UFC Stats that Matter 

Too many folks, when they’re betting on UFC, don’t look at the stats. They just think it’s two guys fighting, bet your gut, that kind of thing. Sure, that can work every now and then, but you didn’t come to our site just to be able to do all right sometimes. You want a chance, a real chance, to win.  So, to that end, we offer a better, higher level of analysis. 

For example, we give you the most important statistics like striking accuracy. The guys with a better striking accuracy, with better power, are going to be the ones who are in a better chance in just about any fight. Sure, it won’t save you against someone that’s a real beast, but it gives you a great chance to win. 

So, in a typical analysis, we’ll give you a fighter’s striking accuracy as well as how many significant strikes that is per minute. You’ll note we didn’t say “strikes,” we said “significant strikes.” These are the best fighters in the world, unlike anyone else. They aren’t just going to be defeated by someone with insignificant strikes. So, when these guys strike, they strike. 

By that same token, we also look at status like how many strikes they absorb on average. After all, anyone, even the best fighters in the world, can eventually be worn down.  Speaking of “down,” takedowns are critically important, too. We look at those not just over a fighter’s career but recently, too. 

Just as important as a takedown is your “takedown defense” as well. So, we’ll lay that out as well as their “significant strike defense.” “The best offense is a good defense” is a cliche you may have heard about other sports, but it’s especially true when some guy is punching you in the face. 

UFC Experts Picks

You may have read to this point and thought: “OK, that all sounds great, but I can find that out elsewhere. Why does that elevate Tony’s Picks?” That’s where our pro handicappers come in. The very best of the best, they can leverage all of those stats. It’s one thing to have those stats in front of you, it’s something else entirely to be able to balance them against years of watching fights, betting on fights, and trusting your instincts. 

Really, that’s part of what sets us apart. Just like anything else, statistics are a tool. They’re one form of information. It’s all in how you use it. Our live handicapper team knows how to put these together in such a way so that you can have the best chance to get to where you want to get. 

Moreover, we understand that you have plenty of choices when it comes to betting sites. To that end, we make sure to look at them, too. That way, we can see what the others are saying and then let you know whether we agree or not (very often, we don’t. There’s a reason it’s so difficult to become a handicapper at Tony’s Picks). But, we always want to be on top of the industry so that we can offer more to our customers. 

Bet UFC How You Want 

When it comes to UFC betting, sure, what most folks want to know and want to bet is who’s going to win and when. That’s a major part of what our handicapper team does. That said, it’s far from all that our handicapper team does. For example, we can also assist with so much else in terms of betting. We can give you our opinion on how the fight is going to end, too. Again, this doesn’t come from the “gut” or anything of that nature. Rather, it’s based on what we’ve seen and why. 

Our handicappers can go into who’s going to win the fight in what round, whether it will go the distance, and so much more. When it comes to UFC fighting, you want to be able to enjoy the fights. But, like the fighters themselves, you want to be prepared, you want to be ready. That’s what our handicappers can help with.