Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev 1/20/24 UFC 297 Betting Picks, Tips, and Odds

Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev 1/20/24 UFC 297 Betting Picks, Tips, and Odds

Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev 1/20/24 – As UFC 297 draws nearer, fans and bettors alike turn their focus towards one of its most anticipated matchups: Arnold Allen versus Movsar Evloev’s featherweight encounter promises to be thrilling, with both fighters boasting impressive win/loss records that should add high stakes action. Set for Saturday broadcast on ESPN+ this event promises not to disappoint viewers looking for UFC free insights into one of the sport’s most competitive divisions.


Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev 1/20/24 Game Info


When: Saturday, January 20, 2024, at 10:00 PM ET
Where: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Arnold “Almighty” Allen Analysis


Arnold “Almighty” Allen enters the octagon as an experienced fighter with 19 wins against two losses – evidence of his considerable skill in combat sports. His striking and grappling moves make for powerful moves during his fights. Allen stands 5’8″, has a 70-inch reach, and uses his southpaw stance to strike at different angles when striking, making him unpredictable and dangerous. His striking stats demonstrate his effectiveness at engaging opponents while still managing an impressive defensive rate of 61%. Allen is known for his remarkable grappling, as evidenced by an average of 1.12 takedowns every 15 minutes and a takedown defense rate of 76%, demonstrating his ability to control both footfights and ground fights. Although Allen’s loss to Holloway may have been disappointing, it provided invaluable experiences against top competition.


Allen is known for his mental toughness and adaptability as key contributors to his success, evidenced by an average fight time of 13:22 that showcases his endurance over extended battles while maintaining effectiveness – something which could prove crucial when facing Evloev who often pushes fights into deeper waters; the challenge will be for Allen to use his striking prowess while counteracting Evloev’s grappling advances effectively.


Movsar Evloev Analysis


Movsar Evloev enters UFC 297 unbeaten with an outstanding 17-0-0 professional MMA record. His striking skills combine efficiently with strong grappling to deliver powerful fights. Evloev stands at 5’7″, fighting in an orthodox stance and has an effective reach advantage of 72 inches which he utilizes during both striking and grappling encounters. Evloev boasts impressive striking stats, boasting 4.57 Strikes Landed per Minute and 49% striking accuracy when compared with Allen. This indicates his ability to land more significant strikes while taking less damage as evidenced by 2.74 Strikes Absorbed per Minute; however, Evloev truly shines when grappling. With 4.71 Takedowns every 15 Minutes as evidence of his preference and proficiency at taking the fight down low, Evloev truly excels.


Evloev will likely employ his striking to set up takedowns and control Allen on the ground, making him unpredictable and difficult to defend against. Evloev’s victory against Lopes further illustrated his increasing confidence and skill inside the octagon; accordingly his approach against Allen must be both cautious and assertive, seeking to close distance and neutralise Allen’s striking advantage while controlling pace and location of fight so he can capitalize on his grappling edge. Evloev’s key to victory lies in his ability to withstand Allen’s early offensive, before gradually imposing his grappling game and wearing down Allen and taking advantage of any opportunities for takedowns or submissions.


Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev


Allen Evloev
Wins/Losses/Draws 19-2-0 17-0-0
Average Fight Time 13:22 15:00
Height 5′ 8″ 5′ 7″
Weight 145 lbs. 145 lbs.
Reach 70″ 72″
Stance Southpaw Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 3.34 4.57
Striking Accuracy 40% 49%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 2.86 2.74
Defense 61% 61%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 1.12 4.71
Takedown Accuracy 50% 50%
Takedown Defense 76% 71%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.3 0.3


Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev Betting Picks


Given their statistics and recent performances, this matchup promises to be one where strategy and adaptability will play a central role. Allen brings experience and an adaptive fighting style, but Evloev has an undefeated streak and superior grappling abilities which make him a formidable challenger. 


Analyzing both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses, Evloev seems to have the advantage in this bout based on his grappling advantage and striking efficiency. While Allen may possess impressive striking and defensive skills, Evloev’s superior grappling may help determine its pace and location throughout.


Free Pick: Movsar Evloev -211


As UFC 297 approaches, Arnold Allen and Movsar Evloev’s featherweight fight is sure to be one of the highlights. Showcasing Evloev’s grappling prowess and striking efficiency against Allen’s experience and well-rounded skill set will certainly provide plenty of action and drama. Bettors seeking premium weekly tips might consider backing Evloev on the moneyline but keep an open mind; surprises are always possible in competitive sports events, making this matchup must-watch event.


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