Villanova Wildcats vs. Marquette Golden Eagles 1/15/24 NCAA Men's Basketball Game Previews, Picks and Predictions

Villanova Wildcats vs. Marquette Golden Eagles 1/15/24 NCAA Men’s Basketball Game Previews, Picks and Predictions

Villanova Wildcats (11-5) vs. Marquette Golden Eagles (11-5)


Villanova Wildcats vs. Marquette Golden Eagles 1/15/24 – As we approach January 15, 2024 and its highly-anticipated NCAA Men’s Basketball showdown, two 11-5 teams, Villanova Wildcats and Marquette Golden Eagles, will meet for an unforgettable matchup at Fiserv Forum and FOX broadcasting. Not only will this match bring excitement for fans but it also presents handicapping top services with unique challenges as both sides display similar strengths and vulnerabilities.


Villanova Wildcats have displayed remarkable consistency this season. Their record of 4-1 over their last five games speaks to their resilience and strategic play. On offense, they average 74.3 points per game with an impressive field goal percentage of 41.8%; 3-point shooting success at 33% remains integral to their offensive strategy; defensively they exhibit a balanced approach by averaging 38 rebounds per game while maintaining disciplined turnovers and fouls management practices.


Marquette Golden Eagles have demonstrated an aggressive style of play. Averaging 76.8 points per game, they outshone Villanova in offensive output. Their field goal percentage stood at 45.2%; however, 3-point shooting percentage stood at 31.7% which shows room for improvement. They also boast higher assists and steals per game numbers which may help break down Villanova’s defense.


Villanova Wildcats vs. Marquette Golden Eagles 1/15/24 Game Info


When: Monday, January 15, 2024, at 2:30 PM ET
Where: Fiserv Forum
Stream: Sofascore


Eric Dixon (Forward) vs. Kam Jones (Guard)


Eric Dixon has been one of the keys to Wildcats success this season. Averaging 28.4 minutes per game and scoring 15.3 points with 6.5 rebounds in 28.4 minutes played, Dixon boasts an efficient field goal percentage of 46.6% demonstrating his effectiveness as a scorer. One of Dixon’s strengths lies in his versatility as an impact player on both ends of the court; however, with lower assists and steals per game than Marquette would like there is room for Marquette to exploit him further.


Kam Jones of Villanova stands up with an equally impressive stat line for their Golden Eagles opponent, Kam Jones from Golden Eagles guard team Kam Jones is another scorer to keep an eye out for – he averages 14.9 points per game on top of being agile and adept beyond the arc (34% 3-point FG), making him an irresistible threat that Villanova cannot ignore. Furthermore, with 1.2 steals per game as evidence of his defensive capabilities that may derail Villanova’s offensive efforts.


Dixon and Jones will provide an entertaining matchup. Dixon may prove more of a physical presence against Jones than expected; however, his speed and shooting skills might prove key in cracking Villanova’s defensive zone.


NCAAB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


Betting odds (TBD) will play an essential part in deciding who wins this matchup. Based on current form and team statistics, this contest should be tightly contested between both teams as both have equal chances to achieve victory.


Villanova Wildcats Betting Trends


Villanova is showing signs of strength as they hold a 4-1 record over their last five games, showing consistency in scoring and defensive rebounding to control game tempo more effectively than their rival Marquette who thrives off fast-paced offense. But their average three point shooting percentage could prove a concern against an opponent that thrives off fast-paced offense like Villanova does.


Marquette Golden Eagles Betting Trends


Marquette, with their 2-3 record in their last five games, may be struggling for consistency; however, their overall scoring ability and higher assists and steals per game indicate an opportunity for them to break through any defense. Their aggressive playstyle may result in increased turnovers and fouls which Villanova could exploit.


Villanova Wildcats vs. Marquette Golden Eagles 1/15/24 Betting Picks


Given Villanova and Marquette’s current form and statistics, this game should be closely contested. Villanova might hold a slight edge when it comes to strategy and game management; however, Marquette cannot be underestimated when faced with high stakes matches like these.


For those in search of NCAAB free tips and advice, the key will be monitoring betting odds closely – particularly the point spread as these could shift closer to game day. Prop bets involving individual player performances like Dixon and Jones might also prove worthwhile.


Expect an exciting game between Villanova and Marquette with Villanova perhaps just narrowly edging out their opponent by one score, possibly even right down to the wire. This prediction is based on Villanova’s current form and balanced team play which could give them enough edge to claim a hard-fought win.


Free Pick and Prediction: Villanova Wildcats 72, Marquette Golden Eagles 70


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