Kansas City Royals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 6/14/24

Kansas City Royals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 6/14/24 MLB Best Picks, Analysis and Predictions

Kansas City Royals (39-28) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (41-26)


Kansas City Royals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 6/14/24 – As the 2024 MLB season approaches mid-June, the clash at Dodger Stadium featuring the Kansas City Royals against the Los Angeles Dodgers promises to offer more than just a regular game; it’s a battle loaded with intrigue and potent implications in the standings. Scheduled for June 14th, this game is not just a test of talent but a showcase of two top-tier teams eager to solidify their playoff credentials. With the Royals at a commendable 39-28 and the Dodgers slightly ahead at 41-26, the matchup is poised to be a highlight reel of this season’s action, full of premium game insights that could sway the postseason landscape.


Kansas City Royals have had an excellent start to this season, maintaining an excellent record. Their batting lineup boasts an average batting average of.253 with an impressive slugging percentage of.412 which showcases both contact hitting and moderate power with 68 homeruns to their name – not overwhelming in any league but consistent nonetheless! Their pitching staff has maintained a respectable 3.68 ERA/WHIP which can be partially attributed to control/strikeout abilities of their pitchers (529 strikeouts/204 walks! Additionally their road performances has seen 18-13 victories against spread which suggests they fared well under pressure on away games!


Los Angeles Dodgers are outstripping the Kansas City Royals both in overall record and home run production, showing they possess superior offensive capabilities. Boasting an average batting average of.256 and impressive slugging percentage of.434, their power at bat has led them to drive in 86 homers while their pitching staff boasts a more manageable 3.30 ERA with tighter 1.13 WHIP ratio which shows their pitchers can limit baserunners effectively; at home their record against spread of 17-16 shows signs of weakness that shows otherwise formidable opponents may come their way.


Kansas City Royals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 6/14/24 Game Info


When: Friday, June 14, 2024 at 10:10 PM ET
Where: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
TV: SportsNet LA
Stream: MLB.TV


Cole Ragans (4-4, 3.08 ERA) vs. Gavin Stone (7-2, 2.93 ERA)


Cole Ragans of the Royals has produced an outstanding 3.08 ERA and 1.15 WHIP over 79 innings this year, making him a reliable starter. His strikeout rate – 98 against 25 walks – demonstrates his dominance against opposing batters even while giving up more hits; now his challenge will be keeping their powerful lineup within their boundaries; so far this season only 4 homers have been allowed.


Gavin Stone of the Dodgers has been nothing short of astounding this season, posting an impressive 2.93 ERA and 1.24 WHIP that speaks volumes of his efficiency and control on the mound. Stone boasts 53 strikeouts over 67.2 innings to go along with outstanding run support that allowed him to secure a 7-2 victory record against Royals’ formidable lineup. Stone must remain calm while handling pressure in order to survive!


MLB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


While the specific betting odds remain TBD, the matchup is expected to be closely contested. Historically, both teams have shown resilience and capability to cover spreads and hit over totals, making this game particularly tricky from a betting perspective.


Kansas City Royals Betting Trends


The Royals have registered high tendencies in overs in recent games as 3 out of their previous 5 games had totals that went OVER. They will also find it easy to cover spreads on the road given some of the best pitching and hitting the team has to offer could easily capitalize on any slip-up the Dodgers might show.


Los Angeles Dodgers Betting Trends


The Dodgers have also exhibited high scoring tendencies and out of the last five games, four have gone OVER. But their 2-3 performance based on the aspect in the past home games shows that they lack formality. This might be seen as a chance to buy the Royals if the probabilities are good enough for the bettors.


Kansas City Royals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 6/14/24 Betting Picks


Given the close nature of this contest and the strengths of each team’s pitching, this game could tilt either way. The key will be the performance of the starting pitchers and whether the bullpens can hold late-game leads or deficits. Based on the season’s performance metrics and betting trends, the safer bet might lean towards a close score with a slight edge to the home team due to the Dodgers’ deeper lineup and slightly superior pitching.


In terms of MLB expert selection, considering the current form and historical performance, the Dodgers might just edge out the Royals in a closely contested affair. For those looking at prop bets, consider options related to total strikeouts or home runs, given the potency of both lineups and the reliability of the starting pitchers.


Free Pick and Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers 5, Kansas City Royals 4. 


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