NFL NFC South Predictions 2022, Best Bet, and More

The NFL regular season is just around the corner and some of the top teams are competing in their respective divisions. While the Rams try to retain their Super Bowl status, their opponents are not going to make this an easy one.

NFL NFC South Predictions 2022

One of the top teams that are predicted to win the Super Bowl this time is from the NFC South Division and it is not other that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The top betting experts have a list of top teams but the Bucs are sure to top the NFC South.


Buccaneers to qualify for the playoffs


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will bring back Tom Brady on their team. The veteran QB decided to get back on the field after announcing his retirement. Tom Brady seems to be keeping it low at present with the preseason games. However, he is all set to give it another shot last time for his team.


The Buccaneers have a good shot at winning and they are all set to clinch the NFC South division title once again. The Buccaneers finished last season with a 13-4 record. The odds for the Buccaneers to win the NFC South is -250.


Can the Saints take over the Buccaneers?


The New Orleans Saints have a tough competition with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they might not stand a chance to clinch the division title. The Saints will look forward to their wide receiver Michael Thomas since he has recovered from his ankle injury.


The Saints can easily make it to the top if they make it past some of the winning teams. The Saints were the only team last season that defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are home. The odds for the Saints to win the NFC South division is +335.


Panthers to swing back with Christian McCaffrey


Christian McCaffrey’s absence for several games have cost the Carolina Panthers last season. The Panthers have to make the best of Christian McCaffrey this time and they are keen on getting to the top.


The Panthers made significant changes to their squad and they were smart enough to get ahold of Baker Mayfield. With Mayfield on the block, the Panthers will now get past the Falcons as predicted. The odds for Carolina to win the NFC South is +900.


What of the Falcons?


The Atlanta Falcons turned out to be a disappointment last season and they are not predicted to make it to the top this time as well. The Falcons struggled to get past the Saints but they finished ahead of the Panthers with a 7-10 record last season.


Despite their position last season, the Falcons are predicted to finish last this time. The Panthers seem to have a better shot this time with some improvements. Atlanta has a couple of changes to their team but they might not sustain to make it to the top.


The NFL season has always been full of surprises and several teams are quick to make it to the top. The NFC South is sure to be interesting with the Buccaneers and the Saints leading the way for the Panthers and the Falcons. The NFL betting picks and predictions are updated online and the top teams are all set to make it to the end.


Overall, the NFC South is sure to be entertaining with the betting predictions already updated for all the preseason games. Place a bet today with Tony’s Picks and receive the latest better odds and lines.


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