Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees 6/18/24

Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees 6/18/24 MLB Analysis, Picks, and Predictions

Baltimore Orioles (46-24) vs. New York Yankees (50-23)


Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees 6/18/24 – As MLB season kicks into full swing, an exciting matchup between Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees is set for June 18 at Yankee Stadium, when both clubs battle it out with each other to establish who reigns supreme based on record and star power. The Orioles currently boast a 46-24 record and will try their luck against New York who lead with a 50-23 record; fans and handicappers alike await an encounter between top teams that promises plenty. Both squads show promise that can change things dramatically for either side; fans as well as Handicapper’s favorite picks as both show potential.


The Baltimore Orioles have demonstrated effective gameplay thus far this season, boasting a solid batting average of.249 and impressive slugging percentage of.449. Their impressive 3.07 ERA and 1.12 WHIP suggest tight games against the Yankees; however their 110 homeruns may prove both beneficial and detrimental depending on which pitchers they face.


New York Yankees’ offense stands out with its.254 average and slightly better on-base percentage (.332). Meanwhile, their pitchers boast an ERA of just 2.94 with an impressive 1.15 WHIP; these stats show they can control Oriole hitters effectively while maintaining balance in terms of both hitting and pitching which could prove key in this high-stakes contest.


Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees 6/18/24 Game Info


When: Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 7:05 PM ET
Where: Yankee Stadium
Stream: MLB.TV


Albert Suarez (3-0 W-L, 1.61 ERA) vs. Cody Poteet (3-0 W-L, 2.14 ERA)


Albert Suarez has stood out this season, posting an undefeated 3-0 mark and boasting an outstanding 1.61 ERA. On the mound, Suarez excels due to his unique ability to strike out batters while restricting walks – evidence of great control that keeps opponents at bay. Suarez stands out among his counterparts with his low ERA in today’s fast-paced baseball. Additionally, his exceptional pitching skill under pressure or critical situations stands out; further demonstrating an essential quality among modern baseball pitchers. Success for him can be measured in his ability to limit long balls by giving up a few homers in stadiums that favor hitters, particularly early on in games when teams push hard early in competitions. That metric indicates his success against aggressive lineups who push early and could give their team an advantage against opponents that press hard early in games.


Cody Poteet also holds an outstanding 3-0 record but with an increased earned run average (2.14). Still, his resilience and effectiveness on the mound have greatly benefited their team. Though Poteet may allow runs against him from time to time, his WHIP remains low; an indication of his effectiveness at keeping runners off base. Poteet has demonstrated his prowess as an outstanding striker; however, his high walk rates suggest there may still be room for growth when managing his strike zone. As in his other games this season, his challenge will lie in managing tight situations against an opposing lineup that exploits any weakness (particularly homers ) in his pitching arsenal. Remaining composed while pitching precise pitches will be essential if he hopes to replicate past success this time around.


MLB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


As betting odds still are being determined, keeping close tabs on how they develop can give invaluable insight. Given both teams’ impressive performances this season so far, bettors should expect tight odds. When placing bets to starting pitcher duels as well as recent form when betting.


Baltimore Orioles Betting Trends


The Orioles have shown surprising resilience on the road, going 20-12 against the spread in away games. Though only 3-2 over their last five contests, their ability to consistently score from away gives them an unpredictability that could give an edge against the New York Yankees.


New York Yankees Betting Trends


The Yankees mirror the Orioles closely in many respects, going 3-2 over their last five matches and posting an impressive 24-17 mark against the spread in road games. Furthermore, recent games featuring them tend to push over total runs scored and this could suggest they favor high-scoring affairs as an approach.


Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees 06/18/24 Betting Picks


At face value, this game promises to be tightly contested due to both teams having equal strengths. Pitching will likely favor the Orioles with Marsh having had such an outstanding year while Baltimore might gain some advantage by exploiting any minor errors by Harris.


Assuming you want to use MLB free picks as part of their wager, one of the safer bets could involve total runs due to both teams’ abilities to hit and the pitchers’ control of pitching staffs. Prop bets on individual performances involving strikeouts or homers might also offer plenty of value given high stakes and star players involved in MLB games.


Free Pick and Prediction: Baltimore Orioles 4, New York Yankees 3. 


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