Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics 7/3/24 MLB Best Picks, Analysis, and Forecast

Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics 7/3/24 MLB Best Picks, Analysis, and Forecast

Los Angeles Angels (36-46) vs. Oakland Athletics (30-55)


Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics 7/3/24 – As Major League Baseball rolls deeper into the summer, a contrasting clash is set for July 3, 2024, featuring the Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum. Despite their less than stellar records, the Angels show recent form that contrasts sharply with the struggles of the Athletics. This game, part of the regular season’s rigorous schedule, offers a promising spectacle for fans and bettors alike. This free expert MLB preview sets the stage for what to expect in this matchup.


The Los Angeles Angels are favorites for this match because they head into this game with the spirit of five consecutive wins. Even though their season record may not have looked dominant, their last several games indicate a change. They’ve scored 334 runs and 90 home runs so far. It has an on-base percentage of .303 and a slugging of .391, which shows that it has an average, offense-capable lineup that can match up against any team. 


On the other side of the spectrum, the Oakland Athletics have considered this season on the difficult side, which is why they only won one out of the last five encounters. If the batting average of a team is .223 and making 305 runs, a team usually expected to provide a good speedy assault on the bowling, has failed to deliver in the batting department. Hitters have been an area of weakness for the Athletics’ pitchers in particular given that the team has an average earned run of 4.39; a WHIP of 1.34, which could be taken advantage of by Angels’ hitters.


Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics 7/3/24 Game Info


When: Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 9:40 PM ET
Where: Oakland Coliseum
Stream: MLB.TV


Davis Danie (1-0, 0 ERA) vs. Joey Estes (2-3, 5.24 ERA)


Angels’ Davis Danie has the best form this season in his rather limited appearances to boot, and he comes with an unblemished ERA of 0.00 while giving up 8 hits in 8 Innings pitched. It should be noted that he had no walks and his WHIP stands at 0.50, thus making him a very formidable player to face when drafting a team. With Danie, the Angels have not been able to fully try him on the mound which has raised more questions about their pitching but from what is observable they might be getting a stable anchor in the mound.


On the opposite side, the Athletics’ Joey Estes has had a tough year as demonstrated by his 5.24 ERA over 46.1 innings. Still, its WHIP is reasonable and amounts 1.21, his home runs allowed (7) could be lethal especially against a team that boasts of big brawlers in the batting line. To overcome this, Estes will be forced to use his experience and fine-tune his chosen pitches so that he does not lose dearly with Angels.


MLB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


The current betting odds are yet to be set for this matchup. Given recent trends and performance, the Angels might come in favored, but the Athletics’ home advantage and unpredictable nature could offer some value plays for bettors.


Los Angeles Angels Betting Trends


The Angels have showcased significant improvements, especially in their last five outings. Their undefeated streak in recent games and a strong record against the spread on the road underscore their potential to outperform expectations. Bettors should note their tendency to push totals over, happening in 20 of their last 43 home games.


Oakland Athletics Betting Trends


The Athletics, despite their struggles, have had a mixed performance against the spread, particularly at home (21-23). Their recent form suggests caution, but they also present a high-risk, high-reward scenario for bettors looking for underdog victories.


Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics 7/3/24 Betting Picks


Based on the comprehensive analysis and considering the Angels’ upward trajectory and the Athletics’ inconsistencies, the recommendation leans towards the Angels. They seem poised to capitalize on the Athletics’ pitching vulnerabilities, especially with Danie on the mound.


In terms of betting strategies, considering the total runs might be wise, with a propensity for both teams to have games going over. Premium top picks would likely include taking the Angels on the spread and considering an over on the total runs if the line is set reasonably due to both teams’ potential for high-scoring innings.


Free Pick and Prediction: Los Angeles Angels 6, Oakland Athletics 4. 


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