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Free NFL Picks For Today 8/28/2019

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Minnesota Vikings vs. Buffalo Bills Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Vikings at Bills—NFL pick is Minnesota Vikings -3 points. Minnesota under head coach Mike Zimmer tries to win in the preseason. Vikings backups looked good last week in their win at home to Carolina 20-9 after Kirk Cousins went 3 of 13 passing in the first half. There is a battle for the backup to Cousins in Kyle Sloter, Sean Mannion and Jake Browning. Bills faced weak quarterback rotations in the Lions, Panthers and Colts. Matt Barkley and rookie Tryee Jackson will get time at quarterback for Buffalo. Barkley is a lock as the backup so they may take a long look at Jackson. Vikings offense has looked good in the preseason posting 412 yards per game with 180 yards rushing for 5.7 yards per game. Vikings have covered five of six in Week Four of the preseason. Play Minnesota Vikings -3.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Colts at Bengals—NFL free pick is Cincinnati Bengals -3. Colts don’t appear to be interested in winning in the preseason. Team sits at 0-3 after a home loss by 10 to Chicago. With the retirement of Andrew Luck it looks like Phillip Walker the third string entering camp will play most of the game with Jacoby Brissett now the starter. Prefer the rotation for the Bengals in Jeff Driskel and Ryan Finley. Bengals utilizing their reserves in the preseason are averaging 273 yards passing with a 67.9% completion rate. Play Cincinnati Bengals -3.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Eagles at Jets—Free pick is Philadelphia Eagles +4. Eagles options at quarterback are Clayton Thorson and Josh McCown. In the preseason the Eagles are averaging 11.3 yards per completion. Haven’t been impressed with the Jets quarterback rotation of Trevor Siemien, Davis Webb and Luke Falk. Jets only averaging 5.7 yards per pass attempt and their secondary has not looked sharp allowing 317.3 yards and 66.4% completion rate. Play Philadelphia +4.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Steelers at Panthers—NFL pick is Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5. Pittsburgh a perfect 3-0 in the preseason. They are averaging 12.1 yards per completed pass in the preseason. There is a heated battle for the backup quarterback position for Pittsburgh between Mason Rudolph and Joshua Dobbs. Carolina hasn’t show much offensively in the preseason utilizing backups for most of the minutes played. They are only posting 208 yards per game on offense with 125 passing with a 54.1% completion rate. Will Grier and Kyle Allen have not played well in the preseason. No starters play for Carolina and most likely for Pittsburgh. Play Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Falcons at Jaguars—NFL free pick is Atlanta Falcons +4. Both teams have not looked good in the preseason. Falcons offense has performed better and have backup Matt Schaub with NFL experience. Jaguars 0-3 in the preseason scoring a total of 17 points in the three game losing by 14 points or greater in each game. Jaguars gain only 201.7 yards per game with 54% completion rate. Tanner Lee and Gardner Minshew have struggled at quarterback for Jacksonville. Play Atlanta Falcons +4.

Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Lions at Browns—Free pick is Cleveland Browns -4.5. Cleveland has shown more desire to win in the preseason. Prefer their quarterback rotation in Drew Stanton and Garret Gilbert who have experience in the NFL. Detroit has struggled on defense as the team is surrendering 406 yards per game. They have been cutting and signing guys leading up to this game. We could see newly signed Luis Perez at some point at quarterback as he was signed while David Fales was cut. Detroit allowing an average of 28.3 points per game while the Browns defense has held opponents to 13.7 points. Play Cleveland Browns -4.5.

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Giants at Patriots—NFL pick is New England Patriots -2.5. New England is getting great work from their defense in the preseason by holding teams to just 166 yards and 7.7 points per game. There is a quarterback battle in New England as Tom Brady’s backup between Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham. With both backups seeing most of the preseason action the Patriots are completing 71.9% of their throws for 251 yards passing per game. Giants beat two weak teams in the preseason in the Bengals and Jets and faced a Bears team that sat all starters on both ends of the field. New England has great depth at the wide receiver and running back position. They have covered all three in the preseason posting wins by five points or greater in each game. Play New England -2.5.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Ravens at Redskins—NFL free pick is Baltimore Ravens -5.5. Baltimore under John Harbaugh play to win in the preseason. Team has won fifteen straight in the preseason and have won six of their past seven games by double digit margins. Baltimore defense has been outstanding holding opponents to 200 yards and 9.3 points per game. They have gotten good work at quarterback from Trace McSorley. Washington has not been impressive in the preseason. They are averaging only 254.3 yards of offense per game. They are without quarterback Colt McCoy so Case Keenum gets the start in Week 1. That means a lot of rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins facing a motivated Baltimore defense. Redskins completing only 54.8% of their throws in the preseason. Play Baltimore Ravens -5.5.

Tennessee Titans vs. Chicago Bears Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Titans at Bears—NFL pick is Tennessee Titans +3. Bears are preparing for Green Bay in Week 1. The team is splitting practices in two. All the starters and key coaches are getting the team ready to face the Packers in Week 1. The rest are practicing for their preseason game. There wont be much emphasis on this game and head coach Matt Nagy for Chicago doesn’t care much about the preseason. Bears have gained only 220 yards per game on offense in the preseason. Titans have done a better job moving the football and have played the better defense. Backups Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray have not impressed in the preseason for Chicago. Prefer the Titans quarterback rotation in Ryan Tannehill a former starting quarterback for Miami and Logan Woodside. Play Tennessee Titans +3.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Buccaneers at Cowboys—NFL free pick is Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys to play under the total of 33.5 points. Tampa Bay is dealing with an injury to back up quarterback Blaine Gabbart. The lone backup on the roster is Ryan Griffin so the team had to sign Vincent Testaverde as an emergency replacement. Bucks ground game hasn’t shown much, and their defense has held opponents to 253 yards. Cowboys looked good in their dress rehearsal game with starters playing last week. But with the starters on the bench the team averaged only 11.5 points per game in their first two preseason games. Cowboys also dealing with injuries to their tight end and offensive line. Cowboys run game is generating only 3.6 yards per carry on an average of 24 rushes per game. Quarterbacks are completing only 59.5% and it is worse for the backups as Dak Prescott had a good game last week. Play Tampa Bay and Dallas under 33.5 points.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Chiefs at Packers—Free pick is Kansas City Chiefs +2. With the Packers playing the Bears on a Thursday night the team is not putting much emphasis in this final preseason game. Head coach Matt LeFleur is turning over the play calling to his quarterback coach. Green Bay has made a lot of roster cuts and signed new players this week. Kansas City is utilizing Kyle Shurmur and Chase Litton at quarterback on Thursday as they are getting the reps at practice for this game. If they keep three quarterbacks it will be either Shurmur or Litton on the team along with Matt Moore who won’t play but will be the backup in Week 1. Chiefs want to find out who their quarterback is to develop in this spot and with Green Bay facing the Bears on a Thursday night must back KC in this spot. KC has covered four straight in Week 4. Play Kansas City Chiefs -2.

Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Dolphins at Saints—NFL pick is New Orleans Saints -3. Prefer the quarterback rotation with New Orleans with Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill. Bridgewater played well in the Saints win last week against the Jets. Hill is a duel threat quarterback. Using mostly backups, New Orleans has averaged 355 yards of offense per game. Dolphins have not listed a starting quarterback for Week 1 as Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick are battling. That means a lot of backup Jake Ruddock on Thursday. Miami cut a lot of veterans this week and made free agent signings. Looks like a patch work lineup for Miami in this final preseason game. Play New Orleans Saints -3.

LA Rams vs. Houston Texans Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Rams at Texans—NFL pick is Houston Texans -2.5. Facing and playing backups the Texans have shown more offensive production putting up 26 points at Green Bay and 30 at home to the Lions. Joe Webb figures to see the bulk of the playing time for Houston. LA Rams have run vanilla packages in the preseason under head coach Sean McVay. This preseason LA has averaged 259 yards and 7.7 points per game. Don’t have much faith in the Rams quarterback rotation of Blake Bortles and Branden Allen. Rams 0-6 against the spread in Week four of the preseason. Play Houston Texans -2.5.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Cardinals at Broncos—NFL free pick is Denver Broncos -2. There is a backup quarterback battle in Denver between Kevin Hogan and Brett Rypien. Neither has separated much for this preseason game becomes meaningful for Denver. Arizona will sit Kyler Murray so in their rotation is Brett Hundley and Charles Kanoff. Hundley with NFL experience is the backup to Murray so Kanoff may get the bulk of the snaps. Arizona has not looked strong on defense surrendering 366 yards per game with 164 on the ground for 5.1 yards per rush. Play Denver Broncos -2.

LA Chargers vs. San Francisco 49ers Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Chargers at 49ers—Free pick is San Francisco 49ers -4. LAC doesn’t take the preseason very seriously Their offense has generated only 15 points per game. Expect to see a lot of Cardale Jones and Easton Stick at quarterback. San Francisco has the better backups of these two teams with Nick Mullins and CJ Beathard who both saw starting assignments last season for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo. There is a battle for the San Francisco back up so they take this game more serious. Play San Francisco 49ers -4.

Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks Pick Prediction 8/29/2019

Raiders at Seahawks—NFL pick is Seattle Seahawks -2.5. Seattle under Pete Carroll is a team that wants to win in the preseason. They are at home and have a backup with experience in the NFL in Geno Smith. Seahawks won their lone home game in the preseason beating Denver 22-14 and come off a 23-15 win at the Chargers last week. Tough spot for Oakland as they play their third road game in three weeks. In a designated home game the Raiders had to travel to Winnipeg Canada last Thursday. Play Seattle -2.5.

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