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Free NBA Picks For Today 5/16/2021

Free NBA Picks For Today 5/16/2021

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Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Celtics at Knicks—NBA pick is New York Knicks -8. Boston is locked as a seven seed and will host a play in game on Tuesday. New York is battling for home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. A win here ensures that since they have the head to head tiebreaker with Atlanta. Celtics in a back to back here also figures to rest many starters. Knicks defensive form good as in their past five games holding opponents to 42.2% shooting. Play New York -8.

Indiana Pacers vs. Toronto Raptors NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Pacers at Raptors—NBA free pick is Toronto Raptors +7. Raptors despite a patchwork lineup showed competitiveness in a cover against the Mavericks on Friday. Two straight losses by Indiana has the team playing for home court in the 9 vs. 10 Play in Game. But the Pacers are dealing with cluster injuries as Brogdon, Holiday, Lamb, Sabonis, and Sumner are listed as questionable. Out is Turner. Looks like Indiana would rather get rest heading into play in rather than risk injury. They must win both play in games to make the playoffs. Play Toronto +7.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Washington Wizards NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Hornets at Wizards—Free pick is Charlotte Hornets +5.5. This game has importance as the winner will be the eight seed meaning they need to win one of two play in games to make the postseason instead of all two. Charlotte played the Knicks tough on Saturday afternoon in an overtime loss. Ball and Rozier are healthy for the Hornets. Bradley Beal is listed as questionable as he is dealing with a hamstring injury. Play Charlotte +5.5.

Phoenix Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Suns at Spurs—NBA pick is Phoenix Suns -8.5. Suns have hope for the number one seed in the Western conference with a win here and a Jazz loss at the Kings. Sacramento is a streaky shooting team and have a shooters chance at the upset. Suns know that so they try hard in this game to put the pressure on the Jazz in their later game. Past five games. Suns hitting on 50.7% with 43.5% from three. Spurs are locked into the tenth seed and will rest all their starters and key reserves. Play Phoenix -8.5.

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden St Warriors NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Grizzlies at Warriors—NBA free pick is Memphis Grizzlies +5. Memphis fairly healthy as in their lineup will be Morant, Jackson and Valenciunos. Grizzlies are in great form as in their past five games shooting 49.2% from the floor and holding opponents to 41.4% shooting with 33.5% from beyond the arc. This game has meaning as the winners is the eighth seed and the loser will have to twin twice in the play in round to make playoffs. Play Memphis +5.

Houston Rockets vs. Atlanta Hawks NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Rockets at Hawks—Free pick is Houston Rockets +11.5. Atlanta is battling New York for the fourth seed and home court advantage in the playoffs. But the Knicks host a Celtics team with nothing to play for on Sunday afternoon. It is likely that the Celtics will rest many starters as their focus is on their play in game on Tuesday. Houston did show itself capable of covering with five straight covers after their seven point home win to the Clippers on Friday with a patchwork lineup. Houston shooting form outstanding as in their past five games hitting on 49.3% with 42.1% from three. Play Houston +11.5.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Cavaliers at Nets—NBA pick is Cleveland Cavaliers +12.5. Brooklyn on a back to back after their win to Chicago with Kyrie, Harden and Durant in the lineup. Head coach Steve Nash hinted at not playing his Big 3 because of their injuries in the past. Looks like Nets patchwork lineup will have to secure the second seed in the East. Collin Sexton is expected to play for Cleveland. Play Cleveland +12.5.

Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Magic at 76ers—NBA free pick is Orlando Magic +8.5. Philadelphia has clinched the number one seed in the Eastern conference and has nothing to play for. They are resting starters and key reserves. Orlando defense somewhat effective as in their past five games allowing 46.2%. This patchwork lineup for the Magic have seen action on the court since the All Star Break. Play Orlando +8.5

Miami Heat vs. Detroit Pistons NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Heat at Pistons—Free pick is Detroit Pistons +8.5. If the Knick beats the Celtics early in the afternoon the Heat will not be able to capture the fourth seed and home court advantage in the first round of playoffs This likely becomes a batter between two patchwork lineup and rather take the points with the team on rest advantage. Play Detroit +8.5.

Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trailblazers NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Nuggets at Trailblazers—NBA pick is Denver Nuggets +8.5. Nuggets are dealing with seedings. A win and the Nuggets are the third seed in the West and will avoid the Lakers until the Western conference championship series. Portland is in a situation with a win they avoid the play in rounds. But the Nuggets can earn home court advantage on the Clippers in this spot. Take the points. Play Denver Nuggets +8.5.

Utah Jazz vs. Sacramento Kings NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Jazz at Kings—NBA free pick is Sacramento Kings +11.5. Sacramento has covered four straight and seven of their past nine games. Kings shooting form good as in their past five games hitting on 48.1% from the floor. Utah wins and they grab the best record in the Western conference and home court advantage in the playoff round. Play Sacramento +11.5.

LA Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Clippers at Thunder—Free pick is LA Clippers +8.5. LAC rested the majority of their lineup and key reserves. Clippers showed their cards dropping a decision to the Houston Rockets on Friday which helped them stay behind Denver to draw the Mavericks in the first round and avoid the Lakers until the Western conference finals. Play Oklahoma City +8.5.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Bucks at Bulls—NBA pick is Chicago Bulls +3.5. Bulls have been eliminated earlier in the week from the Play in Games. Bucks will no if this game has any meaning. Milwaukee is trying for the second seed in the East which gives them home court advantage But, if Brooklyn beats Cleveland in an earlier two hour start this game become meaningless for Milwaukee and they likely rest a bulk of roster. That is the likely scenario as Brooklyn is a double digit favorite to the Cavaliers. Play Chicago +3.5.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Mavericks at Timberwolves—NBA free pick is Minnesota Timberwolves +7.5. Dallas will be either a fifth or sixth seed in the West and cannot capture home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Kristaps Porzingis and Luca Doncic has a history of injury problems so one must wonder why each one would play just to win the fifth seed over the sixth. It will be either, Denver of the LA Clippers in the first round of the playoffs for the Mavs. Timberwovles have shown offensive surge with the return to the lineup Play Minnesota +7.5.

LA Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans NBA Pick Prediction 5/16/2021

Lakers at Pelicans—Free pick is New Orleans Pelicans +10.5. If the Lakers win and Portland loses the Lakers move to the sixth seed. Lakers and Trailblazers play at the same time. But Portland is a huge -8.5 favorite to beat the Nuggets. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have faced injuries throughout the lineup and rest is most likely best for them. LAL on the back end of a back to back here and the Pelicans have rest advantage. Play New Orleans +10.5.

Free NBA Picks For Today 5/16/2021

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