Roman Dolidze vs Nassourdine Imavov 2-3-2024

Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov 2/3/24 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 235 Betting Odds, Picks, and Analysis

Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov 2/3/24 – As UFC FIGHT NIGHT 235 rapidly approaches, fans and bettors alike are excitedly anticipating one of its marquee matchups: Roman Dolidze versus Nassourdine Imavov. Set for Saturday, this fight promises not only to test skill and willpower but is also an engrossing subject of cost-free UFC prediction analysis. While game information and betting odds point toward an evenly contested contest with Imavov coming in as an underdog favorite.


Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov 2/3/24 Game Info


When: Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 7:00 PM ET
Where: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Roman Dolidze Analysis


Roman Dolidze enters the octagon with a strong 12-2 professional record under his belt. The stats showcase that he has solid offensive wrestling and grappling skills, but his striking defense remains an area of concern. On the feet, Dolidze lands an average of 3.02 significant strikes per minute while maintaining accuracy of 44%. Those aren’t eye-popping numbers on their own, but his striking defense is troubling. He absorbs 3.01 significant strikes per minute from his opponents and avoids just 55% of the attempts.


What those stats show is that Dolidze is consistently getting hit hard and often over the course of his fights. The damage can start adding up over 3 rounds if he cannot make improvements. However, Dolidze has an effective counter-weapon in his wrestling. He shoots for 1.72 takedowns per round, finishing them at a 50% rate. His takedown defense does need work as he stops just 33% of the shots against him. But once the fight hits the mat, Dolidze turns into an absolute submission hunter, averaging 1.7 attempts every 15 minutes. He will look to leverage that grappling threat to neutralize Imavov’s striking.


Nassourdine Imavov Analysis


Nassourdine Imavov will be the taller and longer fighter in the cage, sporting a 12-4 record with 1 no contest. He plans to utilize that reach advantage by peppering Dolidze with strikes from the outside. The stats show Imavov lands 4.55 significant strikes per minute with strong accuracy converting on 53% of his attempts. He pairs that high-volume offense with solid defensive skills as well, absorbing just 3.76 significant strikes per minute while deflecting 58%.


That ability to land shots while avoiding taking much damage in return will be key in this matchup. Imavov is the superior technical striker and those metrics showcase that dynamic. He can outpoint Dolidze in the standup exchanges using his length and footwork. But wrestling and grappling come into play as well. Here, Imavov’s best skill is his takedown defense as he stuffs 72% of attempts. His 1.09 takedowns per round are lower in volume than his opponent but highly efficient with a 31% accuracy rate. Imavov stays threatening on the mat too, averaging 1.7 submission tries every 15 minutes. He has the well-rounded MMA game to neutralize Dolidze’s skillset.


Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov Stats


Dolidze Imavov
Wins/Losses/Draws 12-2-0 12-4-0 (1 NC)
Average Fight Time 9:50 13:44
Height 6′ 2″ 6′ 3″
Weight 185 lbs. 185 lbs.
Reach 76″ 75″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 3.02 4.55
Striking Accuracy 44% 53%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 3.01 3.76
Defense 55% 58%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 1.72 1.09
Takedown Accuracy 50% 31%
Takedown Defense 33% 72%
Submission Average/15 min. 1.7 1.7


Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov Betting Picks


By considering both fighters’ strengths and recent performances, this matchup promises to pit Dolidze’s grappling against Imavov’s striking. Betting odds favor Imavov due to his superior striking statistics and defensive capabilities; however, Dolidze could potentially find some value if he successfully implements his grappling game, possibly altering the fight’s dynamics in his favor.


Nassourdine Imavov emerges as the superior pick after careful consideration for various reasons. His striking accuracy and defensive skills should prove instrumental in keeping Dolidze away and mitigating grappling threats; furthermore, Imavov’s ability to keep up a high pace throughout the fight gives him an edge against Dolidze in later rounds.


Free Pick: Nassourdine Imavov -162

Roman Dolidze and Nassourdine Imavov’s UFC Fight Night 235 middleweight contest was an intriguing matchup that displayed both fighters’ unique skillsets within the division. Both fighters sought to assert themselves and move up through their ranks; not only was this battle an exercise in physicality but also strategy and adaptability – Imavov emerged with an edge based on analysis; thus making him an attractive pick for sports betting enthusiasts. No matter the outcome, fans can expect an exciting contest that highlights the depth of talent in UFC’s middleweight division. Our sports handicapping insights aim to provide fans and bettors with all of the information needed for making informed decisions ahead of an unforgettable night.


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