Jim Miller vs Gabriel Benitez 1-13-2024

Jim Miller vs Gabriel Benitez 1/13/24 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 234 Game Forecast, Picks, and Odds

Jim Miller vs Gabriel Benitez 1/13/24 – On January 13th, 2024, UFC Fight Night 234 will showcase a stunning showdown between veteran fighters Jim Miller and Gabriel Benitez at UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, and be streamed live via ESPN+. At this exciting lightweight bout – which boasts Jim’s distinct styles and impressive track records with multiple wins to their name – game insights analysis will probe deeper into recent performances to assess what this means for their upcoming bout.


Jim Miller vs Gabriel Benitez 1/13/24 Game Info


When: Saturday, January 13, 2024 at 7:00 PM ET
Where: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Jim “A-10” Miller Analysis


Jim Miller‘s record as a veteran fighter in the UFC speaks volumes of his durability and skill in the octagon. With 36 wins, 17 losses, and 1 no contest against his name to his credit, Miller’s career serves as an incredible testament to his resilience while remaining relevant in an ever-evolving sport. Miller boasts 2.86 significant strikes per minute with 41% accuracy, but his real strength lies in grappling. Miller averages 1.56 takedowns every 15 minutes and submits at an alarming rate 1.8 times per 15 minutes – both indicators of his threat on the mat. Unfortunately, however, Miller only holds takedown defense at 48% which makes him vulnerable against more versatile strikers.


Miller has demonstrated that experience can often outshout youth and vigor. His win against Butler demonstrated his strategic acumen and ability to find ways to counter his opponent’s strengths. Even at his advanced age, Miller has maintained impressive fitness and agility, essential in taking down younger, faster opponents. His southpaw stance can often catch opponents by surprise when attacking from unexpected angles; Miller can switch tactics midfight to gain the edge.


Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez Analysis


Gabriel Benitez enters the octagon boasting an impressive record of 23 wins and 11 losses, distinguished by an aggressive striking approach, landing 4.79 significant strikes per minute – significantly higher than Miller. While Miller matched Benitez for accuracy with 41% striking accuracy and successfully avoided 65% of incoming strikes; Benitez however outwitted both these statistics by successfully dodging 65% of them himself while his takedown defense stood out at 58%, suggesting he preferred keeping fights standing, yet could defend against takedown attempts successfully 58% effectively.


Benitez’s recent performance against Ontiveros demonstrated his improved tactical approach and ability to land powerful yet precise strikes. Gabriel shares Miller’s southpaw stance, adding an interesting dynamic to this fight as both fighters may attempt to exploit any opening angles this stance presents. Benitez excels at keeping up a high pace throughout a fight using cardio strength; his resilience allows him to withstand strikes yet continue pushing forward and push against them with ease – something Miller may struggle with due to his takedown attempts. Benitez may opt to keep this fight on foot maximizing striking advantage while being wary of takedown attempts from Miller during this fight.


Jim Miller vs. Gabriel Benitez Stats


Miller Benitez
Wins/Losses/Draws 36-17-0 (1 NC) 23-11-0
Average Fight Time 9:36 8:31
Height 5′ 8″ 5′ 8″
Weight 155 lbs. 155 lbs.
Reach 71″ 71″
Stance Southpaw Southpaw
Strikes Landed per Min. 2.86 4.79
Striking Accuracy 41% 41%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 3.08 4.05
Defense 58% 65%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 1.56 0.27
Takedown Accuracy 43% 50%
Takedown Defense 48% 58%
Submission Average/15 min. 1.8 1.1


Jim Miller vs. Gabriel Benitez Betting Picks


Given his statistics and recent performances, Jim Miller is slightly favored against Gabriel Benitez at +121. Miller’s experience and balanced approach in both striking and grappling give him a slight edge, though Benitez’s superior strike defense and higher striking rate cannot be discounted from account. It should be a tight fight that both fighters use to showcase their individual strengths; Miller stands as the more preferred pick due to his adaptability in combat as well as slightly better grappling stats which may tip the scales in his favor in what should be an intense contest between two fighters!


Free Pick: Jim “A-10” Miller  -141


Jim Miller stands out in this premium pick analysis due to his comprehensive skill set and experience fighting in high-pressure bouts, particularly against Benitez who brings superior striking ability and defense, but Miller could prove victorious due to his adaptability and grappling expertise – making this fight set to be strategic yet entertaining!


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