Montana State Bobcats vs. Weber State Wildcats 3/11/24

Montana State Bobcats vs. Weber State Wildcats 3/11/24 NCAA Men’s Basketball Forecast, Picks and Predictions

Montana State Bobcats (14-17) vs. Weber State Wildcats (20-11)


Montana State Bobcats vs. Weber State Wildcats 3/11/24 – As the NCAA Men’s Basketball season advances, an exciting matchup awaits between Montana State Bobcats (14-17 record) and Weber State Wildcats (20-11), scheduled to take place at Idaho Central Arena on March 11th 2024. Both fans and sports experts predictions alike are closely watching this contest between Montana State Bobcats who boast 14-17 records versus Weber State Wildcats who boast 20-11 (a team with 17 wins vs 13 losses for Montana State), promising an exhilarating match that may determine both teams standings heading into their last few matches of the season as competition closes out.


Montana State Bobcats have demonstrated remarkable resilience and skill during this season, expertly navigating highs and lows to reach where they currently stand. Boasting an overall record of 14-17, their journey has included major victories as well as tough losses. When further examined, their performance reveals an amazingly balanced team dynamic capable of outwitting any rival.


Weber State Wildcats have established themselves with an impressive 20-11 record and pride themselves on strategic play, strong teamwork, and their ability to close out games with ease. Entering this matchup confident in their capabilities, they intend to use all their strengths to secure another victory and add another point toward their season totals.


Montana State Bobcats vs. Weber State Wildcats 3/11/24 Game Info


When: Monday, March 11, 2024 at 7:30 PM ET
Where: Idaho Central Arena
Stream: Sofascore


Robert Ford III (Guard) vs. Steven Verplancken (Guard)


Robert Ford III has been nothing short of outstanding this season for Montana State Bobcats. Playing all 31 games, Ford averaged 33.7 minutes on court per game while contributing 15.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.9 assists and an impressive 2.9 steals per game on defense; making him an impactful presence both ends of the court. Despite possessing 46.6 field goal percentage and 42.2 3-point percentage performance metrics underline his indispensable nature as part of team dynamics; though his turnover rate of 2.4 per game may need improvement.


Weber State Wildcats guard Steven Verplancken provides Weber State with an alternative but equally valuable set of skills. His season averages include 12.2 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.3 assists over 31 games while playing 32.9 minutes per game; his 43% field goal and 38.5% 3-point success rates as well as an 83.3% free throw percentage prove his efficiency as a scorer while his lower turnover rate (0.8 per game) showcases his careful ball handling skills.


Ford III and Verplancken bring two distinct styles to the court that are sure to impact game outcomes. Ford’s all-around ability and defensive tenacity could stand up against Verplancken’s scoring efficiency; creating an exciting matchup that may tip in favor of their respective teams.


NCAAB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


While betting odds have yet to be released for this game, insights and recommendations cannot yet be made with confidence. Analyzing team performance and key players is paramount when making accurate predictions once odds have been released.


Montana State Bobcats Betting Trends


The Bobcats have displayed an impressive ability to cover the spread in recent games, going 4-1 against it during that stretch. Road performance shows an 8-6 record against it as they handled pressure effectively on their travels. Unfortunately, only 1 game out of their last 5 totaled an OVER score, suggesting a trend toward lower scoring contests.


Weber State Wildcats Betting Trends


The Wildcats have posted an uneven record against the spread in their last five games, going 2-3. Their road games have proven especially difficult against the spread, going 5-10 against it overall and showing potential vulnerabilities away from home. Three out of their last five totals went over, signaling an offensively driven game plan compared to that of their counterparts, the Bobcats.


Montana State Bobcats vs. Weber State Wildcats 3/11/24 Betting Picks


Given both teams’ performances and betting trends, this matchup promises to be intense. The Bobcats’ impressive record against the spread in road games provides contrast with their counterpart’s difficulties when facing similar scenarios, making this contest especially riveting.


Given the current data and without specific odds, my prediction leans slightly in favor of Montana State Bobcats, presuming they can capitalize on their defensive strengths while exploiting any vulnerabilities the Wildcats might present during road games. It remains important to monitor betting odds closely in case any shifts could alter my pick and influence my final pick decision.


Based on their ability to perform under pressure and thrive despite setbacks, the Bobcats make for an attractive pick when searching for free top NCAAB picks.


Free Pick and Prediction: Montana State Bobcats 72, Weber State Wildcats 68.


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