All-Star Game Home Run Derby MLB Draft

All-Star Game Home Run Derby MLB Draft

The midseason break for Major League Baseball is here with the MLB All-Star week commemorating the much-awaited event. The half-season break will feature fun and excitement with top players of the league. They will bash it out in an exhibition match between sluggers from the American League against top batters from the National League. The All-Star Home Run Derby is the most anticipated event this week.


What is the All-Star Game Home Run Derby?

The All-Star Home Derby is a yearly home run hitting competition in Major League Baseball (MLB). The event is held the day before the MLB All-Star Game, usually on a Monday in July. The contest started in 1985 that evolved from a short outs-based competition to multiple rounds, and eventually to what is now: a bracket-style time event.   


When Will be the All Start Home Derby?

The All-Star Home Run Derby will start at 8:00 P.M. (ET), at Coor’s Field in Denver, Colorado on Monday, July 12, 2021. The defending Champion of this event is 1B Pete Alonso of the New York Mets. Alonso broke the MLB record for most home runs in 2019 held in Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. The current slugger at 2nd place with most home runs is 1rst/3rd Baseman Canadian/Dominican Vladimir Guerrero Jr.


How does the All-Star Home Derby work?

  • A batter will have three minutes of the regulation period of rounds 1 & 2.
  • The final round will have a regulation period of 2:00 minutes per batter
  • Regulation time starts with the release of the first pitch, and a round ends when the timer strikes zero. A home run shall count provided the pitch-release happened before the timer strikes zero.
  • A 45-second time out in the regulation period of each round (including in the final round) is allowed for each home run derby participant. Time-outs are not allowed in the bonus period.
Bonus Time
  • All home run derby participants will have 30 seconds of bonus time after the regulation period of each round.
  • A batter will receive an additional 30 seconds of bonus time if he hits more than one home run that equals or over 475 feet in the regulation period of that round. If this happens, the bonus time for the round will be 60 seconds.
  • The bonus period – whether it is 30 seconds or 60 seconds – is a single-time segment, without time-outs.
  • After the regulation period, a slugger will have a break of up to a minute before his bonus period begins.
  • At the bonus period, a special T-Mobile magenta-colored ball will be used.
  • A batter with most home runs hit in each matchup will advance to the next round.
  • In case of a tie in any round, it will be broken by a 60-second continuous swing-off with no stoppage of time or additional time added; if after the swing-off the tie remains unbroken, hitters will engage in successive three-swing swing-offs until a batter wins over.
  • If the second batter hits more than the first batter in any matchup, he will be declared the winner and not attempt to hit additional home runs. If this occurs during the regulation period, the batter will not need the bonus period.

Who will be on the All-Star Home Run Derby?


Shohei Ohtani, Designated Hitter/Starting Pitcher, Los Angeles Angels. Ohtani is the leader in home runs before the All-Star break. As a pitcher, he has a 4-1 record on the mound this season with 87 strikeouts in 67 innings. In June, Ohtani racked up 13 homers in the month with an OPS of 1.312 and is the first player selected to the All-Star Game as both a hitter and a pitcher. Keep an eye for him to be putting balls way over at Coors Field.


Pete Alonso, First Baseman of the New York Mets (defending 2019 champ, the only participant to previously take part in an MLB Home Run Derby). Alonso is back with 16 home runs in 2021 before the break and had 85 for his career. The 1B did not put up the same number of home runs last 2019 on his way to claim the “Rookie of the Year” award. His longest career home run is 489 ft. (2019 vs. Twins at Target Field).


Trevor Story, Short Stop of the  Colorado Rockies. This could be a defining moment for Trevor Story to win the 2021 All-Star Game Home Run Derby in front of the home crowd. Story has a career home run of 145, making 11 before the break this year. His longest hit was 487 ft. (2018 vs. Giants at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado).


Joey Gallo, Out Fielder of the Texas Rangers. The 6’5” native of Las Vegas is not so popular in this event but has the power that tore 23 homers before the break and 143 for his career. HIslongest hit was 496 ft. (2018 vs. Indians at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas).


Trey Mancini, First Baseman of the Baltimore Orioles. The 1B made a great comeback after missing the 2020 season with a fight against Stage 3 Colon Cancer. Mancini got a free-cancel declaration last November and is back with the Orioles in 2021. He’s got 21 home runs before the break and 101 career-high homers. His longest HR is 459 ft. (2017 vs. Rangers at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas).


Matt Olson, First Baseman of the Oakland Athletics. The All-Star draft is Olsen’s debut leading the Athletics offensive this season and the 9th A’s slugger on the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. Olsen has 21 HRs before the break and 124 on his career. His longest swing was 475 ft. (2018 vs. Rays at RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland, CA).


Salvador Perez, Catcher of the Kansas City Royals. This All-Star Game will be Perez’s 7th appearance but will only be his first in the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. The catcher made 20 home runs before the break and had 172 homers under his belt. His longest bat was 460 ft. (2021 vs. Indians at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, MO).


Juan Soto, Out Fielder of the Washington Nationals. Soto is the youngest basher in the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. The 22-year-old batter will play his first All-Star appearance and can zoom off baseballs when he steps on the plate. He has 10 HRs before the All-Star weekend and 79 homers for his career. His longest swing was 466 ft. (2020 vs. Mets at Citi Field in New York City).


Here is the Bracket for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby.


All-Star Game Home Run Derby MLB Draft