Wisconsin Badgers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes 1/10/24

Wisconsin Badgers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes 1/10/24 NCAA Men’s Basketball Betting Forecast, Tips, amd Analysis

Wisconsin Badgers (11-3) vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (12-3)


Wisconsin Badgers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes 1/10/24 – As Wisconsin Badgers and Ohio State Buckeyes prepare to square off at Value City Arena on Wednesday, excitement within NCAA Men’s Basketball is building. Not only is this matchup between two formidable teams but also showcases top-tier college basketball talent, so fans and bettors are eagerly awaiting this game with many looking for free top NCAAB picks as a means of making predictions and wagers.


The Wisconsin Badgers enter this game boasting an impressive record, showcasing their strengths both offensively and defensively. Averaging 75.8 points per game on a 46.9% field goal percentage has allowed their offense to thrive consistently and effectively; their 3-point shooting success rate of 34.1% is essential. On defense, however, they’ve been solid; allowing fewer turnovers while remaining a constant presence underneath the basket with 34.6 rebounds per game on average; their free throw accuracy stands at 75.7% which could make or break them come close game situations.


Ohio State Buckeyes have been slightly more dominant than Wisconsin Badgers when it comes to scoring, averaging 78.1 points per game on average and boasting an impressive 37.1% 3-point shooting success rate that could pose significant difficulty for Wisconsin’s defense. They also hold an edge in rebounding with 40.1 average per game for more second chance opportunities; though their field goal percentage may not quite reach that of Wisconsin (45% vs 45.5%), creating scoring opportunities has been key factor in Ohio State’s successful campaign thus far.


Wisconsin Badgers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes 1/10/24 Game Info


When: Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 8:30 PM ET
Where: Value City Arena
Stream: Sofascore


AJ Storr (Guard) vs. Bruce Thornton (Guard)


AJ Storr has been an invaluable piece for Wisconsin this season. In 14 games played, he’s amassed 14.7 points per game while showing exceptional offensive and defensive skill – his shooting accuracy from the field stands at 44.7% while 3-point shooting percentage stands at 30% which could prove challenging against Ohio State with its perimeter defense. Storr’s overall contribution, including 2.9 rebounds and 0.9 assists per game will surely contribute towards Wisconsin’s success.


Bruce Thornton of the Ohio State Buckeyes has had an outstanding season thus far. His 16.9 scoring average and 4.3 assist/game ratio show off his offensive prowess while his 1.4 steals per game demonstrate his defensive prowess on the court. Furthermore, with 3-point shooting accuracy at 34.1% he could prove decisive against opponents such as Iowa.


When these two key players collide on the court, it will undoubtedly be an intense contest of skills and strategies. Storr’s agility and scoring ability will come under scrutiny from Thornton’s defensive acumen; then Storr will test Thornton’s offensive play by employing defensive tactics of her own; their performances could well decide the pace and outcome of this matchup.


NCAAB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


The betting odds for this game are yet to be determined. However, considering the performance and statistics of both teams, the point spread and moneyline will likely be closely contested. Bettors should keep an eye on these odds as they can offer insights into the expected performance and outcomes.


Wisconsin Badgers Betting Trends


The Badgers have shown consistency over their last five games, compiling a 4-2-1 record over that span. Their performance against the spread, however, was less impressive, only covering oddsmakers’ spread 3-2 of times; road game performances against oddsmakers’ spreads are inconsistent at 2-2 as well. Their totals going over in most recent matches may also play into this picture for bettors interested in over/under bets.


Ohio State Buckeyes Betting Trends


The Buckeyes, like the Badgers, boast a 4-1 record in their last five games. Unfortunately, however, their performance against the spread has been inconsistent (2-2), suggesting they may struggle to meet betting expectations. This trend can be found both at home and away where their performance against the spread has also been subpar (although totals have gone over frequently during home matches, suggesting perhaps high scoring contests when competing at home).


Wisconsin Badgers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes 1/10/24 Betting Picks


Based on analysis and betting trends, this game promises to be closely contested battle. Both teams possess strengths that have been consistently showcased during performances; it will come down to whether one side can exploit another team’s weakness effectively. Bettors should take note of these trends and statistics to make informed decisions.


As for premium sports picks, it would be prudent to focus on total points and key players’ performances. With Ohio State’s high scoring average and Wisconsin’s tight defense, this game could go either way; thus a prop bet on Storr and Thornton might provide an attractive betting angle. Furthermore, considering their respective over trends could make an over bet wise choice.


Free Pick and Prediction: Ohio State Buckeyes 75, Wisconsin Badgers 72


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