Court McGee vs. Alex Morono 4/6/24

Court McGee vs. Alex Morono 4/6/24 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240 Best Picks, Analysis, and Forecast

Court McGee vs. Alex Morono 4/6/24 – UFC Fight Night 240 presents a compelling welterweight bout between Court “The Crusher” McGee and Alex “The Great White” Morono, scheduled to light up the octagon on Saturday. As enthusiasts and bettors alike pore over the stats, McGee comes into the fight with a record of 22 wins, 12 losses, and no draws, while Morono stands at 23 wins, 9 losses, and 1 no contest. This matchup, set to unfold at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, promises not just an exhibition of mixed martial arts at its finest but a premium sports analysis for fans and bettors.


Court McGee vs. Alex Morono 4/6/24 Game Info


When: Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 3:00 PM ET
Where: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Court “The Crusher” McGee Analysis


Court McGee who joins the octagon as an orthodox fighter with a great balance between striking and ground rules is “The Crusher” whose moniker has been earned from his performance. In his 44 professional bouts, McGee has earned 22 wins with 12 losses and 0 draws. He has demonstrated his mettle in the ring, which is one of the greatest advantages he carries with him. When we look at an average of 4.63 significant strikes per minute and 37% striking accuracy combined with 1.89 takedowns per every 15 minutes, it brings us to the assessment that his game is complete. Regardless of the fact that he just lost to Brown, McGee has all the qualities of a strong opponent, and he will prove that in his next fight. We can see this gramophone shape from his 69% successful takedown defense rate and a closed-stance. This leads us to the conclusion that the fighter is most likely to use tactics of maintaining control and looking for mistakes.


Alex “The Great White” Morono Analysis


On the other side of the octagon there is Alex “The Great White” Morono, who has a record of 23 wins, 9 losses, and 1 no contest. The fact that Morono averages 5.02 significant strikes in a minute as well as being 41% accurate is an indication that he is slightly more proficient than McGee in striking. On the other hand, his grappling stats show a rate of one takedown every 44 minutes and 50% takedown defense. Notwithstanding the fact that he was dismissed by Buckley in the latest bout, Morono’s fleetness of foot and deception in hand strikes with an orthodox strategy that involves making the opponents distance themselves from him and thus dictating the pace of the fight.


Court McGee vs. Alex Morono Betting Stats


McGee Morono 
Wins/Losses/Draws 22-12-0 23-9-0 (1 NC)
Average Fight Time 12:51 11:36
Height 5′ 11″ 5′ 11″
Weight 170 lbs. 170 lbs.
Reach 75″ 72″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 4.63 5.02
Striking Accuracy 37% 41%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 3.68 4.17
Defense 60% 58%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 1.89 0.34
Takedown Accuracy 25% 22%
Takedown Defense 69% 50%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.4 0.3


Court McGee vs. Alex Morono Betting Picks


The odds shown at -278 for Alex Morono and +200 for Court McGee imply that bookmakers are slightly on the side of Morono, as they seem to have a higher confidence in his chances of victory. As a result of the statistical data and updated records, Morono’s predominance in the striking accuracy and speed seem to be the critical factor of the fight. However, McGee’s tussling and fight experience cannot be understated because they may be the factor which could reverse the outcome of the fight.


Nevertheless, when evaluating the total skill set and his recent success as his opponent, Alex Morono stands out as he is the right bet for this matchup. His upper cutting and reasonably good defense make that bout to go in his favor which is like on the feet. No matter how much of a disregard for danger McGee displays, Morono’s capacity to hit with greater precision and fluidity will be the difference in this championship fight.


Free Pick: Alex “The Great White” Morono -278

Now as UFC Fight Night 240 is on the way, the clash between Court McGee and Alex Morono is going to be one of the main events of the night and for the good of fans who had placed a bet on this fight, it will offer them something they can analyze. Considering our opinion goes to Alex Morono for the victory, we trust our remarks plus cost-free UFC tips will help you in choosing a suitable pick for yourself. The clash of two welterweights will engage old and new sports enthusiasts alike, showcasing the richest mixed martial art with its strategy and finesse.


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