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Free Basketball Picks

It will be exciting betting on free basketball picks this season. Our site features experienced handicappers from this industry which is key to turning profits. Tried and proved analysis and research puts readers at the right location for their free basketball picks.

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Free Basketball Picks

Those wagering on free basketball picks know that the NBA and college basketball season can be a long grind. In the pros teams can play between three and four games per week. And in some situations, each game will be played in a different location and the team will need to take an airplane to each destination. Travel spots are an important handicapping element to consider when placing a wagering on free basketball picks.

NBA teams will often go on long road trips. Some trips can be between eight and ten games. Travel fatigue can set in and teams are often forced to play on back to back nights facing travel in each game. A bad spot for home teams in the NBA is playing their first home game after an extended road trip.

College basketball has travel situations as well and it is important part of the handicap of free basketball picks. Conference realignment has put some teams in long travel situations and fatigue can set in on the back end of a two game road trip. Some teams will play two games in three days on the road. High altitude puts a strain on the lungs. Keep an eye on teams traveling to these locations before betting on free basketball picks.

Home court advantage varies in the NBA and is an important part of free basketball picks predictions. Fans sit very close to the court and that impacts referee calls on the court and it seems that home teams get the benefit of 50/50 calls at home.

The same hold true in college basketball where emotion is very high in each game. Conference games are played with high intensity as team’s posture for their spot in the NCAA Tournament. When wagering on free basketball picks check the road and home splits for each team.

Statistical research is part of the handicapping process with the staff at our site that release free basketball picks. Prognosticators knowledge is sharp by utilizing the tools of the trade to find winners. Bettors will get solid analysis with each free basketball picks from the NBA and college.

Betting stats are widely available to make money on free basketball picks. College basketball advance stats or analytics are key tools in the handicap of this sport. Some key advance stats are looking at the pace of play, efficiency ratings of all teams on the offensive and defensive end of the court.

There are four key factors when researching advance stats from college basketball to win with free basketball picks. Four important areas include effective field goal percentage, turnover percentage, offensive rebounding and free throw rate. They are tracked for offense and defense for each team. Effective field goal percentage factors the importance of making three point shots.

Other college basketball advance stats to consider is point distributions which tracks the percentage of three pointers, two pointers and free throws in the total scoring for a team. Strength of schedule is an important advance stat as there are over 300 teams playing D1 College Basketball.

NBA analytics are also useful in cashing winning free basketball picks. Pace is an important factor to track scoring efficiency. Points per offensive possession and defending are key to tracking efficiency. Look for positive variance when handicapping this stat. Expected win percentage is a good way to track teams that are over or under achieving.

Rule changes in the NBA in recent season has helped improved scoring. The league is making the game flow faster with taking away the ability of the defense to hand check and hold. Good handicappers can find the edge in this style change to win free basketball picks. Benefitting from the rule changes are the smaller and younger teams in the league that can fully utilize their speed and quickness.

College basketball saw a rule tinkered with recently and that is the shot clock moving from 45 seconds to 30 seconds. Those betting on free basketball picks will look for teams with good offensive efficiency. Having to shoot quicker means more possessions in the game and luck factor will be less prevalent. Bettors can take to advance stats looking greatly at teams that score a lot of their points from three and shoot accurately.

Trends can be an important tool to fine tune winning free basketball picks. Certain courts in the NBA play to a positive home team trend. The Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets play in high altitude which can be taxing to players. Keep an eye on teams playing back to back games with the back end played in either Denver or Utah. The visiting team not acclimated for high elevation will find their energy levels lowered on the court.

In college basketball two teams from the PAC 12 enjoy an altitude home court advantage and that is the Utah Utes and Colorado Buffaloes. In conference the PAC 12 with usually give just one day between the first game played each week. If that second game with one day off is played in either Utah or Colorado, the home team has a huge advantage. That is an important schedule quirk to visit when looking to improve winnings from free basketball picks.

Home attendance can impact a team’s advantage as bettors look to win their free basketball picks. A good practice is to look up how filled home courts are for teams in action. Lots of games in November and December are played on neutral courts in college hoops. Be sure to check thoroughly the site location for games held in these two months as teams are playing tournaments. Look for depth in preseason tournaments as college basketball teams will play two and sometime three consecutive games.

Handicappers who release free basketball picks will often speak about motivation. In college basketball teams will enter in revenge spots during the season. If a team gets blown out in a conference game they will usually be out for revenge when the face later in the season or the following year. These spots are effective more when they are seeking to avenge a bad loss on the road with the revenge game being at home.

In the NCAA Tournament at large spots are up for grabs om the conference tournaments at the end of the season. This creates some motivation situation for teams. There are usually games involving teams that are a lock to make the tournament facing a bubble team. The bubble team will have more motivation to win this game especially if it is early in the tournament. Teams often play three games in three days or even four games in four days to reach the finals of a tournament. That is not a motivating thought to the coach who is a lock to make the NCAA Tournament and must get ready to play in it the following week.

The 82 game long schedule in the NBA is difficult for professional athletics. Success can be had wagering on free basketball picks when a bettor studies the schedule in depth. A difficult spot for teams occurs when they play back to back road games or in some cases three games in four nights.

Teams are greatly motivated to play late in the season if they are vying for home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Eight teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs and seeds one through four will earn home court in the first round. Identifying teams playing hard at that time in the season will aid in cashing free basketball pick winners. Also, late in the season teams are looking to better their chances of landing the first pick in the draft and will go on long losing stretches. Coaches will rest regulars and play reserves hurting their chances of winning the game but losing can help their draft position.

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