Free NBA Picks For Today 11/24/2023

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/24/2023

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/24/2023

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Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Celtics at Magic—Brown is questionable and Holiday probable for Boston. Carter and Fultz are out for Orlando. Boston improved to 12-3 with their 119-116 home victory to Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics shot 52% with 40% from three. Jaylen Brown scored 26 points with eight assists. Jayson Tatum chipped in with 23 points and 11 rebounds. Boston allowed 44% shooting to the Bucks with 38% from three. Orlando improved to 10-5 with their 124-119 home victory to Denver Nuggets. The Magic made 54% with 34% from three. Franz Wagner had 27 points with four assists. Paolo Banchero contributed 23 points with three assists. They allowed 47% shooting to the Nuggets with 47% from three. Orlando is third in defensive efficiency by allowing 107.5 points per 100 possessions and a +4.4 net rating. Boston shoots only 45.2% on the road and scores 4.5 points below overall average. They average 111.8 points per 100 possessions on the road with a +4 net rating. The Magic covered 10 of 13. Play Orlando +6.

Phoenix Suns vs. Memphis Grizzlies NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Suns at Grizzlies—Beat. Eubanks, Lee and Watanabe are out for Phoenix. Clarke, Kennard, LaRavia, Morant, Smart and Tillman are out for Memphis. Bane is questionable and Harrison probable. Phoenix is 8-6 with their 123-115 home victory to Golden St. The Suns hit 45% with 39% from three. Kevin Durant had 32 points with eight rebounds. Devin Booker scored 25 points with ten assists. Phoenix allowed 47% shooting to the Warriors with 30% from three. Memphis falls to 3-11 after their 111-91 road defeat to Houston Rockets. The Grizzlies made 31% with 19% from three. Jaren Jackson produced 23 points with seven rebounds. Desmond Bane chipped in with 23 points along with seven rebounds. They surrendered 44% shooting to the Rockets with 33% from three. Memphis is 28th in offensive efficiency by averaging 106.7 points per 100 possessions. The past five games the Grizzlies are shooting 39.4%. On the road the Suns shoot only 45.2% and sit 18th in road offensive efficiency plus sixth on the defensive side. They play slow on the road. Play Phoenix and Memphis under 222.5.

Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Heat at Knicks—Herro, Hampton and Smith are out for Miami. Adebayo and Robinson are questionable. Fournier is doubtful for New York. Miami sits at 10-5 following their 129-96 road victory to Cleveland. The Heat made 53% with 57% from three. Kyle Lowry produced 28 points with three assists. Jaime Jaquez scored 22 points and seven rebounds. Miami allowed 47% shooting to the Cavs with 47% from three and nineteen turnovers. New York is 8-6 after their 117-100 road defeat to Minnesota. The Knicks converted 35% with 24% from three. Jalen Brunson posted 25 points and six assists. Julious Randle had 21 points and fourteen rebounds. New York allowed 51% shooting to Minnesota with 32% from three. Miami in their past five games is shooting 449.2% and averaging 115.4 points per game. In that period, they are averaging 123.3 points per 100 possessions with a +12.6 net rating. Play Miami +5.5.

Chicago Bulls vs. Toronto Raptors NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Bulls at Raptors—LaVine is questionable for Chicago. Koloko is out with Young and Achiuwa questionable for Toronto. Chicago moved to 5-11 with their 116-102 road defeat to Oklahoma City. The Bulls hit 39% with 38% from three. DeMar DeRozan produced 25 points with six assists. Coby White contributed 23 points with five assists. Chicago allowed 49% shooting to the Thunder with 38% from three. Toronto improved to 7-8 following their 132-131 road win at Indiana. The Raptors hit 53% with 41% from three but seventeen turnovers. Pascal Siakam scored 36 points with ten rebounds. Dennis Schroder scored 26 points with six rebounds. Toronto allowed 55% shooting to the Pacers with 46% from three. Chicago past five games are shooting only 42.5% and averaging 104 points per 100 possessions plus playing at a slow pace. The Raptors are tenth in defensive efficiency at home. Play Chicago and Toronto under 216.5.

Detroit Pistons vs. Indiana Pacers Magic NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Pistons at Pacers—Bogdanovic, Harris and Morris are out for Detroit. Nembhard and Nesmith are questionable for Indiana. Detroit fell to 2-13 with their 107-103 home defeat to Denver. The Pistons made 44% with 33% from three and eighteen turnovers. Cade Cunningham had 27 points with nine assists. Marvin Bagley chipped in 18 points and eight rebounds. Detroit allowed 46% shooting to the Nuggets with 39% from three-point range. Indiana is 8-6 with their 132-131 home defeat to Toronto. The Pacers hit 55% with 46% from three. Tyrese Haliburton scored 33 points with sixteen assists. Buddy Hield contributed 31 points and five assists. Indiana allowed 53% shooting to the Raptors with 41% from three. Indiana has gone over in 13 of 14 by averaging 122.7 points per 100 possessions and allowing 120.4 per 100. They play at the fastest pace. The Pistons also play fast. Past five games Indiana is allowing 52.7% shooting and 135 points per game. Detroit in this period averaging 111 points per game and shooting 46.8%. Play Detroit and Indiana over 246.5.

Denver Nuggets vs. Houston Rockets NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Nuggets at Rockets—Cancar and Murray are out for Denver. Oladipo and Thompson are out for Houston. Denver fell to 10-5 with their 124-119 road defeat to Orlando. The Nuggets shot 47% with 47% from three. Nikola Jokic scored 30 points and a Triple Double. Michael Porter had 25 points and two assists. Denver allowed 54% shooting to the Magic with 34% from three. Houston improved to 7-6 after their 111-91 home victory to Memphis. The Rockets made 44% with 33% from three. Jalen Green produced 34 points with four assists. Jabari Smith chipped in with 18 points and nine rebounds. Houston held Memphis to 31% shooting with 19% from three. Denver on the road is averaging 4.4 points below overall average. They have failed to cover 7 of 8 on the road and have a net rating of -0.6. The Rockets have won and covered seven of eight at home by allowing only 103.8 points per 100 possessions and a +12.8 net rating. Play Houston +3.

Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Wizards at Bucks— Rollins and Wright are out in Washington. Crowder is out with Giannis probable for Milwaukee. Washington fell to 2-2 with their 117-114 road defeat at Charlotte. The Wizards converted 46% with 34% from three. Kyle Kuzma had 28 points with nine assists. Jordan Poole posted 24 points and five rebounds. Washington allowed 47% shooting to the Hornets with 43% from three. Milwaukee drops to 10-5 after their 119-116 road defeat at Boston. The Bucks shot 44% with 38% from three. Brook Lopez posted 28 points with eight rebounds. Damian Lillard had 27 points and five assists. Milwaukee allowed 52% shooting to the Celtics with 40% from three. Washington on the road allowing 50.4% shooting and 123.2 points per 100 possessions. Milwaukee plays at the third fastest pace in the league at home and averaging 115.1 points per 100 possessions and giving up 112.7 per 100. The Wizards are 28th in defensive efficiency allowing 119.5 points per 100 possessions and playing at the second fastest pace. Play Milwaukee and Washington over 246.5.

Sacramento Kings vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Kings at Timberwolves—Murray, Len and Ellis are out for Sacramento. Jones is probable. Clark, McDaniels and McLaughlin are out for Minnesota. Sacramento drops to 8-6 with their 117-112 road defeat to New Orleans. The Kings hit 45% with 34% from three. De’Aaron Fox scored 26 points with five assists. Domantas Sabonis contributed 23 points and nine rebounds. Sacramento allowed 47% shooting to the Pelicans with 23% from three. Minnesota improved to 11-3 following their 112-99 home victory to Philadelphia. The Timberwolves shot 48% along with 38% from three. Anthony Edwards had 31 points with six assists. Karl Anthony Towns scored 23 points and 11 rebounds. Minnesota allowed 39% shooting to the 76ers with 22% from three. Minnesota is tops in defensive efficiency by allowing 106.2 points per 100 possessions and a +6.8 net rating. Sacramento their past five games allowing 49.1% shooting. On the road the Kings average 111.5 points per 100 possessions with a -2.7 net rating. Play Minnesota -3.5.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden St Warriors NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Spurs at Warriors—San Antonio has a clean injury report. Green is out with Payton probable for Golden St. San Antonio is 3-12 after their 109-102 home defeat to Los Angeles Clippers. The Spurs converted 38% with 29% from three. Victor Wembanyama scored 22 points with fifteen rebounds. Devin Vassell chipped in with 18 points and four assists. San Antonio allowed 45% shooting to the Clippers with 32% from three. Golden St falls to 7-8 with their 123-115 road defeat at Phoenix. The Warriors made 47% with 30% from three. Klay Thompson produced 23 points and three rebounds. Steph Curry had 16 points and six rebounds. Golden St allowed 45% shooting to the Suns with 39% from three. San Antonio on the road allowing 51.9% shooting and 126.5 points per game and playing at the fifth fastest pace. Past five games Warriors allowing 120 points and 47.8% shooting. Play San Antonio and Golden St over 233.5.

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Clippers NBA Pick Prediction 11/24/2023

Pelicans at Clippers—McCollum, Murphy and Ryan are out for New Orleans. Boston and Plumlee are out for the Clippers with Powell questionable. New Orleans improved to 8-7 with their 117-112 home victory to Sacramento Kings. The Pelicans shot 47% with 23% from three. Zion Williamson produced 25 points and six assists. Brandon Ingram contributed 23 points and four rebounds. New Orleans held Sacramento to 45% shooting along with 34% from three. Los Angeles is 6-7 after their 109-102 road win at San Antonio. The Clips hit 45% along with 32% from three. Kawhi Leonard scored 26 points and four assists. Paul George had 23 points along with eight rebounds. Los Angeles held the Spurs to 38% shooting along with 29% from three. Los Angeles in good defensive form as in their past five games allowing 43.7% shooting. Pelicans in this period holding teams to 45.5% shooting. On the road New Orleans is shooting only 43.8%. Play New Orleans and Los Angeles under 226.5.

Free NBA Picks For Today 11/24/2023

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