Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras 1/20/24

Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras 1/20/24 UFC 297 Game Forecast, Odds, and Analysis

Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras 1/20/24 – As UFC 297 draws nearer, fans and bettors alike are excitedly anticipating an electrifying bantamweight showdown between Serhiy “The Savage” Sidey and Ramon Taveras at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. This contest promises an intense display of strategy, skill and raw power from two titans; our analysis will delve deep into their past performances, styles and statistics to provide informed UFC winning free tips on this enthralling contest.


Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras 1/20/24 Game Info


When: Saturday, January 20, 2024, at 8:00 PM ET
Where: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Serhiy Sidey Analysis


Serhiy “The Savage” Sidey makes his presence known in the bantamweight division as an impressive contender. Boasting 10 wins with only one defeat on his record, his striking style befits his moniker as “The Savage”. Sidey stands 5′ 11″, has an arm span of 72 inches, and employs his physical advantages to dominate opponents. His switch stance allows him to effectively adapt to and respond to opponent’s movements and attacks. Sidey is known for his unpredictable and challenging style of fighting, with striking accuracy of 35% making him difficult to defend against. His average fight time per bout stands at 2:26; this speaks to his preference for quick, aggressive confrontations which seek to overpower opponents quickly through his striking ability.


However, Serhiy’s 42% striking defense may suggest weakness against Taveras due to his superior striking accuracy. Yet his victories–particularly against Romious–come from applying relentless pressure and using his reach to keep opponents at a distance; this tactic allows him to retain control in the octagon and set its pace throughout a fight. Combined with physical attributes combined with strategic approach makes Serhiy an intimidating foe who quickly adapts to changing dynamics within each fight.


Ramon Taveras Analysis


Ramon Taveras may come into this fight as an underdog, yet his track record and style speak for themselves. With 9 wins and two losses at bantamweight level to his name, Taveras has proven himself worthy. Standing 5′ 8″, with a reach of 70 inches he stands slightly shorter than Sidey but makes up for this with technical prowess and southpaw stance which gives him an advantage against orthodox fighters; Taveras excels at striking, boasting an amazing striking accuracy rate of 58% with 7.20 significant strikes per minute landed; testimony to aggressive and precise fighting style!


Taveras’ fighting style is defined by speed and precision. His average fight time of 1:28 illustrates this, often overwhelming his opponents with accurate strikes that come fast and hard. Like Sidey, Taveras doesn’t focus on grappling as evidenced by low takedown/submission statistics; his focus instead centers around using his speed and accuracy to outmaneuver and outstrike opponents effectively – his challenge against Sidey will be closing distance quickly with his southpaw stance and high striking rate against Sidey’s reach advantage effectively in order to close distance effectively enough against him and use Taveras’ speed and precision as weapons against him.


Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras Stats


Sidey   Taveras
Wins/Losses/Draws 10-1-0 9-2-0
Average Fight Time 2:26 1:28
Height 5′ 11″ 5′ 8″
Weight 135 lbs. 135 lbs.
Reach 72″ 70″
Stance Switch Southpaw
Strikes Landed per Min. 4.52 7.20
Striking Accuracy 35% 58%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 4.52 6.17
Defense 42% 66%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 0.00 0.00
Takedown Accuracy 0% 0%
Takedown Defense 0% 0%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.0 0.0


Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras Betting Picks


Analyzing both fighters, it’s clear that this fight will be dominated by striking. Sidey’s reach and switch stance offer him a dynamic attack pattern while Taveras poses an accurate yet defensively strong challenger. Betting odds favor Serhiy Sidey at -175, reflecting his track record and physical advantages; but Taveras could make for a tempting underdog pick with his striking efficiency and defensive prowess at +150.


It is crucial to compare Sidey’s power and reach with Taveras’ precision and defense. Sidey may have an edge with his ability to control pace and distance of fights but Taveras could capitalize on any openings presented by either fighter. This matchup will likely come down to strategy; each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses playing an integral part.


Free Pick: Serhiy Sidey -175


UFC 297’s Sidey vs. Taveras bout is a fascinating mix of contrasting styles and strengths. In the world of expert premium picks, Sidey stands out as the favorite due to his reach, power, and track record. Yet, Taveras’ underdog status, combined with his striking accuracy and defense, makes him a contender capable of an upset. As fight night approaches, this matchup promises to be a captivating display of skill, strategy, and sheer willpower.


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