Nasrat Haqparast vs Landon Quiñones 9-7-2023

UFC 293: Nasrat Haqparast vs. Landon Quiñones 9/9/23 Prediction, Analysis, and Odds

UFC 293: Nasrat Haqparast vs. Landon Quiñones 9/9/23 – Fight fans, get ready for an electrifying Lightweight showdown on Saturday at 6:30 PM ET between Nasrat Haqparast and Landon “The Lone Wolf” Quinones! Both fighters are set to deliver an action-packed performance in the competitive Lightweight division. Dive into their strengths, weaknesses, and track records in this comprehensive preview. Don’t forget to check out our free daily UFC picks and predictions for more insights.


Nasrat Haqparast vs. Landon Quiñones Game Info

When: Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 6:30 PM ET
Where: Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Nasrat Haqparast

Nasrat Haqparast has an impressive 14-5-0 record and excels at high-stakes competition. His striking stats alone speak to his prowess in the octagon, with 5.06 Significant Strikes per Minute, but what distinguishes his game is volume combined with 44% accuracy: these numbers indicate his strategy doesn’t rely solely on pinpoint precision but instead seeks to overwhelm opponents through sheer volume; his high strike output allows Haqparast to control and dictate its pace – giving Haqparast control and dictate the fight’s pace as the master.


Haqparast’s offensive capabilities center around striking, yet it would be wise not to overlook his defensive capabilities. His 65% defense rate against incoming strikes attests to his skill at parrying and dodging while simultaneously launching offensive assaults. But even while engaging in aggressive strikes – 4.72 SApM being one of them – Haqparast can still open himself up to counterattacks while pushing for offensive output.


Nasrat Haqparast boasts solid grappling stats: his takedown attempts average 0.36 per 15 minutes with an accurate 30% success rate; however, his takedown defense rate stands out as particularly impressive with 78%, showing his ability to keep fights standing when needed and utilize his striking strengths when necessary. Adaptability in combat sports is crucial; Haqparast demonstrated it beautifully against Makdessi with his well-rounded approach, combining striking and grappling tactics, allowing him to change gears according to opponent weaknesses and adjust tactics quickly.


Landon “The Lone Wolf” Quiñones

Landon Quiñones enters this match-up as an underdog, his experience on the professional circuit being much lower than Haqparast’s 7-1-1 record. His nickname ‘THE LONE WOLF’ may hint at an unconventional style that could give Haqparast fits; on the other hand, however, its unknown skill set poses potential difficulties to Haqparast, yet may raise questions regarding Quiñones actual abilities versus having faced equal opposition in prior bouts.


Landon Quiñones’ grappling game remains mysterious and uncertain. Due to a lack of information regarding takedown averages or submission attempts, it’s hard to ascertain his grappling capabilities accurately. His unpredictable striking may help make up for his lack of grappling experience at professional levels or because he prefers keeping fights standing rather than diving to the ground game altogether – making him unpredictable but unpredictable opponent as well as uncertain in terms of technical capability – as no substantial information exists regarding how well Quiñones would defend against an experienced striker-grappler like Haqparast.


Nasrat Haqparast vs. Landon Quiñones Stats

Haqparast Quiñones
Wins/Losses/Draws 14-5-0 7-1-1
Average Fight Time 12:41
Height 5′ 10″ 5′ 9″
Weight 155 lbs. 155 lbs.
Reach 72″
Stance Southpaw Southpaw
Strikes Landed per Min. 5.06 0.00
Striking Accuracy 44% 0%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 4.72 0.00
Defense 65% 0%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 0.36 0.00
Takedown Accuracy 30% 0%
Takedown Defense 78% 0%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.0 0.00


Nasrat Haqparast vs. Landon Quiñones Free Pick

Due to our detailed analysis, our choice is Nasrat Haqparast. His impressive track record, consistent striking output, and reliable grappling defense make him more trustworthy than his opponents.


Pick: Nasrat Haqparast -470

The upcoming Lightweight clash between Nasrat Haqparast and Landon “THE LONE WOLF” Quiñones promises an intense and dramatic bout. Haqparast has showcased his skills across various distances, while Quiñones remains somewhat mysterious. Their fight is expected to bring forth tactical intricacies due to their unique styles. Although Quiñones faces uncertainty in this matchup, Haqparast appears to be the safer bet, given his proven capabilities compared to Quiñones’ uncertainty. For more insights, don’t forget to check out our free daily sports picks and predictions.


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