Dallas Mavericks vs Memphis Grizzlies 12-11-23

Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies 12/11/23 NBA Forecast, Best Picks, and Predictions

Dallas Mavericks (13-8) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (6-15)


Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies 12/11/23 – As NBA action heats up, two highly anticipated contests between Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies await on December 11th 2023 at FedExForum: Mavs are currently 13-8 while Memphis are sitting 6-15; this game airs live on NBA TV at 8:00PM ET for extra intrigue for NBA picks of the day betting purposes!


The Dallas Mavericks have shown great promise this season in both offensive and defensive metrics, particularly offensively. Averaging an average of 119.7 points per game shows their scoring prowess while their field goal percentage of 46.9% showcases efficiency when shooting threes with 16.2 per game at 37.5% success rates; on defense they average 42.7 rebounds per game while maintaining an impressive turnover rate (11.1). But facing off against teams like Memphis’ who often capitalize on such opportunities might pose problems.


Grizzlies’ potential can be seen despite their less favorable record. Averaging 106.4 points per game with an excellent 43.6% field goal percentage. Their three-point shooting, currently sitting at 32.9% needs improvement as does defensively their slightly increased blocks per game (6.7) which could play an integral role in disrupting Mavericks offensive flow; also their turnover and foul rates need tightening up so as to compete effectively against an opposing team such as Dallas Mavericks.


Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies 12/11/23 Game Info


When: Monday, December 11, 2023, at 8:00 PM ET
Where: FedExForum
Stream: NBA League Pass


Luka Doncic PG vs. Desmond Bane SG


Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks and Desmond Bane of the Memphis Grizzlies offer two intriguing matchesups. Doncic serves not only as their main scorer and playmaker but also has an average of 31.8 points and 8.6 assists per game – showing his influence and power over games’ outcomes significantly. His versatile scoring ability enables him to score from any location on the court; size, basketball IQ, versatility make Doncic difficult to defend; however his turnover rate of 3.8 suggests potential vulnerability against quick teams like that of Desmond Bane of Memphis.


Desmond Bane has become an essential cog in Memphis Grizzlies’ machine as a shooting guard. His primary function as an offensive scorer can be seen from his 25.1 points per game average; Bane excels with off-dribble or catch-and-shoot opportunities and his shooting efficiency makes up his strength as an offensive scorer; further, given their lower overall scoring average than Mavericks; Bane will need to maintain this efficiency under Mavericks defensive pressure, where his slightly higher turnover rate of 2.8 could become problematic when in high pressured games


When these two players meet, their performances could determine the outcome. Doncic could control the pace and create opportunities both for him and his teammates that put a significant strain on Grizzlies defense while Bane would need to react appropriately by capitalizing on scoring opportunities he saw come his way; both individuals’ performances will impact not only scoreboard performance but also set the mood and set an expectation level among their respective teams and sets the scene for future matchups between Doncic’s all-round play against Bane’s scoring prowess vs each other! This head-to-head battle pitting Doncic against Bane is set to set be decisive when it comes down to who would come out victorious when these two meet for battle royaled with Doncic expectedly taking control and creating opportunities both ways while Bane will reacts by scoring opportunities provided during this eagerly anticipated matchup!


NBA Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total: TBD


Betting odds have not yet been released for this game; however, given Dallas Mavericks’ stronger record and offensive stats may make them favorites; however, given Grizzlies defensive capabilities this may make the contest closer than expected.


Dallas Mavericks Betting Trends


The Mavericks have shown tremendous consistency, going 3-2 over their past 5 games while outperforming expectations against the spread. Their strength in road games against the spread (7-4) speaks volumes of their adaptability; additionally, recent overs suggest high scoring matchups that bettors should keep an eye on.


Memphis Grizzlies Betting Trends


The Grizzlies have shown potential in recent games with a 3-2 record in five and 4-1 against the spread, and 6-5 road game performance against the spread against overs. Their scoring has fluctuated but remains fairly balanced overall; therefore suggesting variable scoring patterns.


Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies 12/11/23 Betting Picks


Conclusion While it appears as though Mavericks have an advantage with their offensive strength, betting enthusiasts and season handicappers should keep this dynamic in mind when making picks or making season handicap predictions.


Given these trends and statistics, my advice would be for an exciting, high-scoring game between Mavericks and Grizzlies with former’s scoring attack swaying it; with their defence keeping the contest closer than anticipated; picking them against the spread is certainly something worth considering.


Free Pick & Prediction: Dallas Mavericks 115, Memphis Grizzlies 108.


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