Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Chicago Blackhawks 11-16-23 NHL Odds, Picks, and Predictions

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Chicago Blackhawks 11/16/23 NHL Odds, Picks, and Predictions

Tampa Bay Lightning (6-6-4) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (5-8-0)


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Chicago Blackhawks 11/16/23 – On Thursday, November 16, 2023, when the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks meet up, stakes are high in this regular season NHL matchup. While the Lightning have posted an 8-6-4 record so far this year, their opponents the Blackhawks hope to improve upon their 8-8-0 mark in order to become more competitive and gain ground against one another. Scheduled for 8:00 PM ET at United Center and broadcast via ESPN+ this game offers ample opportunity for free NHL picks due to its unique nature as both sides try to improve this year.


The Lightning are known for their dynamic offense, led by right-wing Nikita Kucherov who in just 15 games has notched 11 goals and 12 assists – this combination along with center Brayden Point’s 18 points and defenseman Victor Hedman’s 17 points form an effective trio that will be tested against a Blackhawks defense that has demonstrated vulnerability yet still managed to remain resilient under pressure.


On the other hand, Chicago’s offense led by center Connor Bedard’s impressive 20.9% shooting percentage is a threat to Tampa Bay’s defense. Bedard has posted 13 points in 13 games so far while contributing alongside teammates like Corey Perry and Nick Foligno; their explosive play could potentially cause disruption against an otherwise tough defensive system in Tampa Bay. Corey Perry and Foligno should provide further scoring chances as the key will be breaking through their defensive setups successfully.


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Chicago Blackhawks 11/16/23 Game Info


When: Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 8:00 PM ET
Where: United Center, Chicago, IL
Stream: NHL.TV


Goaltender Jonas Johansson vs. Goaltender Petr Mrazek


Jonas Johansson of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Petr Mrazek of the Chicago Blackhawks will meet head to head in this NHL battle, with Jonas Johansson holding an impressive save percentage of 0.896 after 13 games played this season – not exactly elite numbers but crucial when defense faltered in close games or when pressure on offense increased significantly. Johansson will face an opponent with dynamic offensive play from Chicago which tests resilience under pressure; their dynamic offense makes for tough defense; they need someone capable of handling high pressure shots while maintaining composure even during penalty kill situations significantly determines Tampa Bay’s defensive stability against them both.


Petr Mrazek stands out in net for the Blackhawks with his strong presence. His 0.921 save percentage over eight games speaks to his dependability and importance to keeping Chicago competitive when their offense struggles to find its target. Mrazek’s experience and agility make him an almost invincible goalie, especially on well-placed shots. Watch for him as he goes up against Nikita Kucherov and Brayden Point as key members of the Lightning’s offense. Mrazek will play an essential role in stopping the Lightning from capitalizing on their offensive prowess. A goaltender duel between Johansson’s determination and Mrazek’s technical proficiency adds another exciting twist, with each having the power to turn the tide in favor of their respective teams.


NHL Odds/Point Spread: Tampa Bay Lightning -150, Total Odds: 6.5


In an NHL matchup between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks, oddsmakers favor Tampa Bay with a moneyline of -150 to reflect increased confidence in their ability to win. Total odds have been set at 6.5 with an over/under line set at 127; these expectations suggest high scoring games between both teams; this could reflect offensive strengths of both sides as well as recent trends of high scoring games; thus leading them to expect an offensive showdown where both contribute significantly towards scoresheet.


Tampa Bay Lightning Betting Trends


Recent Lightning games have featured high-scoring action, with four out of six total OVERs going in their most recent six matches (1-4 SU in those five games), but their inconsistency (1-4 SU over those five) stands out. Their dominance against Chicago (8-1 in last 9 matches and 9-1 on United Center could give an added psychological edge.


Chicago Blackhawks Betting Trends


The Blackhawks’ games have gone over in five of their past six, signaling an abundance of high-scoring encounters. Unfortunately, they’ve struggled at home since joining the league – their 1-9 SU record in 10 home games is cause for alarm given Tampa Bay’s history there. November has proven more fruitful for them with 9 of 11 total going OVER in this month.


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Chicago Blackhawks 11/16/23 Betting Picks


Looking at trends and statistics, Tampa Bay seems to hold an edge against Chicago Blackhawks given their historical dominance over them; however, don’t discount Chicago’s potential for high scoring games or Mrazek’s form in goal as factors.


Betting-wise, it may be prudent to side with the Lightning given their track record and offensive capabilities. Prop bets featuring players such as Kucherov for goal scoring or Point for assists could prove fruitful; additionally, an over-6.5 total seems plausible given both teams’ recent high-scoring contests.


Handicappers’ premium picks may lean toward Tampa Bay as the favorite, yet Chicago should never be discounted entirely given their home advantage and November record.


Free Pick and Prediction: Tampa Bay Lightning 4, Chicago Blackhawks 3.


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