Free NBA Picks For Today 11/14/2023

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/14/2023

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/14/2023

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Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Hornets NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Heat at Hornets—Herro and Martin are out for Miami with Richardson probable. Bouknight, Bridgers, Martin, Ntilikina and Rozier are out for Charlotte. Miller and Hayward are probable. Miami is 6-1 with their 118-113 road win at San Antonio Spurs. The Heat shot 44% with 39% from three. Duncan Robinson scored 26 points with five rebounds. Bam Adebayo contributed 24 points and eleven rebounds. Miami allowed 46% shooting to San Antonio with 43% from three. Charlotte fell to 3-6 after their 129-107 road defeat to the New York Knicks. The Hornets hit 47% with 34% from three. LaMelo Ball scored 32 points with seven rebounds. Nick Richards off the bench had 16 points and four rebounds. Charlotte allowed 54% shooting to New York with 42% from three. Miami shooting form has been good as in their past five games hitting 48.8% shooting. Charlotte is defending poorly surrendering 49.1% shooting along with 39.3% from three. The Hornets sit last in defensive efficiency allowing 120.8 points per 100 possessions. They are playing at the third fastest pace. Miami is also playing fast. Play Miami and Charlotte over 223.5.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Detroit Pistons NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Hawks at Pistons—Bufkin and Gueye are out for Atlanta with Young questionable. Bogdanovic, Duren, Harris, Livers and Morris are out for Detroit. Atlanta fell to 5-4 with their 117-109 home defeat to the Miami Heat. The Hawks shot 44% with 39% from three and 21 turnovers. Trae Young scored 27 points with 11 assists. Dejounte Murray had 23 points with five assists. Atlanta allowed 49% shooting to Miami with 32% from three. Detroit fell to 2-9 with their 119-108 road defeat to the Chicago Bulls. The Pistons made 43% with 34% from three. Isaiah Stewart scored 17 points with 11 rebounds. Kevin Knox off the bench poured in 18 points and three rebounds. Detroit allowed 48% shooting to the Bulls with 37% from three. Atlanta is a poor three-point shooting team making only 35.4%. Detroit does defend by holding opponents to 45.5% shooting and 35.1% from three. On the road the Hawks shot only 45.1% and allowed 47.5%. Atlanta is 26th in road defensive efficiency by allowing 114.8 points per 100 possessions. Play Detroit +5.

Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia 76ers NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Pacers at 76ers—Indiana has a clean injury report. Batum and Oubre are out for Philadelphia. Embiid is questionable. Indiana fell to 6-4 with their 137-126 road defeat to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Pacers made 52% with 41% from three. Tyrese Haliburton scored 25 points with 17 assists. Myles Turner contributed 22 points and five rebounds. Philadelphia had 50% shooting with 42% from three. Tyrese Maxey scored 50 points with seven rebounds. Joel Embiid scored 37 points and 13 boards. Philadelphia is a good defensive team allowing 45% shooting with 35.2% from three. They shoot well making 48.5% with 37.1% from three. The Pacers are a poor defensive team by allowing 49% with 37.1% from three. On the road Indiana defends worse by giving up 50.2% shooting and 135 points per game. They are last in the NBA in road defensive efficiency allowing 132.4 points per 100 possessions and a -16 net rating. Play Philadelphia -5.5.

Orlando Magic vs. Brooklyn Nets NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Magic at Nets—Carter, Fultz and Harris are out for Orlando. Harris is probable. Simmons and Cam Thomas are out for Brooklyn with Walker questionable. Orlando improved to 5-4 with their 112-97 home victory to Milwaukee. The Magic shot 43% with 38% from three. Paolo Banchero scored 26 points with 12 rebounds. Franz Wagner had 24 points with six rebounds. Orlando allowed 49% shooting to the Bucks with 31% from three and forced 19 turnovers. Brooklyn improved to 5-5 with their 102-94 home victory to Washington. The Nets shot 38% with 24% from three and eighteen rebounds. Mikal Bridgers had 27 points with thirteen rebounds. Cameron Johnson contributed 14 points with six rebounds. Brooklyn allowed 38% shooting to the Wizards with 24% from three. The Nets shooting form poor as in their past five games hitting only 42.9% with 33.5% from three. Brooklyn injuries are concerning. Walker does produce points off the bench. The Magic is second in the NBA in defensive efficiency by allowing 105.8 points per 100 possessions. Play Orlando +2.5.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Spurs at Thunder—Johnson, Jones and Sochan are questionable for San Antonio. OKC has a clean injury report. San Antonio fell to 3-7 with their 118-113 home defeat to Miami. The Spurs shot 46% with 43% from three and seventeen turnovers. Keldon Johnson scored 20 points with 12 rebounds. Zach Collins contributed 18 points and five rebounds. San Antonio allowed Miami 44% shooting with 39% from three. Oklahoma City is 6-4 following their 111-99 road win at Phoenix Suns. The Thunder hit 49% with 37% from three. Shai Gilgeous Alexander had 35 points with seven rebounds. Jalen Williams posted 31 points with not much else. OKC held Phoenix to 39% shooting with 31% from three and forced 17 turnovers. The Spurs defended poorly on the road by allowing 51.9% and 127.2 points per game. Overall, they sit 29th in defensive efficiency by allowing 119.8 points per 100 possessions. The Thunder shooting well making 49% with 37.5% from three. Oklahoma City plays at the sixth fastest and the Spurs the eighth fastest pace. Play San Antonio and Oklahoma City over 237.

Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Mavericks at Pelicans—Kleber is out for Dallas. Nance, Murphy, McCollum and Alvarado are out for New Orleans with Jones questionable. Dallas improved to 8-2 with their 136-124 road win at New Orleans. The Mavericks shot 49% with 38% from three. Kyrie Irving scored 35 points with seven assists. Luka Doncic had 30 points and nine assists. New Orleans hit 51% with 47% from three and eighteen turnovers. Brandon Ingram scored 20 points and five rebounds. Zion Williamson contributed 18 points and four assists. Dallas is a good shooting team making 48.6% overall and 40% from three. They defend poorly giving up 49.2% overall and 36.5% from three. Dallas is second in offensive efficiency by averaging 121.8 points per 100 possessions. They are 24th on the defensive side. Dallas is playing at the ninth fastest and New Orleans tenth fastest pace. Past five games New Orleans allowing 49.3% shooting and 123.8 points per game. They are 23rd in defensive efficiency overall. Play Dallas and New Orleans over 240.

Portland Trailblazers vs. Utah Jazz NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Trailblazers at Jazz—Brogdon, Henderson and Simons are out for Portland. Kessler is out with Collins probable for Utah. Portland fell to 3-6 with their 116-110 road defeat to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Trailblazers hit 50% with 35% from three. Jerami Grant scored 23 points with five rebounds. Shaedon Sharpe scored 19 points with four assists. Portland allowed Los Angeles 49% shooting with 21% from three. LeBron James missed the game. Utah improved to 3-7 following their 127-121 road victory at Memphis Grizzlies. The Jazz shot 54% with 49% from three. Lauri Markkanen had 26 points and seven rebounds. Jordan Clarkson poured in 26 points and four assists. Utah allowed Memphis 46% shooting along with 40% from three. Portland is last in offensive efficiency by averaging 105.2 points per 100 possessions. They are near the bottom of the NBA in overall and three-point shooting. Utah is a good three-point shooting team making 37.7%. Utah defends well at home allowing 45% with 33.7% from three. Play Utah -6.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Denver Nuggets NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Clippers at Nuggets—Boston and Plumlee are out for Los Angeles. Cancar and Murray are out for Denver. Los Angeles drops to 3-6 with their 105-101 home defeat to the Memphis Grizzlies. The Clippers shot 44% with 35% from three. Paul George scored 26 points and seven assists. Norman Powell off the bench had 20 points and three assists. Los Angeles allowed 42% shooting to the Grizzlies with 32% from three. Denver fell to 8-2 after their 107-104 road defeat to Houston Rockets. The Nuggets made 46% with 28% from three. Nikola Jokic scored 36 points and 21 rebounds. Michael Porter Jr. contributed 25 points and ten rebounds. Denver allowed 43% shooting to the Rockets with 31% from three. Denver is fifth in offensive efficiency by averaging 117.6 points per 100 possessions. The Clippers are 25th in road defensive efficiency by allowing 120.8 points per 100 possessions. Denver at home shooting 51.9% and scoring 119.8 points per game. Play Los Angeles and Denver over 224.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Golden St Warriors NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Timberwolves at Warriors—Clark and McLaughlin are out for Minnesota. Curry is probable for Golden St. Minnesota improved to 7-2 with their 116-110 road victory to Golden St. the Timberwolves made 52% with 33% from three. Anthony Edwards scored 33 points with seven assists. Karl Anthony Towns had 21 points and fourteen rebounds. Golden St shot 39% in the loss with 28% from three. Steph Curry had 38 points and five rebounds. Klay Thompson produced 16 points with five rebounds. Minnesota is tops in defensive efficiency by allowing 102 points per 100 possessions and a +9.1 net rating. Golden St has struggled at home making 40.5% and 29th in offensive efficiency averaging 105.4 points per 100 possessions with a -4.2 net rating. Play Minnesota +2.

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA Pick Prediction 11/14/2023

Grizzlies at Lakers—Morant, Clark and Rose are out for Memphis. Tillman is questionable. Vanderbilt and Vincent are out for Los Angeles. James is questionable and Davis is probable. Memphis is 2-8 with their 105-101 road win at Los Angeles Clippers. The Grizzlies made 42% with 32% from three. Desmon Bane scored 27 points with six assists. Marcus Smart contributed 17 points and seven assists. Memphis held the Clippers to 44% shooting with 35% from three-point range. Los Angeles improved to 5-5 after their 116-110 home victory to Portland Trailblazers. The Lakers shot 49% with 21% from three. Anthony Davis scored 30 points with thirteen rebounds. Rui Hachimura had 19 points with five rebounds. Los Angeles allowed 50% shooting to the Trailblazers with 35% from three. LeBron James missed the game with a calf injury. The Lakers are home are shooting 49%. Los Angeles overall allowing 47.1% shooting with 37.3% from three. New Orleans is 23rd in defensive efficiency by allowing 115.6 points per 100 possessions. Los Angeles is 21st by surrendering 114 per 100. The Grizzlies play at a fast pace. Play Memphis and Los Angeles over 223.

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/14/2023

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