Betting Politics Trump vs Biden Odds

Betting Politics: Trump vs Biden Odds

Trump vs Biden: The 2020 US elections have come to its last stage with just five days remaining. This is the right time to place a bet on that candidate with all the odds and prediction in place. Voters have already decided on their candidate and it could either be Joe Biden or Donald Trump once again. The Democratic Party is keen on Biden to make a change as their confidence has been impressive right from the start of the election campaign. However, the Republican Party has their own vision for Trump to remain as the President for the next four years.

Placing a bet on politics might seem rather confusing, but not if the statistics provide a clear picture. Reading the polls is certainly going to help much before placing a bet. There are several ways of placing a bet and it need not be only on the candidate that is going to win. Betting can also be placed based on the party or against a candidate. Betting on politics can be different and they must be options to choose from. At our site, we help you choose the odds how you want and provide all the required details to place a proper bet.

Betting Politics: Trump vs Biden Odds

The early vote statistics have given a brief outline of the current situation. Out of several platforms, Joe Biden has predicted to be a victor for this 2020 US Presidential election. Yet, nothing can be certain for sure at present. As per the details, Biden has been leading President Trump at 63-42 and is placed at -200. The President, on the other hand, is at 170 and both candidates have never seen changes. When it comes to the winning percentage, Biden has a 66 percent chance of winning and the President has a 34 percent chance of winning this election.

According to the battleground polls, Biden has taken the lead once again, but in Florida, both candidates are tied. In Wisconsin, Biden has a 53 percent popular vote and President Trump is at 44 percent. As for Pennsylvania, the Democrat candidate has 52 percent and President Trump has 45. In Michigan, it’s 53 to 43 percent of popular vote. There have been certain fluctuations with the odds and it might still continue to take place. Joe Biden seems to have a decent lead for now, but it changes on a daily basis.

A Biden victory has been foreseen by the national polls, but there were also several declines. President Trump has seen a rise, especially in states like Florida. It is a crucial election process, but the odds are usually predictable. If Biden wins this election, he will be known as the oldest President in the US after Trump. The counting of votes will begin on November 3rd while the closing and opening time for polling stations differ from each state. Place a bet now as this might be the best chance to do so before it’s too late.