Free College Basketball Picks For Today 1/11/2023

Free College Basketball Picks For Today 1/11/2023

Free College Basketball Picks For Today 1/11/2023

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Connecticut vs. Marquette College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Connecticut at Marquette—Connecticut has a mark of 15-2 this season and 4-2 in the Big East. Huskies losses in both road Big East games by 12 at Providence and 10 to Xavier. Huskies have issues offensively scoring inside in conference making 46.8% and with defensive rebounding. They do limit conference foes to 26.6% from three and 45.7% inside. Marquette is 13-4 this year and 5-1 in the Big East. Three wins at home in conference with double digit wins to Creighton, Seton Hall and Georgetown. Marquette tops in offensive efficiency in conference as they secure the basketball, hits 37.2% from three and 59.8% inside. They do a great job of forcing turnovers in the Big East but struggle on the glass and defending the goal. Huskies in conference shooting only 40.3%. Marquette shooting 51.3% in the Big East. Play Marquette +2.5.

Alabama vs. Arkansas College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Alabama at Arkansas—Alabama enters play at 3-0 on the season in conference and 13-2 overall. Crimson Tide has a road win at Mississippi St. They have struggled with turnovers this season but strong on the offensive glass as well as shooting. Eighth in the nation in defensive efficiency by allowing 27.8% from three and 42% around the hole. Arkansas checks in at 12-3 overall and 1-2 in the SEC. A home six point win to Missouri with two road conference losses. Razorbacks have struggled to make threes this season at 28.7%. Strong defensive team that force turnovers and holds opponents to 29% from three and 47.6% around the bucket. Smith and Brazile are key contributors injured for Arkansas. Burnett a key contributor injured for the Crimson Tide. Razorbacks under in five straight are going to have to bring suffocating defense here. They hold teams to 37.6% shooting at home and Alabama holding teams to 33.2% shooting in conference. Play Alabama and Arkansas under 151.5.

Creighton vs. Xavier College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Creighton at Xavier—Creighton has a mark of 9-7 on the year and 3-2 in the Big East. Road losses at Marquette by 11 and UCONN by nine. Blue jays a good shooting team in conference at 38% from three and 53.7% around the bucket. They turn the ball over at a high rate and don’t force many on defense. Team defends well in the Big East by allowing 28.2% from three and 43.1% inside. Xavier is 13-3 overall and 5-0 in conference. Home wins in conference by three to Seton Hall and ten to UCONN. Musketeers excellent offensive team in the Big East hitting on 40.9% from three and 56.6% around the bucket. They rebound on defense but allows 51.7% shooting around the bucket. Creighton has struggled to shoot in true road games converting 39.8% and 15.9% from three. Xavier is making 518% in their five Big East games which were covered four times. Play Xavier -3.

Indiana vs. Penn St College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Indiana at Penn St—Indiana is 10-5 on the year and 1-3 in the Big Ten. Road losses in conference at Rutgers by 15 and Iowa by two. Hoosiers struggled with turnovers in conference but shoots well at 41% from three and 51.3% inside. Team good with perimeter defense allowing 31.7% from three but 49.4% around the bucket. Poor on the defensive glass against the Big Ten. Penn St is 11-5 on the year and 2-3 in conference. True home loss to Michigan by nine and a win to Iowa by four. Nittany Lions have shot well in the Big Ten with 38.3% from three, 50.7% inside and 77.6% at the free throw line. Weak defensively facing conference foes by allowing 36.4% from three and 52.1% inside. Hoosiers have failed to cover six straight. Indiana on the road allowing 45.1% overall and 37% from three. Penn St an experienced team and are 8-1 at home. Play Penn St +2.5.

Baylor vs. West Virginia College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Baylor at West Virginia—Baylor is 10-5 on the season and 0-3 in the Big 12. Road loss at Iowa St by 15. Baylor has defended poorly in conference as they allow 38.7% from three and 56.6% inside. They shoot 33.8% from three inside but only 48.5% around the bucket. West Virginia is 10-5 on the year and 0-3 in conference. A home 14 loss to Kansas. Mountaineers poor shooting team in the Big 12 as they hit 23.2% from three, 44.8% inside and 58.5% at the free throw line. Average defensively against conference foes by allowing 33.9% from three and 48.4% around the hole. WVU doing the better job of defending the Big 12 as Baylor is giving up 50.5%. Play West Virginia -1.5.

Rutgers vs. Northwestern College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Rutgers at Northwestern—Rutgers has a record of 11-5 and 3-2 in the Big Ten. A road conference loss at Ohio St by one and win at Purdue by one. Scarlet Knights poor offensive team in conference with turnovers, 32.2% from three and 47.2% inside. Weak on the glass defensively by they do force turnovers. Strong defensively inside allowing 44.5%. Northwestern sits 12-3 and 3-1 in the Big Ten. Wildcats home loss to Ohio St and win to Illinois. They sit last in Big Ten effective field goal shooting hitting 33% from three and 39.7% around the bucket. On defense they are giving up 37.3% from three. Respect the competitiveness of the Scarlet Knights in the road in conference. Play Rutgers -1.

Missouri vs. Texas A&M College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Missouri at Texas A&M—Missouri has a mark of 13-2 this year and 2-1 in the SEC. They have a conference loss at Arkansas by six. Tigers have show well in SEC games with 37.1% from three, 51.0% inside and 80% at the free throw line. Weaknesses are on the glass on both ends and interior defense by allowing 58.9% against the conference. Texas A&M sits 10-5 on the year and 2-0 in conference. Home win to LSU by 13. They have won those two conference games with 18.8% shooting from three and allowing 39% from beyond the arc. Interior scoring and defending good in the SEC. They force turnovers defensively in the conference and strong on the glass on both ends. Missouri is allowing 47.8% shooting in conference. Respect the Aggies home win to LSU and road win at Florida. Play Texas A&M -4.

TCU vs. Texas College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

TCU at Texas—TCU has a mark of 13-2 and 2-1 in conference. A road one point win in the Big 12 at Baylor with the loss coming by two against Iowa St. Horned Frogs have struggled from three in conference with 27.9% but 51.9% around the bucket. They have had defensive struggles in the Big 12 with rebounding plus giving up 36.5% from three and 52.9% around the bucket. Texas sits at 13-2 and 2-1 in the Big 12. They have a home 116-103 loss to Kansas St. Longhorns in conference shooting 35% from three and 46.7% inside. Defense has been an issue facing the Big 12 allowing 40% from three and 53.3% around the bucket. Horned Frogs have been a good cover team and Longhorns not. Texas giving up 47.5% shooting in the Big 12. Play TCU +6.5.

Pittsburgh vs. Duke College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Pittsburgh at Duke—Pittsburgh has a mark of 11-5 this season and 4-1 in the ACC. They have road wins at NC State and Syracuse in conference. Panthers good shooting team inside against the conference as they shoot 54.4% and 77.4% at the line. Issues with rebounding on offense and at three where they make 32.3%. Defensively they limit opponents to 31.5% from three but 50.9% around the bucket. Duke is 12-4 on the year and 3-2 in the AC. Home wins to Boston College and Florida St by double digits. Blue Devils struggles with turnovers in conference but shoots well with 36.2% from three and 51.5% around the bucket. On defense Duke holds ACC foes to 32.3% from three and 49% inside but struggles on the glass. Panthers have been a cover machine this year and Duke has failed to cover four of five. Panthers in their true road games hitting 47.2% and 44.6% from three while holding opponents to 38.5%. Play Pittsburgh +8.5.

Mississippi St vs. Georgia College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Mississippi St at Georgia—Mississippi St is 12-3 on the season and 1-2 in conference. The team has a road loss at Tennessee by 34. Team is last in offensive efficiency against the SEC with high turnovers, poor rebounding, 42.2% shooting inside and 48.1% at the free throw line. They are last in effective field goal defense in the conference by allowing 40% from three and 57.6% around the bucket. Georgia is 11-3 on the year and 1-1 in the SEC. A home win by 12 to Auburn. They have shot well from three in their conference games by making 45.7% but only 39.5% around the bucket. Good with perimeter defense by allowing 26% from three but 51.2% around the bucket. Mississippi St is allowing 49% shooting on the road and 44.2% from three. Georgia 9-0 at home and holding teams to 41.5% shooting in their SEC games. Play Georgia +2.5.

California vs. Washington St College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

California at Washington St—California is 3-13 overall and 2-3 in the PAC 12. A road conference loss by 13 at Arizona. Team has shot the three well in conference with 42.1% from three but makes only 45% around the bucket. They don’t force turnovers in PAC 12 play and allow 57.7% shooting around the bucket. Washington St is 7-10 this year and 2-4 in the PAC 12. Cougars have home losses to Utah by two and UCLA by one. They beat USC by ten. WSU is making 33.5% from three in conference and 48% around the bucket. Struggles defensively on the glass but limits opponents to 25.2% from three. Golden Bears making only 25% from three on the road and surrender 45.9% overall. Cougars coming off a thirteen point win at Arizona. Play Washington St -13.

Boise St vs. UNLV College Basketball Pick Prediction 1/11/2023

Boise St at UNLV—Boise St is 12-4 overall and 2-1 in the Mountain West. They have a road loss by two at Nevada. Broncos have shot the three ball well in conference at 39.7% but making only 49.6% inside. Team rebounds well on both ends of the court. Boise St strong defending in conference from three by allowing 32.3% and 50.5% around the bucket. UNLV is 12-3 this year and 1-2 in the Mountain West. Rebels with a conference home loss to San Diego St by nine. They have struggled on offensive glass against the MWC and from three where they make 31.3%. UNLV is making 53.9% inside in the conference. Rebels struggle on the defensive glass but limit Mountain West opponents to 33.3% from three and 47.7% inside. Broncos shooting only 37.1% on the road. Respect Rebels win at New Mexico. Play UNLV -1.5.

Free College Basketball Picks For Today 1/11/2023

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