Matheus Nicolau vs Manel Kape 1/13/24 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 234 Latest Odds, and Preview, Analysis

Matheus Nicolau vs Manel Kape 1/13/24 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 234 Latest Odds, and Preview, Analysis

Matheus Nicolau vs Manel Kape 1/13/24 – The excitement is palpable as UFC Fight Night 234 approaches, featuring a highly anticipated flyweight bout between Matheus Nicolau and Manel Kape. Slated for January 13, 2024, at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, this matchup promises a thrilling contest broadcasted live on ESPN+. Both fighters are known for their impressive records and distinct fighting styles, making this one of the most eagerly awaited UFC game previews in recent times. Nicolau, with a record of 19-4-1, faces off against Kape, who holds a 19-6-0 record. Their stats tell a story of two equally matched gladiators, but the devil is in the details. This analysis delves into their strengths, weaknesses, and recent performances to predict the outcome of this electrifying 


Matheus Nicolau vs Manel Kape 1/13/24 Game Info


When: Saturday, January 13, 2024 at 7:00 PM ET
Where: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Matheus Nicolau Analysis


Matheus Nicolau, a seasoned fighter with a record of 19-4-1, stands out with his orthodox stance and an impressive grappling game. With an average fight time of 11:14 minutes, Nicolau has shown he can go the distance, a critical factor in high-stakes matches. His striking game is notable, landing an average of 3.66 significant strikes per minute with a 53% accuracy. However, his striking defense is more remarkable, with a 66% efficiency, showcasing his ability to absorb and deflect attacks. Nicolau’s grappling is a significant part of his arsenal, averaging 1.48 takedowns every 15 minutes with a 45% accuracy. His takedown defense is formidable at 93%, making him a challenging opponent to bring to the mat. His loss against Royval in his most recent fight might indicate a vulnerability that Kape could exploit, but Nicolau’s overall performance suggests a well-rounded, resilient fighter.


Manel “Star Boy” Kape Analysis


Manel Kape, nicknamed “Starboy,” is a formidable opponent with a southpaw stance and a slightly more aggressive approach than Nicolau. His record of 19-6-0 is impressive, and his average fight time of 11:28 minutes indicates his staying power in the ring. Kape’s striking prowess is notable, landing 5.12 significant strikes per minute at a 54% accuracy rate. However, his striking defense at 59% might be a point of concern, especially against a precision striker like Nicolau. In grappling, Kape averages 0.65 takedowns every 15 minutes with a 37% accuracy, lower than Nicolau’s, but his takedown defense is a respectable 77%. His most recent victory over dos Santos showcases his ability to capitalize on opportunities and maintain a strong offensive front.


Matheus Nicolau vs. Manel Kape Stats


Nicolau  Kape 
Wins/Losses/Draws 19-4-1 19-6-0
Average Fight Time 11:14 11:28
Height 5′ 6″ 5′ 5″
Weight 125 lbs. 125 lbs.
Reach 66″ 68″
Stance Orthodox Southpaw
Strikes Landed per Min. 3.66 5.12
Striking Accuracy 53% 54%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 3.14 4.51
Defense 66% 59%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 1.48 0.65
Takedown Accuracy 45% 37%
Takedown Defense 93% 77%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.9 0.4


Matheus Nicolau vs. Manel Kape Betting Picks


When analyzing the stats and considering the fighters’ recent performances, the prediction leans slightly towards Matheus Nicolau. Nicolau’s striking defense and grappling skills could give him an edge over Kape’s aggressive striking approach. Nicolau’s ability to absorb and counter strikes, combined with his superior grappling defense, might be the key factors in controlling the pace and flow of the fight. Kape’s higher striking volume and power cannot be underestimated, but Nicolau’s tactical approach and resilience could ultimately prevail.


Free Pick: Matheus Nicolau +230


As UFC Fight Night 234 approaches, the Nicolau vs. Kape matchup stands out as a highlight in a night filled with action. Both fighters bring unique skills and impressive records to the table, but Matheus Nicolau’s defensive prowess and grappling ability slightly tip the scales in his favor. This bout is a must-watch for any UFC enthusiast and a prime example of the kind of premium game selections that make the sport so captivating. As always, the unpredictability of MMA means anything can happen, but the smart money might just be on Nicolau for this clash of titans.


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