Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns Game 4 4/28/24

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns Game 4 4/28/24 NBA Betting Predictions, Picks and Analysis

Minnesota Timberwolves (56-26) vs. Phoenix Suns (49-33)


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns Game 4 4/28/24 – As the NBA playoffs heat up, the Minnesota Timberwolves face off against the Phoenix Suns in Game 4 of the first round on April 28, 2024. With the Timberwolves holding a significant win-loss advantage, this game promises intense competition at Phoenix’s Footprint Center. Fans and bettors alike are eagerly awaiting this matchup, with many looking to expert-paid selections for guidance in navigating the challenging betting landscape.


The Timberwolves have indicated their ability to score on average 113 points a game with a 48.5% field goal shooting percentage. Besides, their excellent performance from the arc could not be ignored either with the rate of 12.6 three-pointers per game and the success rate of 38.7%. But a closer look onto their record against the spread, especially on the road where they are 22-18, can be interpreted as having some inconsistencies. These factors may expect to influence their chances of covering the spread in that playoffs setting.


On the other side, the Phoenix Suns have outscored the Timberwolves averaging 116.2 points per game and 49.3% of the field goals. Through this, their determination in long-range shooting is displayed in an outstanding percentage of 80.8% , which might be vital in a close playoff game. Although their scoring is good, their road games among the spread have proven that they can be not so hardy, specifically on the road, where they are 20-21.


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns Game 4 4/28/24 Game Info


When: Sunday, April 28, 2024 at 9:30 PM ET
Where: Footprint Center
Stream: NBA League Pass


Anthony Edwards (SG) vs. Kevin Durant (PF)


Anthony Edwards has been a top player for the Timberwolves and got the team pinned on him with an average of 25.9 points per game. His shifty nature and his ability to hit the target is a boost for his team, but he also has 3.1 turnovers per game, which might prove he is a liability when the Suns plan to outsmart them. Edwards’ capability to stay over the average during the championship with a hostile environment will be pivotal to Minnesota’s success.


Kevin Durant, a Suns veteran playoff player with 27.1 points on average and 6.6 rebounds per game has been in good form this season despite his age. Phoenix has someone with familiar experience and great on-the-spot skills that make decisions before other basketball players. Durant’s defensive skills, which are possibly one of the most notable on 1.2 blocks per game, will literally come in useful in arresting Edwards and may well end up being the decider in a game.


The anticipated showdown between Edwards and Durant will be one of the notable features in this game. Both protagonists bring unique skills, which could, either, resolve the issue positively or, otherwise, make the team’s weaknesses manifest in the difficult circumstances.


NBA Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


The betting odds for this game are currently set as TBD, reflecting the uncertainty and competitiveness of the matchup. Bettors should keep an eye on updates as game day approaches and consider how the team’s recent performances might influence the odds.


Minnesota Timberwolves Betting Trends


The Timberwolves recently won three out of their five last games. However, they only had one victory against the spread in four attempts during the same period. The numbers indicate a trend of OVER 4 times over the past 5 games in this context, thus the bet on the scores should also be given attention.


Phoenix Suns Betting Trends


On the other hand, the Suns are also 3-2 in their previous 5 games with a weaker average in terms of the spread, which is 2-3. They normally don’t have the highest numbers, with OVER bets scoring in par 2 of the last 5 games that accompany a little amount of uncertainty in total points betting.


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns 4/28/24 Betting Picks


Based on the analysis and recent trends, this game is poised to be a tightly contested affair. The key will be the performance of star players and their ability to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. For those looking for betting guidance, keeping an eye on the spread and total points as they are finalized will be crucial.


In conclusion, while the Timberwolves have shown strength, the Suns’ home advantage and Durant’s playoff experience might tilt the game in their favor. Bettors might consider the Suns for a potential upset, especially if the Timberwolves struggle to cover the spread as they have recently. For a free NBA Playoffs matchup analysis, keep an eye on last-minute lineup changes and injury reports that could impact the game dynamics.


Free Pick and Prediction: Phoenix Suns 112, Minnesota Timberwolves 108.


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