Cleveland Guardians vs. Cincinnati Reds 6/12/24

Cleveland Guardians vs. Cincinnati Reds 6/12/24 MLB Analysis, Best Picks and Predictions

Cleveland Guardians (41-22) vs. Cincinnati Reds (32-33)


Cleveland Guardians vs. Cincinnati Reds 6/12/24 – In an exciting mid-season clash, the Cleveland Guardians, with a solid record of 41-22, take on the Cincinnati Reds, who stand at a near-even 32-33. This matchup is set for June 12, 2024, promising a thrilling contest at the Great American Ball Park. Fans and bettors alike are keeping an eye on this game, especially with both teams showing distinct recent forms. As a handicapping expert tip, it’s crucial to analyze not only the win-loss records but also the underlying performance metrics and situational factors contributing to each team’s season trajectory.


The Cleveland Guardians themselves are not in the best form in their last five games having 2 wins and 3 losses, however, for the entire season they are in good shape. The run-making ability of the teams sits at .239 and an impressive on-base average of .317 go hand-in-hand with slugging average of .398. The team has 70 live homeruns proving efficiency in the way the team turns playmaking into scoring. The pitchers have a good ERA of 3.43 with a WHIP of 1.19, overall underlining their ability to restrain opponents’ batters.


On the other hand, Cincinnati Reds have upped their game through a 5-game winning streak a great improvement from their other mixed performances. Their batting average is .228, which is a bit lower than the Guardians; they have .310 for on-base and .376 for slugging percentage. The Reds’ pitchers, however, have slightly worse statistics in the sense of ERA at 3.88 and WHIP 1.24 which do show that there are problems in managing hitters but these are also within a league standard rankings.


Cleveland Guardians vs. Cincinnati Reds 6/12/24 Game Info


When: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 7:10 PM ET
Where: Great American Ball Park
Stream: MLB.TV


Tanner Bibee (4-1, 3.73 ERA) vs. Nick Lodolo (6-2, 2.92 ERA)


Currently, the most reliable starting pitcher in the guardians is Tanner Bibee who has an ERA of 3.73, WHIP of 1.19 in the 70 innings pitched so far in the season. Such positional achievements as 76 strikeouts and only 19 walks represent his control and the minimum time he takes to occupy bases. Their epitome is his BA against home runs, 8 home runs given up to date, and this might be targeted terribly by the Reds’ batters.


The Reds’ Nick Lodolo also had a great season amassing a win-loss record of 6-2 and a 2.92 ERA. His WHIP currently stands at a low of 0.99, meaning that he has been very good at not getting runners on. He walked 25 and struck out 56 in 52.1 innings while giving 40 hits to the opponent side. If Lodolo’s command and ability to not give up free passes and long balls are gained, then he could potentially shut down the Guardians’ offense.


MLB Odds/Point Spread: TBD, Total Odds: TBD


Currently, the betting odds for this game are yet to be determined, but these figures will be pivotal in finalizing any betting strategies. Given both teams’ recent performance and the strengths of their starting pitchers, this game could very well lean towards a tight contest with potential low-scoring outcomes.


Cleveland Guardians Betting Trends


The Guardians have shown resilience on the road with a 19-15 record against the spread in away games. Despite their recent overall slip, this trend might suggest a strong performance potential against the Reds, especially considering their ability to hit homers and solid overall pitching.


Cincinnati Reds Betting Trends


The Reds’ recent upswing is supported by a strong 21-10 record against the spread in road games. While this game is at home, their momentum and balanced improvement both offensively and defensively could carry over, posing a significant challenge to the Guardians.


Cleveland Guardians vs. Cincinnati Reds 6/12/24 Betting Picks


Given the current momentum and statistical edges, this game could very well be dominated by pitcher performance. However, considering the Reds’ recent form and the strategic pitching of Lodolo, they might have a slight edge in this matchup.


The Guardians, while slightly faltering, shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly given their power-hitting capabilities. The top MLB picks today would likely include a close game, potentially favoring the Reds due to their current streak and home-field advantage.


In what promises to be a closely contested game, the prediction leans slightly towards a Reds victory, considering their form, pitching edge with Lodolo, and the advantage of playing at home. However, expect the Guardians to keep the game tight and competitive


Free Pick and Prediction: Cincinnati Reds 4, Cleveland Guardians 3. 


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