Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffaloes 1/18/24

Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffaloes 1/18/24 NCAA Men’s Basketball Betting Predictions, Forecast, and Tips

Oregon Ducks (13-3) vs. Colorado Buffaloes (12-5)


Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffaloes 1/18/24 – In a compelling NCAA Men’s Basketball face-off, the Oregon Ducks, with a strong 13-3 record, are set to clash with the Colorado Buffaloes, who stand at an impressive 12-5, on Thursday. Fans and bettors alike are gearing up for this match, eagerly seeking Free expert NCAAB analysis to guide their expectations and wagers. The game, set to unfold at the CU Events Center, will be a showcase of high-caliber collegiate basketball, broadcasted on FS1.


Oregon Ducks have enjoyed an exceptional run, remaining unbeaten in five consecutive matches and posting an average 78.8 scoring average over those five outings. Their success can be credited to their balanced attack and strong defense, averaging 47.2% field goal percentage along with 36.7% from beyond the arc field goal percentages; additionally they average 7.8 steals and 3.5 blocks per game on both ends of the court, making them formidable opponents on both ends of the court.


Conversely, Colorado Buffaloes have shown their own brand of basketball excellence. Scoring an average of 80.2 points per game and boasting a higher field goal percentage (50.1%) as well as near equal three-point accuracy (39%). Their rebounding ability stands out, with an average 37.6 per game rebounding rate that could help manage game tempo and limit second chance opportunities from opponents like Oregon Ducks.


Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffaloes 1/18/24 Game Info


When: Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 10:30 PM ET
Where: CU Events Center
Stream: Sofascore


Jackson Shelstad (Guard) vs. KJ Simpson (Guard)


Jackson Shelstad has been one of the key contributors for Oregon this season. Averaging 14.6 points and 2.8 assists per game across 12 contests, his shooting efficiency stands out with 50.8% field goal percentage and 43.8% from three-point range; yet, his 2.2 turnovers per game suggest there may be room for improvement against teams like Colorado that capitalize on mistakes by exploiting any miscues that arise..


KJ Simpson from Colorado stands out with his scoring ability, averaging 19.3 points per game. His all-around game features 4.9 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game to showcase his versatility, along with 51.4% shooting from the field and 46.2% from three-point range which makes him a threat from anywhere on the court. Unfortunately, his higher turnover rate (2.1 per game) may prove problematic against Oregon’s aggressive defense.


Shelstad and Simpson will face-off in an important matchup that could determine the result of this highly anticipated game. Shelstad’s efficiency and playmaking will be put against Simpson’s scoring prowess and defensive capabilities in an epic showdown that could very well decide the victor.


NCAAB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds :TBD


With the betting odds yet to be determined, bettors should consider both teams’ recent form and head-to-head history. The odds will likely reflect the Ducks’ and Buffaloes’ performances and could offer insights into the expected dynamics of the game.


Oregon Ducks Betting Trends


The Ducks have shown outstanding form, going undefeated in their recent games. Unfortunately, their record against the spread is more mixed at 3-2; suggesting some inconsistency in exceeding betting expectations. Their road record at 3-3 may point towards potential vulnerabilities away from home while three of their last five contests ended OVER, suggesting a tendency towards high-scoring contests.


Colorado Buffaloes Betting Trends


Colorado’s recent form has been somewhat inconsistent. They hold a 2-3 record over their last 5 games, which could cause concern about momentum. Even more worrisome is their performance against the spread; with an alarming 0-4 mark over that span (and 1-5 road game mark against them too!), as well as two out of their last five total OVER games suggesting high scoring affairs could ensue.


Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffaloes 1/18/24 Betting Picks


According to statistics and trends, this matchup provides a compelling scenario. Oregon’s impressive win streak and balanced team play tip the balance slightly in their favor; however Colorado cannot be underestimated given their home court advantage and potent scoring ability. Key in this game could lie with Shelstad and Simpson as both could play pivotal roles.


In terms of Top Multi-handicapper picks, Oregon might be the safer bet, but Colorado’s ability to upset should not be overlooked, especially given their strong home record. Prop bets could focus on individual player performances, such as points and assists for Shelstad and Simpson. The over/under will be a critical consideration, with both teams showing tendencies towards higher-scoring games.


Free Pick and Prediction: Oregon Ducks 77, Colorado Buffaloes 73


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