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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is packed with continuous fast-paced action that sports bettors can indulge in. From its humble beginnings, The UFC evolved into the professional sport of what it is now – the highest level of Mixed Martial Arts competition in the world.

Punters can enjoy UFC Betting through Online betting sites. Betting fans can access wagering avenues online. Sharp punters will have the opportunity to make serious money given how the betting odds are presented through the cloud by Tony’sPicks.

You can select from the various UFC Events for your betting options offered on this site. Choose your best fighter from the picks we present and enjoy the fight. We offer you the most extensive lines of betting options for your daily UFC matches.


What UFC Events you should watch out?


ESPN delivers a wide array of matches that is worth the entertainment and betting opportunities. The venue may not be as exciting as the pay-per-view events but it features worthy bouts before the clash of famous fighters in the UFC.

UFC Fight Night

This event could feature big names in the UFC, but mostly is an avenue to promote an upcoming fight. The attraction will have avid fans following the fights. The brawls usually have evenly matched odds that would prepare you for exciting fights promoted on this venue.

UFC Pay-Per-View

The bouts in these events feature the top fighters in the UFC playing for a Championship Title. These are the matches that make it to the headline news and fights that spill over on Monday conversations. The fights are worth your stakes especially when you are on the winning side.

The Ultimate Fighter Series

This is a venue where two popular names in the UFC fight out in the cage. Not only that, each fighter will coach a promising group of potential UFC fighters. UFC is on the lookout for young and talented fighters. This entertaining show is all about talent and the search for new and on-the-rise pugilists that will sign a contract under UFC. You can wager on this show.

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contenders

In this event, upcoming fighters will have the chance to sign a contract with the UFC if they impress the big man with their fighting skills on the night. Betting fans take the risk to place their bets in these fights. Bettors will not have the time to research the fighters.


How Do You Access UFC Online Betting?

The first step you have to do to start your betting indulgence is to create an account with us. After your account is approved, you can check out the schedules and the players slated to fight in UFC events. UFC matches are scheduled year-round. Fights are featuring exciting matchups in the International Fight Week in July or year-end clashes featuring famous fighters.


How do You Read UFC Odds?

It is essential to learn how to read UFC betting odds before deciding on which fighter to place your bets on. It is also vital to see them in their actual fights. UFC betting odds are similar to other supports where a negative sign before a number distinguishes the fighter as the favorite of the game while a positive sign before a number next to the fighter depicts him as the underdog.

 These are American Odds presented with a plus or minus sign while other forms of odds representation come in the form of fractions, practiced in Britain, and the decimal form used in Europe. They denote the same function.


What Types of Bets are Available in the UFC?

The Moneyline

This is the simplest form of betting option a punter chooses. A UFC Moneyline is a stake on which a fighter is going to win the match. If you opted for the fighter and placed your wager on him, you win your bet. This type of wager requires a bettor to understand the value presented to win his wagers.

Understanding the risk and the reward you’ll get is key to winning your stakes. If a fighter is in the favor of the betting public, expect lesser rewards from the Moneyline. An underdog fighter will have greater rewards if the public does not bet on him.


Over/Under on the Number of Rounds

This betting option allows you to place your wager on how many rounds the fight will last. For 3-round matches, a line is set at 1½ rounds or 2½ rounds. For your wagers, you opt to go below the designated line on a shorter fight below or above for a longer period of the set betting line.

If you took the UNDER bet, you will win the fight before the 2 ½-minute mark of the second round. If you placed your wager on the over, you will win your stakes after the 2½-minute duration in the 2nd round of the fight,


What is an Exact Round Finish Betting Option?

UFC betting is fun especially when you have the opportunities to get more money based on close and precise projections on who is going to win the fight. One of the highest-paid betting options is the exact round finish. All the punter has to do is to decide which round a protagonist falls and ends the game.

If you choose the right round on which a match ends, you win big money. Several sportsbooks will oblige you to choose the winner and the round that ends the fight. When this is your choice, the rewards increase when you opt for the right winner on the exact round finish.


What is a Parlay in UFC Betting?

A Parlay in UFC is when you lump a group of individual wagers into a single bet. This bet yields a higher reward than single bets. You must win all single bets you pulled together to win the parlay. Lose one individual bet in your collective wager and you lose the entire bet.

What is cool about the parlay betting system is you can lump different sporting events you want into your collective bets.


What is the Best UFC Betting Option You Can Make?

You can opt for the basic option by betting on the winner of your choice. Other bettors try the props wagering option presented by the sportsbook.

If you are trying to earn some cash, you will have to understand the odds presented for their best value. You can check out this site for the best betting odds offer for UFC matches.


What is FDGTD in UFC Betting?

FDGTD is an acronym that means “Fight Doesn’t Go The Distance”. In this betting option, you are placing your bets that the game will not reach the final round of the match.


Some UFC Betting Tips

Do Research on UFC Fighters before Placing Bets of your Choice

You can increase your chances of winning by learning more about the fighters in a match. The knowledge you acquire will be plus factors to help you relate them with the odds presented by sportsbooks. UFC Betting Tips are significant as the matches are one-off events played on a  different scale with a variety of winning metrics.

Dig into Track Records of Fighters

Track Records could be deceiving. A fighter could have a 10-0 record but against opponents that are not so popular with losing records or a fighter with a 0-10 record against opponents that lost to ranked and tough fighters in the league.

Once you established their records and experiences, you can logically decide which fighter you will want to put your wagers on.

Learn the Fighters’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Consider the strengths and weaknesses each fighter has before jumping into the betting wagon. The information is critical to win or lose more money. Fighters may be skilful in some form of discipline but an opponent could counter the mastery with an overpowering form of mixed martial art.

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