Azat Maksum vs. Charles Johnson 2/3/24 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 235 Best Picks, Preview, and Forecast

Azat Maksum vs. Charles Johnson 2/3/24 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 235 Best Picks, Preview, and Forecast

Azat Maksum vs. Charles Johnson 2/3/24 – In the electrifying atmosphere of the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, an intriguing flyweight bout is set to capture the attention of mixed martial arts enthusiasts and bettors alike. This matchup is not just a testament to the fighters’ skills but also a highlight for those looking for the top MMA picks today. With both fighters eager to assert their dominance in the flyweight division, UFC FIGHT NIGHT 235 is poised to be a showdown that could have significant implications for their careers.


Azat Maksum vs. Charles Johnson 2/3/24 Game Info


When: Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 4:00 PM ET
Where: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Azat “Qazaq” Maksum Analysis


The undefeated 17-0 Azat Maksum brings a dynamically well-rounded skillset built on volume striking and relentless wrestling pressure. On the feet, he lands an impressive 3.07 significant strikes per minute. While only connecting on 24% of attempts, the sheer output allows Maksum to overwhelm opponents with accumulation damage.


What truly sets Maksum apart is the ability to seamlessly blend together all facets of MMA. After peppering foes with strikes, he changes levels for takedowns, attempting 2 per round at an 18% accuracy clip. Once securing top control on the mat, Maksum is able to do damage with ground strikes while also advancing positions.


Even more impressive are the conditioning numbers over his 15 minute average fight time. Despite the high-volume attack, he absorbs just 5.4 significant strikes per minute thanks to very solid 61% striking defense. This allows the pace and pressure to build over the duration of fights, continually breaking opponents mentally and physically.


We saw this full skillset on display in his last win versus Nam. Maksum landed over 140 total strikes, secured 3 takedowns, and maintained over 9 minutes of control time on the mat. He offers a dynamic threat in all areas that opponents have yet to solve. Look for Maksum to replicate a similar approach against Johnson.


Charles “Innerg” Johnson Analysis


Charles “Innerg” Johnson enters this bout on a concerning 2-fight losing streak as he attempts to revive his career at 33 years of age. At his best, Johnson provides dangerous counter striking, landing 4.34 significant strikes per minute while connecting on 55% of attempts. He couples this with solid 62% takedown defense, stopping over 3 of every 5 shots.


However, a closer look at the numbers indicates some glaring weaknesses that more well-rounded fighters have exploited. While the accuracy metrics jump off the page, Johnson likely overly relies on a counter punching style rather than dictating fights with pressure and volume. This allows opponents to outwork him through attrition.


Additionally, the finishing metrics tell a story – Johnson has stopped 6 of 13 wins inside the distance, but that 88% finishing rate suggests that when fights reach the final bell, he is often on the wrong side. The deciding factor seems to be an inability to maintain his striking accuracy and takedown defense over 15 minute fights.


We saw this play out in his last loss to Estevam, where his counter striking became less effective and his takedown defense failed late. To defeat Maksum, Johnson will need reverse this trend and pour on steady offense for 3 full rounds.


Azat Maksum vs. Charles Johnson Stats


Maksum Johnson
Wins/Losses/Draws 17-0-0 13-6-0
Average Fight Time 15:00 13:16
Height 5′ 7″ 5′ 9″
Weight 125 lbs. 125 lbs.
Reach 70″ 70″
Stance Southpaw Switch
Strikes Landed per Min. 3.07 4.34
Striking Accuracy 24% 55%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 5.40 3.27
Defense 61% 54%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 2.00 0.19
Takedown Accuracy 18% 14%
Takedown Defense 0% 62%
Submission Average/15 min. 0% 0.2


Azat Maksum vs. Charles Johnson Betting Picks


Analyzing recent performances, Azat Maksum stands as an incredible threat with his undefeated record and grappling prowess, but his strike defense and untested takedown defense provide Johnson an opening. Charles Johnson boasts superior striking and resilience that pose significant threat in any encounter he enters into the octagon with him; yet Maksum’s betting odds show his dominance of this division by placing them at -210.


Given their strengths and weaknesses, Maksum may use his grappling to control the pace and location of their fight; however, Johnson is an unpredictable underdog if they can keep things standing and exploit Maksum’s weak takedown defense. Making an informed decision here may prove challenging given their divergent styles and strengths.


Free Pick: Azat “Qazaq” Maksum -210

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 235’s flyweight match between Azat Maksum and Charles Johnson promises to be an exciting encounter that will draw spectators and bettors alike. Each fighter boasting distinct advantages in their fighting styles, this matchup serves as an example of premium matchup reviews that make MMA betting so exhilarating. Maksum’s grappling against Johnson’s striking is sure to provide an engaging battle; although odds favor Maksum, Johnson could surprise many with his striking power or resilience making this contest unpredictable and thrilling encounter in mixed martial arts history!


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