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NBA Betting Tip on Load Management 3/15/2020

NBA Betting Tip on Load Management 3/15/2020

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NBA Betting Tip on Load Management 3/15/2020

Injuries to max contract players can ruin seasons for NBA teams, their fans and bettors. Data has shown that players are prone to serious injury when playing in back to back games and through soreness. It is hard to question teams to sit their most valuable players these days because the regular season doesn’t mean as much when you play 82 games and over half the teams in the league make the playoffs.

Don’t get caught off guard. Handicapping the NBA is not a surface scan of stats it is a deep scan for information. Instead, begin with a thorough look at the schedule and identify problem areas for teams where they may not be able to play at their best. Instead of getting mad as a bettor and handicapper it is better to adapt to this situation instead of fight it. Keep a level head. What is important is to evaluate each team’s schedule. Identify the points where teams face the most travel and most games in the least period of times. That combination can be drain teams of energy and lead to blowout losses. Don’t rely too much on information coming from media outlets that broadcast NBA games. Their job is to get you to tune in and watch and not inform you that team’s may not be at their best. Media opinion leads fans into favoring certain teams, but the reports are often for the moment and are not in depth enough to make educated wagers.

Spots where load management can be used are obviously on back to back situations. Keep in mind that teams like to rest their max contract guys in the front end of back to backs if they begin this series of games on the road and play the second game at home. Teams want their fans to see the superstar and care less about sitting their stars in the road game. We have begun to see home back to back games recently many of them on Friday and Saturday night. Keep your eyes on twitter to follow local writers.

Team’s that often rest stars have been the LA Clippers with Kawhi Leonard, Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook and Philadelphia 76ers with Joel Embiid. Also, teams who have players coming off the injured list with leg injuries will take precautions early in their return and rest stars in back to backs. So, remember when a star returns from injury to carefully follow local writers on twitter to get a feel about how the injured star will be utilized in his return.

As the league has suspended operations, we will continue to offer betting tips. Please comment to share your tips about load management in the comment section and request tip videos for the future.

NBA Betting Tip on Load Management 3/15/2020

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