Edgar Chairez vs. Daniel Lacerda 9-16-23 Prediction, Tips, and Odds

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 227: Edgar Chairez vs. Daniel Lacerda 9/16/23 Prediction, Tips, and Odds

Edgar Chairez vs. Daniel Lacerda 9/16/23 – UFC Fight Night 227 will take place September 16th, 2023, and has already made headlines due to the Flyweight match-up between Edgar “Pitbull” Chairez and Daniel “Miojo” Lacerda that promises high stakes action – Chairez is listed at -205 with Lacerda listed as an underdog at +175. This fight promises to be thrilling, with both fighters at critical career junctures. For best free MMA picks, continue reading our analysis.


Edgar Chairez vs. Daniel Lacerda Game Info


When: Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET
Where: T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Edgar “Pitbull” Chairez Analysis


Edgar Chairez, known by his fight name “Pitbull,” is an orthodox fighter with a professional record of 10 wins and 5 losses. Physically, he holds a slight edge over his opponent, standing at 5’7″ and possessing a 71-inch reach. These factors could give him a marginal advantage in the stand-up game, particularly when considering distance management and striking accuracy.


Chairez lands a moderate 2.53 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 46%. While not overly aggressive, this suggests that Chairez is a calculated striker who likes to pick his shots. His striking game is well-rounded, but not exceedingly dangerous to opponents. What raises eyebrows is his defensive statistics; he absorbs a concerning 4.67 strikes per minute and has a defense rate of only 39%. In a sport where effective striking and evasion are paramount, these numbers indicate potential vulnerabilities.


In the grappling department, Chairez appears to be more of a stand-up specialist with no recorded takedowns to his name. This zeroes out his takedown average and accuracy, essentially painting him as a fighter who prefers to keep the battle standing. Interestingly, despite this, he does average one submission every 15 minutes of fight time. This suggests that Chairez isn’t entirely uncomfortable if the fight goes to the ground, but his submission game is not his go-to strategy. His 44% takedown defense rate is middling, which might be a point of exploitation for Lacerda if he decides to take the fight to the mat. His last fight was a loss against Taira, which puts him in a situation where a win is vital for career momentum.


Daniel “Miojo” Lacerda Analysis

In the other corner is Daniel Lacerda, or “Miojo,” a switch-stance fighter with an identical win-loss record to Chairez. At 5’6″ and with a 70-inch reach, he’s just an inch shorter and an inch less in reach compared to his opponent. While it might seem negligible, every inch counts in the high-stakes world of MMA.


Lacerda’s stats in striking are nothing short of astonishing: he lands 4.75 significant strikes per minute, showing that he has a high output and an aggressive approach. This makes him a serious threat on the feet, especially with a 48% striking accuracy. However, this aggressive approach comes at a significant cost; Lacerda absorbs an alarming 9.76 strikes per minute, and his defense rate is a mere 34%. Such defensive liabilities could be exploited by a calculated striker like Chairez.


Lacerda is more versed in the grappling department, averaging 1.52 takedowns every 15 minutes with a 40% accuracy. This is a significant advantage if he aims to exploit Chairez’s average takedown defense. However, a glaring weakness in his armor is his 0% takedown defense rate. If Chairez opts to surprise him with takedowns, Lacerda could find himself in a precarious position. Additionally, Lacerda averages 1.5 submissions per 15 minutes, indicating that he has an active ground game with submission threats. Like Chairez, Lacerda is also coming off a loss in his most recent fight against Vergara, making this a crucial bout for him.


Edgar Chairez vs. Daniel Lacerda Stats


Chairez Lacerda
Wins/Losses/Draws 10-5-0 11-5-0
Average Fight Time 15:00 4:57
Height 5′ 7″ 5′ 6″
Weight 125 lbs. 125 lbs.
Reach 71″ 70″
Stance Orthodox Switch
Strikes Landed per Min. 2.53 4.75
Striking Accuracy 46% 48%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 4.67 9.76
Defense 39% 34%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 0.00 1.52
Takedown Accuracy 0% 40%
Takedown Defense 44% 0%
Submission Average/15 min. 1.0 1.5


Edgar Chairez vs. Daniel Lacerda 9/16/23 Free Pick


After reviewing both fighters’ stats and recent performances, this bout appears even. Edgar Chairez may hold an edge due to his more cautious approach to defense, which could prove crucial in this matchup. If we were placing a bet, we would go on Edgar Chairez’s moneyline. Although Lacerda boasts an impressive striking rate, his poor defensive stats make it difficult to back him in an unpredictable bout like this. Chairez may provide the winning edge due to his superior reach and more secure defense.


Free Pick and Prediction: Edgar “Pitbull” Chairez -205.


Edgar Chairez and Daniel Lacerda’s Flyweight fight promises to be a UFC Fight Night 227 highlight. Both fighters are eager to rebound after recent losses, and this fight could go either way, as statistics reveal. Although Lacerda can use an aggressive style that often overwhelms opponents, his weak defensive game may leave him vulnerable against an experienced and measured fighter like Chairez, who may take advantage of any openings against Lacerda. Chairez may seem better poised at taking home victory; however, surprises often arise during combat sports battles – Don’t miss this fight; it will surely deliver! For the daily free sports picks, look no further.


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