Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Indiana Hoosiers 1/12/24

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Indiana Hoosiers 1/12/24 NCAA Men’s Basketball Latest Picks, Forecast, and Preview

Minnesota Golden Gophers (12-3) vs. Indiana Hoosiers (11-5)


Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Indiana Hoosiers 1/12/24 – Minnesota Golden Gophers will face Indiana Hoosiers. Their meeting on Friday, January 12, 2024 should prove highly enticing as both teams have put in impressive performances this season – fans and bettors alike are eagerly awaiting this matchup at Assembly Hall which will be broadcast live by FS1 from 6:30 PM ET until 10:00 PM ET. Anyone looking for free college basketball tips may find this game an unmissable opportunity!


Minnesota Golden Gophers have been an unstoppable force this season, scoring an average of 78.9 points per game with an impressive field goal percentage of 48.9% on offense and 8.4 3-point field goals at 36.1% success rate on defense. Their defensive play has also been exceptional; grabbing 37 rebounds per game while maintaining 6.9 steals and 5 blocks rates; however their 12.3 turnovers and 15.7 fouls could present issues against a tough team like Indiana.


Indiana Hoosiers boast similarly impressive stats. Averaging 74.4 points per game and boasting a field goal percentage of 48.4%. Their 3-point shooting percentage may be slightly lower at 33.2% but their strength lies in free throw attempts averaging 23.6 per game with an impressive success rate of 66.7%. Their defense has shown less aggressive play; 35.3 rebounds per game on defense with only 6.3 steals and 4.3 blocks, but still capable of 35.3 rebounds per game and 12.6 turnovers and 16.6 fouls per game which could potentially allow Minnesota an advantage.


Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Indiana Hoosiers 1/12/24 Game Info


When: Friday, January 12, 2024, at 6:30 PM ET
Where: Assembly Hall
Stream: Sofascore


Dawson Garcia (Forward) vs. Malik Reneau (Forward)


Dawson Garcia has been nothing short of spectacular for the Golden Gophers this season, averaging 16.7 points and 7.6 rebounds per game over 12 contests in 30.1 minutes per game he played for them. Garcia excels at consistently scoring and rebounding which could prove key in breaking through Indiana Hoosiers defense; however his lower 3-point field goal percentage of 24.2% could limit him.


Malik Reneau of the Hoosiers has also demonstrated remarkable efficiency over 16 games, averaging 16.3 points with an outstanding 59.2% field goal percentage to lead his offense and 5.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game to round out his all-around capabilities; yet his higher turnover rate of three per game could prove troublesome against Minnesota’s defensive unit.


Garcia and Reneau will have an important battle on their hands; Garcia’s ability to score and rebound efficiently could test Reneau’s defensive abilities, while Reneau’s offensive versatility could test Garcia’s defensive mettle. Their performances could shape the direction and outcome of this matchup.


NCAAB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


The current betting odds for the game remain TBD, but bettors should keep a keen eye on the spreads and moneylines once they are released. Both teams have shown trends that could influence betting decisions.


Minnesota Golden Gophers Betting Trends


Minnesota’s betting trends reveal an offense-oriented team, as evidenced by hitting 22 of 32 1H Game Total Overs and 14 Moneylines over their last 31 matches, along with hitting 20 Team Total Overs in 32 matches in that time span, further underscoring their scoring capabilities. Unfortunately for Hoosier fans though, Minnesota only hit 7 Game Total Overs out of their last 12 away matches against them!


Indiana Hoosiers Betting Trends


Hoosiers’ trends tell a different tale: their strong track record of hitting 22 of 34 Moneyline games shows resilience and the ability to close games successfully, while hitting 1H Game Total Over 22 times out of 36 may portend high-scoring first halves – but their tendency of hitting 21 Team Total Under games may cause concern for over/under bettors.


Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Indiana Hoosiers 1/12/24 Betting Picks


Based on the analysis and betting trends, this game promises to be a close encounter. The Gophers’ offensive prowess may clash with the Hoosiers’ ability to perform under pressure, making it a balanced matchup. For bettors seeking multi-handicapper tips, it would be wise to focus on the first-half totals and the Moneyline, considering both teams’ trends in these areas.


Given the trends and stats, a predicted close score with a slight edge to Minnesota could be expected. However, betting on the first half totals might offer safer opportunities given the strong performance of both teams in this area.


Free Pick and Prediction: Minnesota Golden Gophers 76, Indiana Hoosiers 72


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