Free NBA Picks For Today 3/19/2023

Free NBA Picks For Today 3/19/2023

Free NBA Picks For Today 3/19/2023

Denver Nuggets vs. Brooklyn Nets NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Nuggets at Nets—Gillespie out for Denver. Simmons out for Brooklyn. Denver fell to 47-24 with their 116-110 road defeat to the New York Knicks. They were outrebounded by ten boards. Nuggets shot 51`% with 36% from three.


Denver allowed 49% shooting to NYK with 28% from beyond the arc. Nuggets were held to just 43 second half points. Denver has won five of nine on the road by shooting 51.1% and a +1.4 net rating by scoring 116.2 points per 100 possessions.


Brooklyn fell to 39-31 with their 101-96 home defeat to the Sacramento Kings. There were outrebounded by sixteen boards. Team shot 41% with 36% from three. They limited the Kings to 39% shooting with 32% from three.


Nets surrendered 24 points and 21 boards to Sabonis. Team has lost three of five at home shooting 43.2% and a +1.7 net rating by allowing 105.6 points per 100 possessions. Nuggets have failed to cover six of seven. Denver getting outscored by nearly two points in back to backs. Play Brooklyn +2.

Phoenix Suns vs. Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Suns at Thunder—Ayton and Durant out for Phoenix with Shamet probable. Thunder a clean injury report. Phoenix improved to 38-32 after their 116-113 home win to Orlando Magic. They did grab twelve fewer rebounds than the Magic.


Suns shot 48% with 37% from three. Team allowed 50% shooting to the Magic, 29% from three and forced 17 turnovers. Suns have won five of eight on the road with a +4 net rating by scoring 115.7 points per 100 possessions. Oklahoma City fell to 34-36 with their 128-111 road defeat to the Toronto Raptors.


Thunder were outrebounded by 20 in defeat. Team shot 43% with 42% from three. They allowed the Raptors 48% shooting with 44% from three.


OKC has won five of nine at home with a +7.9 net rating by scoring 118.9 points per 100 possessions. Suns have failed to cover four straight. OKC recent home form encouraging here. Play Oklahoma City -1.5.

Atlanta Hawks vs. San Antonio Spurs NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Hawks at Spurs—Johnson and Young probable. Graham, Sochan and Birch out for San Antonio. Bates-Diop doubtful with McDermott and Collins questionable. Atlanta improved to 35-35 after their 127-119 home win to Golden St Warriors.


ATL won despite pulling down nine fewer boards. Team shot 47% with 39% from three. They surrendered 48% shooting to GSW, 28% from three and forced 17 turnovers. Atlanta outscored Golden St 7-0 in the final two minutes.


San Antonio fell to 18-52 with their 126-120 home overtime defeat to the Memphis Grizzlies. Spurs shot 40% with 38% from three and nineteen rebounds. They surrendered 49% shooting to Memphis, 37% from three and forced 17 turnovers.


SAS scored only 27 points in the second half and blew a 29 point lead early in the third quarter. Both teams trending over with Spurs defense in bad shape. Play Atlanta and San Antonio over 245.

Miami Heat vs. Detroit Pistons NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Heat at Pistons—Zeller out for Miami with Lowry probable. Bogdanovic, Burks, Diallo and Stewart out for Detroit with Livers questionable. Miami fell to 38-34 with their 113-99 road defeat to the Chicago Bulls. Heat shot 43% with 27% from three. They allowed 56% shooting to Chicago with 50% from three.


Miami fell behind 70-45 at the half. Heat had rest advantage playing a Bulls team who had a double overtime game on Friday night. Miami has lost four on the road shooting only 42.7%, 30.4% from three and a -8.3 net rating by scoring only 104.1 points per 100 possessions.


Detroit fell to 16-55 after their 119-100 home defeat to the Denver Nuggets. Pistons were outrebounded by ten boards. Team shot 46% with 44% from three and seventeen turnovers. They did allow 53% shooting to Denver with 33% from beyond the arc. Detroit gets outscored 33-14 in the fourth quarter.


Pistons have lost seven of nine at home shooting 46%, 34.1% from three and -1.4 net rating by scoring only 110.5 points per 100 possessions. Rest advantage for Pistons here and have covered six of nine with one day of rest advantage or greater when facing teams playing on back to backs. Play Detroit +9.5.


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Free NBA Picks For Today 3/19/2023

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Houston Rockets NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Pelicans at Rockets—Alvarado, Liddell and Williamson out for New Orleans. Houston a clean injury report. New Orleans fell to 33-37 with their 114-112 road defeat to Houston Rockets. They were outrebounded by seventeen boards. Team shot 48% with 43% from three. They allowed Houston 49% with 34% from three.


Pels get outscored 34-22 in the final quarter. NOP loses on a Jabari Smith three pointer in the closing seconds. Pelicans have lost four of seven at home with a -1.4 net rating by scoring only 111.4 points per 100 possessions.


Rocket improved to 18-52 in the win for their third straight win. Rockets have split their past eight at home with a -3.3 net rating by allowing 117.7 points per 100 possessions. Rockets have covered four of five and healthy. Play Houston +5.

Toronto Raptors vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Raptors at Bucks—Banton out for Toronto. Crowder and Dragic out for Milwaukee. Lopez and Allen are probable. Toronto improved to 35-36 after their 122-107 home win to Minnesota Timberwolves. Raptors shot 53% with 33% from three. They held the Timberwolves to 46% shooting with 22% from beyond the arc.


Siakam had 27 points and ten rebounds in the win. Edwards missed the game for Minnesota. Raptors have dropped five of seven on the road shooting only 44.3% and a -6.8 net rating by scoring only 107 points per 100 possessions. Milwaukee is 50-20 with their 139-123 home defeat to the Indiana Pacers.


Bucks shot 53% with 34% from three. They did allow 56% shooting to the Pacers with 48% from beyond the arc. Bucks get outscored 84-59 in the second half. Milwaukee was without Lopez, Allen and Crowder. They have won five of seven at home with a +6.2 net rating by scoring 119.9 points per 100 possessions.


Raptors have covered six of ten in back to backs. Toronto an underdog of three or greater covering 10 of 13. Play Toronto +9.5.

LA Clippers vs. Portland Trailblazers NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Clippers at Trailblazers—Boston, Leonard and Powell out for LA. Grant, Winslow and Badji out for Portland with Little questionable. LAC fell to 37-34 with their 113-108 home defeat to the Orlando Magic. Clippers shot 47% with 27% from three. They surrendered 50% shooting to the Magic with 32% from three and forced 17 turnovers.


LA gets outscored 39-26 in the final quarter. Leonard missed the game for LA. Clippers have lost three of five on the road with a -4 net rating by allowing 117.4 points per 100 possessions.


Portland fell to 31-39 with their 126-112 home defeat to the Boston Celtics. They get outrebounded by 15 boards. Fifteen boards. Team shot 48% with 37% from three but eighteen rebounds. Trailblazers allowed 47% shooting to Boston with 36% from three. Five straight losses for Portland. They fell behind by fifteen at the half.


Trailblazers have lost five of seven at home with a -5.4 net rating by allowing 124 points per 100 possessions. LA has lost nine of twelve in back to backs this season getting outscored by eight points. Leonard and Powell injury a massive concern. Play Portland +2.

Orlando Magic vs. LA Lakers NBA Pick Prediction 3/19/2023

Magic at Lakers—Suggs out for Orlando. Bamba and James out for LAL with Davis probable. Orlando improved to 29-42 with their 113-108 road win at the LA Clippers. Magic shot 50% with 32% from three but committed 17 turnovers. They surrendered 47% shooting to the Clips with 27% from beyond the arc.


Magic rallied in the fourth quarter by outscored Los Angeles 39-26 in the final quarter. Wendell Carter Jr. had 27 points and 12 boards. Orlando has lost four of seven on the road shooting 32.2% from three and a -3.4 net rating by scoring only 110.6 points per 100 possessions.


LAL fell to 34-37 after their 111-110 home defeat to the Dallas Mavericks. LA did pull down seven more boards than the Mavs. Team shot 51% with only 25% from three plus missed 12 of 31 free throws. They allowed Dallas 51% shooting with 47% from three.


Lakers lose on a Maxi Kleber three pointer at the buzzer. LA has won five of eight at home with a +5.9 net rating by allowing 108.1 points per 100 possessions. Lakers have been trending under since the All Star break. Play Orlando and LA under 229.5.


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Free NBA Picks For Today 3/19/2023

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