Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 4 5/28/24

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 4 5/28/24 NBA Previews, Picks and Predictions

Minnesota Timberwolves (56-26) vs. Dallas Mavericks (50-32)


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 4 5/28/24 – On May 28, 2024, Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks will square off in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals with Dallas holding an early 2-1 lead. As this series progresses, each game becomes increasingly intense and crucial, reflecting their standings where Timberwolves had slightly better regular season records. This matchup will take place at American Airlines Center live on TNT – both fans and bettors are closely awaiting its unfolding with many turning to top-ranked betting websites for insights or wagers on this encounter.


Minnesota Timberwolves have established themselves as formidable players during this season with 56 victories to their credit. Averaging 108.1 points per game while shooting 46.8% from field goal range and 35.9% three point accuracy per game on threes made, their three point shooting accuracy stands at 35.9% along with 12.1 three-pointers made per game on average – their strength lies in rebounding where they average 43.8 rebounds per game (including 10.8 offensive boards!). Unfortunately their turnover rate (11.4/game) and foul trouble (20.8 fouls/game are areas that could allow the Dallas Mavericks an edge!


On the other side of things are the Dallas Mavericks who have also played admirably this season with 50 regular-season wins and an average scoring average just behind Minnesota at 106.6 points per game. Their field goal attempts and three-point shooting percentage match those of Minnesota; Dallas slightly edged them out when it comes to defensive play though with an average of 6.5 blocks per game against just 4.6 blocks by Minnesota; their free-throw shooting at 71% could prove pivotal during close game scenarios.


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 4 5/28/24 Game Info


When: Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 8:30 PM ET
Where: American Airlines Center
Stream: NBA League Pass


Anthony Edwards (SG) vs. Luka Doncic (PG)


Anthony Edwards and Luka Doncic represent two of the NBA’s most dynamic talents, each instrumental to their respective teams’ success in this series. Edwards averages 27.5 points per game thanks to his explosive athleticism on both ends of the court – this ability allows him to dominate both ends. As shooting guard, Edwards often takes key shots under pressure situations – this role will become even more critical as Timberwolves look to overcome Mavericks’ lead. His 3.1 turnovers per game represent one weakness which Doncic may exploit


Luka Doncic serves as point guard and the cornerstone of the Dallas Mavericks offense, contributing both scoring and playmaking abilities to their successful offense. Averaging 9.3 assists and 28 points per game, Doncic makes himself a formidable opponent with his size and strength allowing him to post up smaller guards before driving for points, creating opportunities for teammates while drawing defenses towards him and drawing them away from scoring opportunities for teammates. However, Timberwolves could target Doncic’s high turnover rate (4.1 turnovers/game) which may hinder offensive flow from Dallas Mavericks players against them in this matchup.


Edwards and Doncic play off each other as opponents with different styles and responsibilities that come to an intense clash when facing off in battles of their individual talents and skills. Edwards may challenge Doncic’s defensive abilities during fast breaks or perimeter shooting while Doncic’s comprehensive court vision and passing accuracy will test Edwards defensive positioning and stamina throughout a game – making their duel an essential one in determining its outcome! This matchup not only highlights individual talents, but it is a major determining factor of whether their teams win or lose.


NBA Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


Bettors anticipate an intensely competitive game as betting odds for this game become available, hoping that insights gained from past performances and patterns of behavior can inform betting strategies for this matchup.


Minnesota Timberwolves Betting Trends


The Timberwolves have seen mixed results against the spread, going 1-4 over their last five games against it. But, their performances tend to improve during high-scoring games – four out of their last five went over in total score; their ability to effectively rebound and score from outside could play an instrumental role in helping them overcome both spread and total score.


Dallas Mavericks Betting Trends


The Dallas Mavericks have been consistently impressive, going 3-2 both overall and against the spread over their last five games. Their outstanding defensive stats–specifically blocks and steals–help control pace of games while giving them an opportunity to cover spread.


Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks 5/28/24 Betting Picks


According to data and performance of key players, this game should be highly competitive. With both sides needing a win to even the series up again, expect both to bring their A game from the get-go; but expect the Mavericks’ home court advantage to create an intense showdown for our NBA west finals picks and predictions segment.


Based on current trends and team performances, it can be expected that this game will be tight with possible overage of total points scored. Due to their defensive abilities and home advantage, the Mavericks may hold an edge against Dallas in this matchup.


Free Pick and Prediction: Dallas Mavericks 112, Minnesota Timberwolves 107.


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