Brendan Allen vs Paul Craig 11-18-23

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 232: Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig 11/18/23 Picks, Prediction, and Odds

Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig 11/18/23 – Today, we present our comprehensive preview and analysis for UFC Fight Night 232, including Brendan Allen vs Paul Craig in their highly anticipated middleweight battle at UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 18th 2023. As we explore this matchup we offer UFC no-cost picks by dissecting each fighter’s strengths, weaknesses and previous performances to create an exciting encounter between two skilled fighters who each bring unique qualities into the Octagon.


UFC FIGHT NIGHT 232: Allen vs. Craig 11/18/23 Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig Game Info


When: Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM ET
Where: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Brendan “All In” Allen Analysis


Brendan Allen is known as “All In,” boasting an impressive 22-5-0 record and distinguished by a blend of aggressive offense and strategic grappling. With an average fight time of 8:31 per matchup, his ability to engage in extended battles often wears opponents down with endurance and tactical approach. Allen averages 3.96 significant strikes per minute with an accuracy rate of 53%, absorbing an average of 3.89 significant strikes per minute and maintaining a defense rate of 46% to make him an exceptional striker capable of withstanding pressure while simultaneously landing powerful blows.


Allen is noted for his impressive grappling stats. Averaging 1.22 takedowns every 15 minutes and with an accuracy rate of 42%, Allen poses a formidable threat on the ground; yet his takedown defense rate of 55% shows potential vulnerability when competing against powerful grapplers. His most recent win against Silva showcased his ability to perform under pressure and solidified his position as one of the premier contenders in the middleweight division.


Paul “BearJew” Craig Analysis


Paul Craig known by many as Bearjew comes into this fight with an impressive 17-6-1 record and an average fight time slightly shorter than Allen at 7:50, typically engaging in fast-paced, high intensity bouts that reflect his aggressive fighting style. Craig may seem less aggressive when compared to Allen, with 2.57 strikes per minute at 46% accuracy rate and 2.85 strikes received per minute absorbed while still maintaining 46% defensive effectiveness in their strikes exchanges. Yet this statistic highlights his proficiency and strategic acumen when engaging in strike exchanges.


Craig stands out in grappling, as evidenced by an average of 1.91 takedowns per 15 minutes with 23% takedown accuracy and 42% defense against an opponent such as Allen. Additionally, Craig boasts an outstanding submission average of 1.7 per 15 minutes which speaks volumes for his proficiency with ground control techniques such as submissions. His recent win against Muniz showcased his ability to overcome challenges, further solidifying him as an effective competitor in this matchup.


Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig Stats


Allen Craig
Wins/Losses/Draws 22-5-0 17-6-1
Average Fight Time 8:31 7:50
Height 6′ 2″ 6′ 3″
Weight 185 lbs. 185 lbs.
Reach 75″ 76″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 3.96 2.57
Striking Accuracy 53% 46%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 3.89 2.85
Defense 46% 46%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 1.22 1.91
Takedown Accuracy 42% 23%
Takedown Defense 55% 42%
Submission Average/15 min. 1.6 1.7


Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig Betting Pick


Based on analysis and performances of both fighters, our pick for this matchup is Brendan Allen. His superior striking accuracy combined with an increase in significant strikes landed per minute gives him an edge in stand-up exchanges, and his grappling skill characterized by high takedown accuracy positions him well to control proceedings on the ground. While Craig may possess submission skills which make him notable contender in this fight, Allen stands out with their balanced approach towards both striking and grappling that makes him the more favorable contender in this fight.


Free Pick: Brendan “All In” Allen -450


UFC Fight Night 232 will feature an epic main event between Brendan Allen and Paul Craig that promises to showcase skill, strategy and endurance. Expert analysis suggests Brendan Allen may edge it out due to his superior striking prowess and grappling capabilities – this contest promises to offer fans of mixed martial arts an epic showdown!


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