Dominick Reyes vs. Dustin Jacoby 6/8/24

Dominick Reyes vs. Dustin Jacoby 6/8/24 UFC on ESPN 57 Best Picks, Forecast, and Preview

Dominick Reyes vs. Dustin Jacoby 6/8/24 – As the world of UFC prepares for another exhilarating match-up on June 8, 2024, the light heavyweight bout between Dominick Reyes and Dustin Jacoby promises to be a showdown worth watching. Both fighters come into UFC on ESPN 57 with respectable records and a hunger to climb back up after recent losses in their careers. Dominick Reyes, known as “The Devastator”, holds a record of 12-4-0, showing his capability in the octagon with a balance of strategic striking and solid defense. On the other side, Dustin Jacoby, nicknamed “The Hanyak”, steps into the ring with a record of 19-8-1, known for his higher striking rate and robust standing game. This clash at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky, is not just another fight; it’s a pivotal moment for both fighters. This is your go-to preview for no-cost UFC selections that might help you in making an educated bet on this thrilling bout.


Dominick Reyes vs. Dustin Jacoby 6/8/24 Game Info


When: Sunday, June 8, 2024 at 8:00 PM ET
Where: KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, Kentucky, USA


Dominick “The Devastator” Reyes Analysis


Dominick Reyes goes into this fight with a record that has strengths and weaknesses that can be possibly exploited. Reyes has a professional MMA record of 12 wins, 4 losses and no draws and is almost equally effective on the ground as well as on the feet. He scores 4.75 important strike Land and hits on average 50% of the time, and he receives 3.77 impacts on target demonstrating the ability to land punches efficiently, as well as his capacity to dodge punches rather effectively. His last fight was the defeat against Spann, and thus some weaknesses in the strategies that Reyes used might be revealed, and he will be willing to amend in the present fight. At 6’ 4” inches tall with an arm span of 77 inches and a southpaw stance he was going to be a very difficult proposition for anyone. His grappling figures speak for themselves, 0.36 taken per round and 0.4, submissions per round at 80% takedown defense and this shows that the fighter can defend himself on the floor and use an opponent’s opportunity when it presents itself.


Dustin “The Hanyak” Jacoby Analysis


Dustin Jacoby arrives with a slightly better striking offense to the combat. Currently standing with the record of 19-8-1, the Jacoby delivers 5.53 significant strikes per minute with a 47% estimate rate. On the defensive end, his slightly slower rate of 4.07 strikes taken per minute is somewhat mitigated by a defensive efficiency of 57%. The only recent fight of Jacoby was against Menifield that pointed out some defensive flaws, especially when facing powerful strikers which would definitely be the key point to focus for this fight. Jacoby is as light as Reyes and only an inch shorter but unlike Reyes, Jacoby is an orthodox fighter and this may lead to an interesting stand up game. His grappling numbers equalize Reyes in terms of takedown attempts but has 0 submissions per 15 minutes and 60% takedown defense so maybe grappling is not his thing.


Dominick Reyes vs. Dustin Jacoby Stats


Reyes Jacoby
Wins/Losses/Draws 12-4-0 19-8-1
Average Fight Time 8:25 11:00
Height 6′ 4″ 6′ 3″
Weight 205 lbs. 205 lbs.
Reach 77″ 76″
Stance Southpaw Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 4.75 5.53
Striking Accuracy 50% 47%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 3.77 4.07
Defense 48% 57%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 0.36 0.36
Takedown Accuracy 28% 25%
Takedown Defense 80% 60%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.4 0.0


Dominick Reyes vs. Dustin Jacoby Betting Picks


Considering both fighters’ profiles and recent performances, this bout is poised to be a closely contested affair. The betting odds favor Dustin Jacoby slightly at -132, reflecting perhaps a confidence in his higher activity rate in striking and his resilient performance even under pressure. However, Dominick Reyes’ balanced approach to striking and defense, coupled with a slight advantage in grappling, presents a viable threat.


Given the statistics and recent form, Jacoby might be the safer bet based on his aggressive striking and better defense statistics. However, Reyes’ ability to manage distance and utilize his southpaw stance effectively could disrupt Jacoby’s rhythm, making him an enticing pick at +100. Reyes’ performance against higher-caliber opponents and his resilience in the octagon can’t be underestimated, especially with his back against the wall after a recent loss.


Free Pick: Dominick “The Devastator” Reyes +100


This upcoming bout between Dominick Reyes and Dustin Jacoby at UFC on ESPN 57 is a compelling matchup with significant implications for both fighters. With a detailed breakdown of each fighter’s strengths and recent form, plus a careful analysis of the betting odds, our multi-expert top picks lean slightly towards Dominick Reyes. His strategic striking and solid defense, coupled with the potential odds value, make him an attractive pick for UFC enthusiasts and bettors alike.


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