Joshua Van vs Kevin Borjas 11-11-23

UFC 295: Joshua Van vs. Kevin Borjas 11/11/23 Picks, Prediction, and Odds

UFC 295: Van vs. Borjas 11/11/23 – As we approach the riveting UFC 295 event, the flyweight division is poised to steal the spotlight with a compelling matchup between Joshua “The Fearless” Van and Kevin “El Gallo Negro” Borjas. This bout, scheduled for November 11, 2023, is generating substantial buzz amongst combat sports enthusiasts, who are eagerly awaiting the premium winning picks. The contest will unfold at the acclaimed venue that has witnessed countless memorable UFC moments, ensuring an electric atmosphere for what promises to be an enthralling encounter.


UFC 295: Van vs. Borjas 11/11/23 Game Info


When: Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET
Where: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY


Joshua “The Fearless” Van Analysis


Joshua Van‘s moniker “The Fearless” reflects in his approach to the fight game. With an impressive 8-1-0 record, he enters the Octagon as a force to be reckoned with. His statistics underline an aggressive style, landing an astonishing 8.00 significant strikes per minute, which is testament to his offensive onslaught. The 51% striking accuracy further highlights his ability to land shots effectively.


Defensively, Van absorbs a high number of strikes (6.87 per minute), but his defensive metric stands at 64%, indicating a robust ability to weather the storm and continue his forward march. While grappling isn’t Van’s go-to, evidenced by an average of 0.00 takedowns per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 0%, he boasts an 80% takedown defense, suggesting that he can maintain the fight in his preferred striking domain.


Van’s most recent victory over Zhumagulov showcased his grit and stand-up skills. It’s this kind of performance that has marked him as a fighter with a rapid and forceful offense, capable of overwhelming opponents with volume and vigor.


Kevin “El Gallo Negro” Borjas Analysis


Kevin Borjas, known as “El Gallo Negro”, mirrors Van’s record at 9-1-0. His average fight time points to his ability to go the distance, indicative of his cardiovascular conditioning. With a height and reach identical to his opponent’s, Borjas brings a notable reach advantage of 68 inches, which could be instrumental in this matchup.


Borjas lands 5.80 significant strikes per minute at a 44% accuracy rate. His strikes absorbed per minute stand at 2.87, which showcases a more measured approach to striking exchanges compared to Van. This is complemented by a 55% defensive rate, reflecting his ability to mitigate damage more effectively than his adversary.


Like Van, grappling does not appear to be Borjas’ primary strategy, as his average takedowns and submission attempts are both at 0.00 per 15 minutes. His takedown defense sits at 58%, which is respectable but could be tested against a non-grappling dominant fighter like Van. His last win against Dias solidified his standing as a proficient striker who can manage the fight rhythm and utilize his reach advantage efficiently.


Joshua Van vs. Kevin Borjas Stats


Van  Borjas
Wins/Losses/Draws 8-1-0 9-1-0
Average Fight Time 15:00 15:00
Height 5′ 5″ 5′ 5″
Weight 125 lbs 125 lbs
Reach 65″ 68″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 8.00 5.80
Striking Accuracy 51% 44%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 6.87 2.87
Defense 64% 55%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 0.00 0.00
Takedown Accuracy 0% 0%
Takedown Defense 80% 58%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.0 0.0


Joshua Van vs. Kevin Borjas Betting Pick


In evaluating both fighters, Joshua Van’s aggressive volume striking stands out as a pivotal aspect of this fight. Borjas’ reach advantage and more conservative striking defense could be key components in countering Van’s offense. However, the deciding factor leans toward Van’s relentless striking rate and better defensive stats.


Therefore, the pick here is Joshua Van. Despite the shorter odds at -225, his proven ability to land significant strikes at a higher rate, paired with superior defensive skills, makes him the favored fighter. Van’s approach could potentially lead to him dictating the pace of the fight, keeping Borjas on the defensive and scoring points with the judges.


Free Pick: Joshua “The Fearless” Van -225


As we compile the data and forecast the outcome, Joshua Van emerges as the solid pick in the eyes of MMA expert picks. His tenacity, coupled with an imposing strike rate, positions him to potentially take control of the bout and emerge victorious. The UFC 295 flyweight matchup between Van and Borjas is poised to deliver an exhilarating contest, with Van tipped to leverage his aggressive offense to cement his status in the division. As always in the dynamic world of MMA, while the statistics provide a guide, the true outcome will be decided in the crucible of the Octagon.


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