Free NBA Picks For Today 11/25/2022

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/25/2022

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/25/2022

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Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Charlotte Hornets NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Timberwolves at Hornets—Prince and McLaughlin out for the Timberwolves. Ball, Martin and Smith out for Charlotte with Hayward questionable. Minnesota improved to 10-8 with their 115-101 road win at Indiana Pacers. Timberwolves pulled down 20 more boards than the Pacers. They shot 61% with 36% from three. Karl Anthony Towns had 23 points and 11 rebounds. Ruby Gobert contributed with 21 points and sixteen boards. On defense, they surrendered 39% shooting to the Pacers with 36% from three. Charlotte improved to 5-14 with their 107-101 home win to Philadelphia. Hornets shot 48% with 26.5% from three. Terry Rozier scored 22 points with six assists. PJ Washington contributed with 19 and six boards. Timberwolves have won five straight sitting eighth in offensive efficiency averaging 115.6 points per 100 possessions and a net rating of +9.3. Charlotte in this period 25th in offensive efficiency with 106.7 per 100 and a net rating of -3.3. Play Minnesota -5.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Orlando Magic NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

76ers at Magic—Embiid, Harden, Maxey and Thybulle out for Philadelphia. Anthony, Fultz and Isaac out for Orlando. Carter and Okeke questionable. Philadelphia fell to 9-9 after their 107-101 road defeat at Charlotte Hornets. 76ers hit on 44% with 24% from three. Shake Milton had 22 points and nine assists. De’Anthony Melton contributed with 20 and six boards. On defense, they surrendered 48% shooting to the Hornets with 26% from three. Orlando fell to 5-13 with their 123-102 road defeat at Indiana. Magic were outrebounded by ten boards. They shot 42% with 31% from three. Franz Wagner had 20 points and six rebounds. Mo Bamba chipped in with fifteen points and four boards. On defense, they allowed 50% shooting to the Pacers with 28% from three point range. Prefer the 76ers behind veterans Milton, Harris, Tucker and Harrell. Play Philadelphia +2.5.

Portland Trailblazers vs. New York Knicks NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Trailblazers at Knicks—Johnson, Lillard and Payton out for Portland. Robinson, Reddish and Rose questionable for NYK. Portland fell to 10-8 with their 114-96 road defeat to Cleveland Cavaliers. Trailblazers shot 45% with 42% from three. Jusuf Nurkic scored 22 points and six rebounds. Jerami Grant scored 21 with three assists. On defense, they allowed 55% shooting to Cleveland with 44% from three. New York improved to 9-9 after their 129-119 road win at Oklahoma City Thunder. They grabbed ten more boards than the Thunder. They hit on 53% with 32% from three. Jalen Brunson scored 34 and nine assists. Julius Randle had 25 with 11 boards. Defensively, they allowed 49% shooting to the Thunder with 33% from three. Four straight losses for the Trailblazers. During this period, they sit 24th in defensive efficiency allowing 116.8 points per 100 possessions and a net rating of -8.1. Knicks return home after winning three of five on their trip to the West. Past five games, Portland allowing 51.6% shooting. Play NY Knicks -3.5.

Sacramento Kings vs. Boston Celtics NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Kings at Celtics—Sacramento has a clean injury report. Gallinari and Williams out for Boston. Sacramento fell to 10-7 with their 115-106 road defeat to the Atlanta Hawks on a back to back. Kings shot 46% with 29% from three. Malik Monk off the bench had 27 points and four assists. De’Aaron Fox chipped in with 18 with five rebounds. On defense, Sacramento allowed 45% shooting to Atlanta with 37% from three. They did commit 18 turnovers. Boston improved to 14-4 with their 125-112 home win to Dallas Mavericks. Celtics shot 54% with 50% from three. Jayson Tatum had 37 points and thirteen rebounds. Jaylen Brown had 31 with four boards. Defensively, Boston allowed 54% shooting to Dallas with 35% from three. Celtics have won nine of ten. In this period, they sit tops in offensive efficiency with 121.7 points per 100 possessions. Kings in this period are second in offensive efficiency with 119.9 points per 100 possessions. Play Sacramento and Boston over 238.5.

Brooklyn Nets vs. Indiana Pacers NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Nets at Pacers—Warren and Watanabe out for Brooklyn. Duarte, Theis out with Nembhard and Jackson questionable for Indiana. Brooklyn improved to 9-10 with their 112-98 road win at Toronto. Nets win despite pulling down thirteen fewer boards than the Raptors. They shot 55% with 45% from three. Kyrie Irving had 29 points with three assists. Royce O’Neale scored fifteen and seven assists. On defense, Brooklyn allowed 36% shooting to the Raptors with 24% from three. Indiana fell to 10-7 with their 115-101 home defeat to Minnesota. They were crushed on the glass by 20 rebounds. They did shoot 39% with 36% from three. Myles Turner scored 31 with seven rebounds. Rookie Bennedict Mathurin off the bench chipped in with 21 and three boards. Defensively, they allowed 61% shooting to the Timberwolves with 36% from beyond the arc. Nets have won three of four sitting ninth in offensive efficiency scoring 114.4 points per 100 possessions and a +4.5 net rating. Prior to their loss to Minnesota, Pacers piled up wins against the Magic twice, Rockets and Hornets. Play Brooklyn -3.5.

Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Wizards at Heat—Wright out with Beal, Morris, Hachimura and Davis questionable for Washington. Butler, Oladipo and Yurtseven out for Miami. Vincent, Robinson, Herro and Dedmon questionable. Adebayo probable. Washington is 10-8 with their 113-105 road defeat at Miami to open this two game series. They pulled down ten fewer rebounds. Wizards shot 47% with 26% from three. Kyle Kuzma had 33 points with seven rebounds. Porzingis scored 21 with nine rebounds. Heat shot 42% with 39% from three. Kyle Lowry had 28 points and six rebounds. Caleb Martin had 24 points and nine rebounds. Miami have won four straight at home sitting sixth in offensive efficiency scoring 118.8 points per 100 possessions and allowing 111 per 100. On the road, Wizards shooting only 27.6% from three. Play Miami -3.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Hawks at Rockets—Bogdanovic out for Atlanta, Tate out for Houston with Sengun doubtful. Fernando questionable and Green probable. Atlanta is 11-7 with their 115-106 home win to Sacramento. Hawks shot 45% with 37% from three. Trae Young had 35 points with seven assists. Dejounte Murray contributed with 15 points and seven rebounds. Defensively, they allowed 46% shooting to Sacramento with 29% from three. Houston is 3-14 after their 127-120 home defeat to Golden ST Warriors. Rockets hit on 46% with 33% from three. Kevin Porter scored 30 points with six assists. Jabari Smith scored 22 with seven boards. On defense, they surrendered 53% shooting to the Warriors with 51% from three. Rockets have lost five of six sitting 28th in offensive efficiency with 106.2 points per 100 possessions and a net rating of -6.9. Hawks in this period scoring 108.2 per 100 and -4.2 net rating. Atlanta on the road allowing 47.9% shooting. Play Houston +7.5.

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Memphis Grizzlies NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Pelicans at Grizzlies—McCullum and Liddell out for New Orleans. Williams, Green and Bane out for Memphis. Aldama doubtful with Adams and Konchar questionable. New Orleans is 11-7 with their 129-110 road win at San Antonio. Pelicans shot 57% with 42% from three. Zion Williamson scored 32 points with 11 rebounds. Jonas Valanciunas had 22 with ten rebounds. On defense, they allowed 48% shooting to the Spurs with 29% from three. Memphis fell to 10-8 with their 113-109 home defeat to Sacramento. Grizzlies shot 45% with 27% from three. Ja Morant had 34 points with seven rebounds. Jaren Jackson had 22 points and three boards. Grizzlies have lost and failed to cover four of five sitting 27th in offensive efficiency with -4.9 net rating. Pelicans in this period third in offensive efficiency with 119.6 points per 100 possessions and +16.5 net rating. Play New Orleans +2.5.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Cavaliers at Bucks—LeVert, Love, Rubio and Windler out for Cleveland. Stevens doubtful. Ingles and Middleton out for Milwaukee. Connaughton doubtful with Holiday probable. Cleveland improved to 12-6 with their 114-96 home win to Portland. They pulled down seven more boards than the Trailblazers. Cavs shot 55% with 44% from three. Donovan Mitchell scored 34 points with two rebounds. Jarrett Allen scored 24 with 13 rebounds. On defense, they allowed 45% shooting to the Trailblazers with 42% from three. Milwaukee fell to 12-5 after their 118-113 home defeat to Chicago. Bucks pulled down thirteen more boards than the Bulls. They shot 46% with 32% from three. Giannis scored 36 with 11 rebounds. Brook Lopez contributed with 20 and seven boards. On defense, Milwaukee allowed 49% shooting to Chicago with 43% from three point range. It is a four game win streak for the Cavaliers sitting tops in offensive efficiency with 118.5 points per game and allowing 102 per 100. In that period the Bucks scoring 110.6 per 100 and a net rating of +1.9. Play Cleveland +4.

Chicago Bulls vs. Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Bulls at Thunder—Ball out for Chicago with Dragic questionable. Muscala out for OKC. Chicago improved to 8-10 with their 118-113 road win at Milwaukee. Bulls pulled down thirteen fewer boards than the Bucks. Team shot 49% with 43% from three. DeMar DeRozan scored 36 points with four rebounds. Zach LaVine contributed with 18 and five assists. Defensively, they allowed 46% shooting to Milwaukee with 32% from three. Oklahoma City fell to 7-11 after their 131-126 home overtime defeat to Denver Nuggets. Thunder grabbed sixteen fewer rebounds than the Nuggets. They hit on 43% with 45% from three. Shai Gilgeous Alexander had 31 points and eleven rebounds. Isaiah Joe scored 21 with two boards off the bench. On defense, they allowed 48% shooting to Denver with 37% from three. OKC has lost three straight. They have played to over in eight straight sitting third in offensive efficiency scoring 117.4 points per 100 possessions but allowing 118.2 per 100. Bulls in this period allowing 112.6 per 100. Play Chicago and Oklahoma City over 232.5.

LA Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Lakers at Spurs—LA guard Beverly out with James questionable. Wesley out for San Antonio with Richardson doubtful. Hall and Collins questionable with McDermott probable. LAL is 5-11 with their 115-105 road defeat at Phoenix. Lakers shot 42% with 18% from three. Anthony Davis scored 37 with 21 rebounds. Lonnie Walker had 24 points and two assists. Defensively, they allowed 47% shooting to the Suns with 47% from three. San Antonio falls to 6-13 after their 129-110 home defeat to the New Orleans Pelicans. Spurs connected on 48% with 29% from three. Devin Vassell had 26 points and eight assists. McDermott off the bench scored 21 with two assists. On defense, they allowed 57% shooting to the Pelicans with 42% from three. Spurs have lost seven straight sitting last in defensive efficiency averaging 120.3 points per 100 possessions and a -16.5 net rating. Lakers in this period scoring and allowing 111 points per 100 possession and a -0.3 net rating. Davis improved play the key here. Play LA Lakers -3.

Detroit Pistons vs. Phoenix Suns NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Pistons at Suns—Cunningham, Bey and Stewart out for Detroit. Diallo, Ivey and Hayes questionable. Crowder, Paul, Johnson and Shamet out for Phoenix. Detroit fell to 5-15 with their 125-116 road win at Utah Jazz. Pistons shot 49% with 50% from three. Bojan Bogdanovic had 23 points and five rebounds. Kevin Knox off the bench had 21 points and three boards. Defensively, they allowed 49% shooting to the Jazz with 44% from three. Suns have won four straight at home sitting second in defensive efficiency allowing 98.5 points per 100 possessions and a net rating of +15.5. Pistons have covered five of six sitting eighth in offensive efficiency scoring 115.3 points per 100 possessions. Play Detroit +12.5.

Utah Jazz vs. Golden St Warriors NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Jazz at Warriors—Conley, Gay and Juzang out for Utah. Iguodala out for GSW. Utah fell to 12-8 with their 125-116 home defeat to the Detroit Pistons. Jazz shot 49% with 44% from three. Malik Beasley scored 29 off the bench with 11 rebounds. Jordan Clarkson had 24 with three boards. On defense, they surrendered 49% shooting to the Pistons with 50% from three. Golden St is 9-10 after their 124-107 home win to LA Clippers. Warriors hit on 49% with 37% from three. Andrew Wiggins had 31 points and four boards. Stephen Curry poured in 22 with nine assists. On defense, they allowed 45% shooting to LAC with 38% from three who were missing their Big 2. GSW has won eight of nine at home sitting seventh in offensive efficiency averaging 115.9 points per 100 possessions and a net rating of +10.3. Play Golden St -7.5.

Denver Nuggets vs. LA Clippers NBA Pick Prediction 11/25/2022

Nuggets at Clippers—Green, Hyland and Gillespie out for Denver with Smith and Porter questionable. Jokic probable. George, Leonard and Kennard out for LAC. Denver improved to 11-7 with their 131-126 road win at Oklahoma City in overtime. Nuggets pulled down sixteen more boards than the Thunder. They shot 48% with 37% from three. Nikola Jokic had 39 points with ten rebounds. Aaron Gordon scored 31 with eight rebounds. Defensively, they allowed 43% shooting to OKC with 45% from three. LAC is 11-8 after their 124-107 road defeat to Golden St Warriors. Clippers minus Leonard and George shot 45% with 38% from three. Marcus Morris had 19 points with five rebounds. Norman Powell off the bench scored 17 with seven boards. On defense, they allowed 49% shooting to the Warriors with 37% from three. Denver on the road is allowing 50.2% with 37.7% from three. They sit 27th in road defensive efficiency allowing 117.4 points per 100 possessions and scoring 113.7 per 100. Play Denver and LA Clippers over 218.

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/25/2022

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