Manon Fiorot vs Rose Namajunas 8-30-2023

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 226: Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas 9/2/23 Prediction, Analysis, and Tips

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 226: Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas 9/2/23 Prediction, Analysis, and Tips

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 226: Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas 9/2/23 – As the Mixed Martial Arts world prepares to witness UFC Fight Night 226 – scheduled at Accor Arena, Paris, on September 2, 2023 – expectations are growing rapidly among fans anticipating this incredible event. Fight fans anticipate intense bouts like Manon “The Beast” Fiorot against Rose “Thug” Namajunas Women’s Flyweight Bout as an intense test of skills and determination. Today, we will explore their offensive and grappling capabilities during recent performances and predictions regarding this matchup. For expert insights and predictions, don’t miss out on the free MMA picks.


Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas Game Info

When: Saturday, September 2, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET
Where: Accor Arena, Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Manon Fiorot Analysis

Manon “The Beast” Fiorot makes her mark as an outstanding fighter with an impressive record of 10-1-0. At 5′ 7″ and weighing 125 lbs, Fiorot’s physical attributes testify to her dedication and training. Fiorot uses her orthodox stance as the base for a striking game that commands attention; Fiorot delivers 6.58 significant strikes per minute, showing off her aggressive approach during exchanges. Her striking accuracy is 42%, yet her ability to consistently engage opponents through strikes makes her an intimidating opponent.


Fiorot’s defensive skills are not overlooked, evidenced by her impressive 71% striking defense rate. This indicates an adept ability to evade and mitigate incoming strikes that could be pivotal in her overall strategy. Regarding grappling, Fiorot takes a calculated approach; she averages 1.69 takedowns per 15 minutes with 50% takedown accuracy – her grappling techniques appear more tactical than overwhelming, not to mention 83% defense against takedown attempts. Her impressive victory against Chookagian speaks volumes about her strength and resilience – she will surely be an exciting opponent to watch in this upcoming matchup.


Rose Namajunas Analsyis

Rose “Thug” Namajunas entered the MMA competition with an impressive record of 12-5-0, highlighting her experience and progress in the sport. Standing at 5′ 5″ with a weight of 115 lbs, Namajunas made an immediate, impactful mark with her striking style featuring an orthodox stance and calculated approach – producing 3.66 significant strikes per minute with 40% striking accuracy, Namajunas prioritizes precision over volume to make each strike count for more.


Namajunas’ defensive abilities were put through rigorous testing. She averaged an impressive 3.50 significant strikes per minute while maintaining an average defense rate of 60%, though her techniques could use improvement. Her grappling demonstrated calculated control, with an average of 1.61 takedowns per 15 minutes with an accuracy rate of 57% to emphasize strategic control rather than overpowering her opponents. Her takedown defense rate of 60% suggests grappling exchanges become part of her preparation plan. Namajunas’ most recent loss against Esparza serves as motivation for her return to MMA competition and gives her renewed determination heading into their anticipated matchup.


Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas Stats

Fiorot  Namajunas
Wins/Losses/Draws 10-1-0 12-5-0
Average Fight Time 12:26 13:36
Height 5′ 7″ 5′ 5″
Weight 125 lbs. 115 lbs.
Reach 65″ 65″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 6.58 3.66
Striking Accuracy 42% 40%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 3.14 3.50
Defense 71% 60%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 1.69 1.61
Takedown Accuracy 50% 57%
Takedown Defense 83% 60%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.0 0.6


UFC FIGHT NIGHT 226: Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas 9/2/23 Free Pick

After carefully considering both fighters’ skills and past performances, my prediction for this intriguing fight leans heavily toward Manon “The Beast” Fiorot. With her higher striking volume, accuracy, and solid takedown defense she seems well-equipped to set the tempo of this contest; Namajunas may offer Fiorot some opportunities for control through weaknesses in takedown defense, allowing Fiorot greater access.


Pick: Manon “The Beast” Fiorot -225

UFC Fight Night 226 promises an action-packed night, and one of its many highlights will be the Women’s Flyweight Bout between Manon Fiorot and Rose Namajunas in the Women’s Flyweight Division. Fiorot is an overwhelming favorite due to her striking finesse and takedown defense. However, in the unpredictable world of MMA, outcomes cannot always be predicted, meaning Namajunas could spring an upset and surprise all. As these warriors battle each other on stage fight, fans eagerly anticipate and appreciate their unpredictable nature while appreciating the unpredictable nature of the sport.



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