Free NFL Picks

That’s what you’ll find here. You won’t get a lot of guff, a lot of “well, this is what we feel,” any of that kind of foolishness. Instead, you’ll get professional picks from professional handicappers. NFL expert picks from NFL experts.

See, we know that, when it comes to finding your free NFL picks, you don’t exactly lack for options online. You can go practically anywhere for those. When you want the best picks for NFL betting, you’ll come here. We have free picks as well as everything else you’ll need for the NFL regular season and beyond. NFL expert picks from the very best.

We aim to give you all of the picks about the teams you want to know about (and then some) throughout the entire NFL schedule. The Los Angeles Rams, the Washington Football Team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs and more, all the way to the NFL playoffs. NFL expert picks for as long as there’s an NFL season.

Where Do You Find Live Odds and NFL Expert Picks?

You’ll note that we wrote “live odds.” There’s a reason for that. The NFL changes. It changes practically every day of the week. It was always fast paced. Now, with the pandemic still not quite over, there are as many reasons as ever that one player or another might not be able to go on Sunday. Or, alternatively, they might not be able to go as well as they could before.

When something changes with the game, it’ll change with our NFL odds. We don’t believe the odds are ever truly “locked in” until the game starts. Really. How many times have you seen someone get hurt in warmups? Or, discover that they really “can’t go?” It happens more often than you think – someone violates one team rule or another and thus the coach decides they aren’t going to start or maybe play period. That’s the kind of thing that affects sports betting big time. That should always affect our free NFL picks, true NFL expert picks.

As the game changes, so will our NFL odds. When you come to Tony’s Picks, you should get the very best in free NFL picks and so much more. That’s true whether it’s NFL week 1, the biggest NFL game or the smallest – we have all of the weekly free NFL picks for NFL teams.

How to Find NFL Picks Against the Spread?

Have you been looking for NFL picks against the spread? We know how difficult it can be to find the picks that you trust. When it comes to NFL picks against the spread, there are a lot of people who say that they can provide great NFL picks against the spread. Then, when you actually see their NFL picks against the spread, you may have wished you’d gone somewhere else for NFL picks against the spread.

That’s not how it works here. Our NFL picks against the spread put you in a position to do what you want to do. Each of our NFL picks against the spread are backed by solid evidence, real experience, and more. We have clients who have trusted our NFL picks against the spread for many years and can now do the same for you.

How to Find Pro Free NFL Picks?

Again, there are plenty of folks online who call themselves “handicappers.” Maybe they’re even good. Perhaps they’re someone who can give you real picks. However, odds are that they aren’t as good as our handicappers. Not even close. When we say we offer “NFL expert picks,” we mean that we have NFL expert picks.

See, we view ourselves as a kind of team here at Tony’s Picks. In fact, it’s a good team. Specifically, it’s not a team that we just let anyone onto. You only get on this team if you can meet the highest standard – our own. Thus, the people who make our roster of handicappers are the ones who really can do the work. NFL expert picks should always come from NFL experts.

So, when you come here for picks, you’re going to get the very best. That’s our handicappers. Also, we chose the phrase “do the work” for a reason. When you see what our people offer, you’ll also get why they made the pick. There are too many places that say “hey, here’s some free football picks” and then they put no thought or effort into them whatsoever. These are NFL expert picks but, also, crucially, free NFL picks as well.

What are NFL Expert Picks?

We don’t believe in that. Instead, we believe that you should see why someone made a pick, why our handicappers believed in one pick or another. That way, you can see our reasoning and thus make the best decision for your betting. Moreover, this can be a real boon for your fantasy, too. That way, even if you bet the game based on our pick, you can see for your fantasy team how one player or team might do. “NFL expert picks” aren’t limited to just the outcome of a game.

When you come to our site, you’ll get the best in staff research and analyze pro football games against the point spread. That’s the Tony’s Picks promise. That’s what you’ll get from all of our NFL handicappers – free NFL decisions you can count on. NFL expert picks from the experts themselves.

What We Offer: Free NFL Picks

Most people hear “free NFL picks” and think it’s just: “take Pittsburgh,” “bet the under,” etc. We don’t believe that’s enough. Again, if you’re coming to us, you deserve the best. Part of the “best” is giving you the most accurate analysis, of course – but, it also includes giving you the most, as well.

That’s why, when you’re at Tony’s Picks, betting tips include parlays, teasers, and over-under totals. That way, you can see everything you need for the bets that you want to make. Perhaps you’re not the kind of person who always bets on the final score. Maybe you’re looking to make some different kinds of bets. You can find the sort of analysis you’re going to need moving forward right here at our site.

Proven methods and techniques are applied during the handicapping process. In fact, they’re applied all throughout the entire process. As mentioned, you’ll see everything that led us to make the decisions that we did. Through that, you’ll have what you need to be a force out there.

A Roster of NFL Expert Picks, a Roster of Satisfied Clients

Our handicapping team has compiled several years in the sports advisory business. As a result, we have many satisfied clients. So many of our bettors have trusted from season after season, going back many years now. From Marino and Kelly, to Manning and Brady, to Mahomes and Russell Wilson, people have been doing well with us for a long time.

We understand that betting has changed quite a bit though. The days of calling up a dude from a bar and reading your pick to them are long gone. So much is online now. We make sure that our business works at the speed of betting.

To that end, bettors will have ample time to get their wagers in at their preferred destination. As a result, transact bets quickly. When you work with Tony’s Picks, there will always be a rapid delivery of sports information. Our goal is to keep up with the modern day gaming enthusiast. We move as fast as you do, as fast as the game does. We see it as one more way that we can help the modern bettor.

More Than Free NFL Picks

From the NFL kickoff game through the NFL football picks for the Super Bowl, we have all of the picks against the spread as well as those NFL betting picks that go with the spread, too.

An NFL capper above all others, we offer the kinds of free NFL picks and others that will enable you to take your sports betting to a higher level.

By utilizing the NFL odds properly, we provide a higher level of free NFL picks all throughout the NFL football season. This is NFL betting as it’s meant to be: free picks and NFL odds you can trust, NFL week in and NFL week out.

What to Know About Tony’s NFL Expert Picks

Let’s be clear here: this is not a gambling site. What our site is, specifically, is an information source for NFL pro football from a wagering angle. To that end, our site is designed for betting legally on games.

We’re always glad to post the best picks and information here on our site. That said, that’s far from the only place that you can interact with us. In fact, you can visit our social media channels to gather valuable content in addition to website content. After all, social media readers observe a strong presence of subscribers.

To that end, you can find us on Facebook, YouTube and on Twitter. Search #TonysPicks. Please subscribe when visiting – we’ll be here for you all throughout the NFL season as well as many others as well.

Visitors find updated fresh content wherever they find us. Free NFL picks every day are listed on our home page. Displayed is our content throughout social media platforms.

Where to Find Free NFL Picks?

Our handicappers are ready to help. Whether it’s the start of the season, the middle of the playoff chase, the playoffs themselves, or even the Super Bowl, you can find the picks at our site that will enable you to be ahead of the pack.

You can find the picks here at our site or at the many different places you can reach out to us. We’re always glad to establish new relationships with football enthusiasts. There are folks who have been with us for many, many years. If we weren’t doing well for them, we imagine that they would have moved on to someone else by now. That they haven’t says quite a bit about us.

To get started with Tony’s Picks, you can connect to us through this site. Also, you can find all of our other free sports picks here as well.