Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Houston Cougars 1/17/24

Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Houston Cougars 1/17/24 NCAA Men’s Basketball Betting Preview, Picks, and Forecast

Texas Tech Red Raiders (14-2) vs. Houston Cougars (14-2)


Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Houston Cougars 1/17/24 – As the NCAA basketball season ramps up, an exciting matchup is set to occur between Texas Tech Red Raiders and Houston Cougars on Wednesday – each boasting 14-2 records that promise an intense, high-stakes and thrilling encounter. Fans and bettors alike look forward to this game; many eagerly anticipate NCAAB game predictions today!


Texas Tech’s season has been one of remarkable resilience and skill. Boasting a perfect record in their last five games – going 5-0-1!- they have demonstrated an ability to maintain momentum. Furthermore, Texas Tech has shown impressive consistency against the spread, going 4-1 overall against bettors on its home court while on the road showing formidable strength with 2-1 against bettors; their 3-point game excelling with an astounding 35.7% success rate while defensively they average 6.1 steals and 3.3 blocks per game making them formidable opponents against any team they face off against.


Houston Cougars’ overall record matches up well against their opponent Texas Tech Red Raiders; however, they’ve shown some inconsistency over their last five games and against the spread. Their road performance against the spread is concerning at 1-5; this could indicate potential difficulties when playing high-pressure away games. Average points per game is slightly less than Texas Tech Red Raiders but their defensive play stands out with 10.6 steals and 5.7 blocks per game as evidence of strong defensive strategy; field goal percentage stands at 44.1% with 34.4% hits from beyond. These statistics trail slightly behind Texas Tech numbers but could play out differently when facing off.


Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Houston Cougars 1/17/24 Game Info


When: Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 9:00 PM ET
Where: Fertitta Center
Stream: Sofascore


Pop Isaacs (Guard) vs. L.J. Cryer (Guard)


Pop Isaacs has been an essential piece for Texas Tech. Averaging 16.3 points over 31.3 minutes per game and recording an assist/steal ratio of 3.1/1 per game makes him a well-rounded guard; his shooting percentages vary – 36.8% field goal rate but an outstanding 81.4/4 free throw shooting mark are examples of his versatility; Isaacs also boasts 30.8% 3-point shooting that poses an equally formidable threat.


L.J. Cryer of Houston stands neck-and-neck with Isaacs in terms of playing time per game, averaging 15.6 points on 40.7% field goal shooting and an astounding 86.7% free-throw accuracy rate that make him a reliable scorer. Cryer also boasts an improved 3-point percentage (38.1%). Although his defensive stats lag Isaacs slightly, Cryer shows efficiency with ball handling thanks to a lower turnover rate (0.8 per game).


When these two guards face off against one another, it will be an intense display of offensive and defensive prowess. Isaacs may boast slightly higher scoring average and defensive activity; however, Cryer possesses superior shooting efficiency and lower turnover rate – their head-to-head performance may prove pivotal in deciding the outcome of their matchup.


NCAAB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


The betting odds for this game are currently TBD. However, considering the teams’ performance trends and key player matchups, bettors will have a lot to contemplate.


Texas Tech Red Raiders Betting Trends


Texas Tech’s recent form makes them an attractive option, particularly considering their record against the spread. Their offensive consistency and defensive strength are key factors, while their slightly lower 3-point shooting efficiency than Houston could prove detrimental in a game requiring long-range scoring.


Houston Cougars Betting Trends


Houston Cougars’ inconsistent play and their poor record against the spread in road games should raise red flags among bettors, yet their outstanding defensive prowess–with many steals and blocks per game–could disrupt Texas Tech’s offensive rhythm and create scoring opportunities for Houston. The key will be using their defense effectively.


Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Houston Cougars 1/17/24 Betting Picks


In conclusion, this matchup is a clash of Texas Tech’s offensive consistency against Houston’s defensive might. While the Red Raiders have the momentum, the Cougars’ ability to disrupt plays cannot be underestimated. For those looking for premium game day predictions, it’s a close call, but Texas Tech’s recent form gives them a slight edge. The key will be how well they can navigate Houston’s defensive pressure and maintain their scoring efficiency.


Bettors might prefer Texas Tech as the safer bet, given its impressive record against the spread. But Houston’s defense cannot be overlooked and could make for an unpredictable matchup; prop bets might focus on individual performances between Isaacs and Cryer as possible sources for upsets.


In terms of over/under, considering both teams’ scoring averages and defensive strengths, a moderate-scoring game seems likely. Bettors should pay attention to any changes in the betting lines as the game approaches, especially any fluctuations in the spread or total points.


Free Pick and Prediction: Texas Tech Red Raiders 76, Houston Cougars 71


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