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Brady-Gronkowski Reunion Raises Tampa Bay NFL Division Odds

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Rob Gronkowski seemed bent on a career shift after he signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently. The 30-year-old tight end went on to secure one of the company’s major titles. And just when it seemed he was done playing pro football, the inevitable happened. He came out of retirement and joined pal Tom Brady at Tampa Bay raising the NFL division odds for the Buccaneers.

According to ESPN, it turns out that the reunion was in the works as early as two months ago. Gronkowski revealed how he linked up with Brady and played some football. This happened way before the 42-year-old quarterback signed with the Bucs last Mar. 20. Gronk mentioned to Brady how the fire to play football was back. However, he also said that he wanted to see first what Brady had planned. At the time, the six-time Super Bowl champion was still contemplating on where to play.

Gronkowski-Brady connection changes NFL division odds

For Gronkowski, his connection with Brady is rare and special. Both showed what they are capable of doing with the New England Patriots for several years. Now they get to rekindle that connection with the Buccaneers, making Tampa Bay a team to watch. With Gronk taking a year off to allow his injuries to heal, one can only imagine how rejuvenated he is. The reunion also sends a fair warning to other teams that the Bucs are about to shake up the division and soon.

Wresting the WWE 24/7 title

For Gronkowski, there is something he needs to do first before focusing on football once more. He is the current WWE 24/7 champion, meaning he has other obligations to fulfill. With his surprise return to the NFL, it could be a side attraction that may be good or bad. Considering the title he holds can be won anywhere, the imagination of fans have now run wild. Some ponder on the thought of Gronk getting pinned on the football field. However, this is a scenario that is unlikely to happen. With the NFL season far from starting, Gronk will likely either drop or lose the title in some shows.

Are the odds in favor of the Bucs?

Following these developments, Tampa Bay now assumes the one remaining year of Gronkowski’s deal with the Patriots for $10 million. That is a hefty investment and most are asking if this would raise the chances of the Buccaneers this coming NFL season. A look at sportsbooks reveals that the odds of the Bucs winning the Super Bowl have spiked. Previously set at 14-1, the Gronkowski acquisition has raised that now to 17-1. However, there are different factors to consider. One is that Gronk needs to whip himself back into shape. He is unquestionably out of shape and needs to start working out as early as now. He will also need to prove to Bruce Arians that he can do better over Cameron Brate and/or O.J. Howard.

Gronkowski will have a lot of things to do and the COVID-19 pandemic should help buy him some time. But another crucial issue may arise moving forward. Arians has not been known to use tight ends well, yet another chemistry concern once the season starts. The Brady and Gronkowski connection has been proven but if the coach cannot maximize it, the weapon is rendered useless.

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