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NBA Betting Tip on Handicapping Scheduling Angles 3/14/2020

NBA Betting Tip on Handicapping Scheduling Angles 3/14/2020

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NBA Betting Tip on Scheduling Angles 3/14/2020

Received a request from a subscriber to offer NBA betting tips and angles I look at when handicapping the sport. Want to share with you some NBA scheduling tips I use to handicap this sport.

Many bettors recognize the back to back angle against a rested team. This is pretty much well known and it is baked into the number at the open. Much of the early money goes against the team on a back to back.

Here are some of the angles I use that is not baked into many of the numbers at open and can find value in the handicap. With the league starting sooner, that has given teams more rest days. We often see teams getting two days of rest when on home stands. Rest benefits the defensive minded teams. With two days of rest this season the Celtics held opponents to just 102.9 points per game which is four points fewer than overall average.

Many coastal teams get hit with long road trips. I like to play teams on their first game of a road trip. They often come off a long home stand and are focused to get off to a great start giving a strong effort. Keep an eye on teams on the last game of a long road trip because travel fatigue has set in and a good spot to go against teams. Also, look to play against a team that plays the first home game off a long road trip especially if they are heavily favorite.

Midwest teams often get hit with many one game home stands which greatly fatigues teams. They come off a road game play one at home then hit the road against. I count that home game like another road game. We saw that happen to Oklahoma City late last season. Not only did the Thunder struggled in the final couple of weeks of the season the team looked fatigued in the playoffs which caused an early exit.

Recently before the suspension of games, the Milwaukee Bucks were hit with three one game home stands since the All Star Break. They went through a stretch of playing 12 straight games each in a new location. When teams play one at home then two or more on the road like the Bucks did they become a go against. Recently the Bucks failed to cover five of their final six prior the suspension of games.

These are just a few of the NBA scheduling betting tips. More soon. We will offer betting tips while the leagues are on suspension. Please comment below with your scheduling angles or requests for what you would like covered.

NBA Betting Tip on Scheduling Angles 3/14/2020

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