Warriors, reflecting their home-court advantage and strong scoring record. The point spread of -2.5 for the Warriors suggests a close game. The total set at 224 points indicates expectations of a high-scoring encounter, aligning with both teams’ offensive strengths.


Timberwolves Betting Trends


The Timberwolves have been strong against the spread in recent games, going 4-1. However, their performance on the road against the spread (0-3) raises questions about their ability to cover in away games. The total has gone OVER in 3 of their last 5 games, aligning with their high-scoring nature.


Warriors Betting Trends


The Warriors show a mixed trend, with a 3-2 record in their last five games but only 2-3 against the spread. Their home game performance against the spread is more robust, going 5-2, which might favor them in this matchup. The total going OVER in only 2 of their last 5 games suggests a slight trend towards lower-scoring games than expected.


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Golden State Warriors 11/12/23 Betting Picks


Under analysis and trends, this matchup should be closely contested. While the Timberwolves’ recent form has been impressive, home advantage for the Warriors could prove pivotal and their 3-point shooting could prove decisive. How well the Timberwolves defend Stephen Curry and contain their offense will ultimately decide the outcome.


When it comes to picking, the Warriors might be the safer bet, especially considering their performance at home. Prop bets on individual player performances, particularly on Curry and Edwards, could be intriguing. The over/under is a tougher call, but with both teams’ offensive firepower, leaning towards the OVER might be advisable. In premium game selections, keeping an eye on the point spread and watching for any line movements as game time approaches is crucial.

Free Pick and Prediction: Golden State Warriors 118, Minnesota Timberwolves 113


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